Zidd – Episode 15!

My goodness!!! Just when I was laughing at what I saw, the preview of the next episode left me disgusted & depressed which I will discuss later but before saying anything, I must confess, I was in no mood to spoil my weekend by watching this play but just because I got a request for the review by one of my dearest readers, I decided to give it a shot.

To be honest, I am glad that Omar has taken an initiative to straighten the terhi haddi he has gotten in the form of his wife Saman but what he said left me stunned because I really don’t think the story has progressed in such a way to show that a year has passed ever since Saman came to USA because it gives rise to so many other questions. Has Saman parents never ever called her once in this whole year? Were they so sick of her that ever since she has left Pakistan, they were so relieved by her departure that they didn’t even bother calling her or the producer cleared their payments, bid them a good bye & told them to never return again as they were not needed for not even a single phone call to Saman? Rukhi has gotten married to David 2 months ago & before that Qasim kept on blaming Saman for how Rukhi is retaliating but it was Rukhi who mentioned that she has met Saman a few weeks ago? Is it for real that Omar kept on roaming around for a good 1 year, all meaningless & purposeless? & please don’t tell me that Saman spent almost a year with Zainab in her zoo? It just doesn’t make sense at all. Anyways, it was their first anniversary & Omar decided to surprise her but all this while I kept on wondering as to why Saman was so goongi but then it hit me that the writer must’ve forgotten to write a few reasonable dialogues for her character. I think the writer was so busy penning down the twisted psychology of this character named Saman that she forgot to work on the dialogues that were required to let us know what she was going through & what thoughts were crossing her mind & then I got my answer as to why I haven’t been able to understand what she wants out of life because she just doesn’t say a word. She is emotionally goongi & I guess we’d have to deal with the half-baked half-goonga character of Saman.

I mean Qasim ne Rukhi ki itni sookhi shadi karni thi to ye drama na kartay? I really thought he was planning a big fat desi wedding for Rukhi but seeing 3 girls holding a dupatta & 4 girls swirling in their own orbits as if they had no worries of life wasn’t the best way of getting her married to David after all. I think Qasim needs a life because even he seems bored due to the repetition of his dialogues. He has a few bones stuck in his throat & those bones are due to David’s gora-pan & Saman’s had-dharmi-pan. To be honest whenever this guy speaks, I feel like throwing the TV out of the window. Qasim we all know you only have 3 sentences to speak every single time but you’re getting unnecessary coverage as it is so please stop with the dragged dialogue delivery because trust me it is pretty hard to deal with you every Sunday!

Isn’t it funny that now when Saman & Omar should be planning their own kids, they got a fully grown up kid to babysit & take care of. I still haven’t recovered from the shocks of seeing 2-wives-under-1 roof scenario in Dusri Biwi that I now had to deal with more or less the same situation in Zidd too. Chalo in Dusri Biwi, Biwi # 1 hates Biwi # 2 but here Biwi # 2 is smitten by Biwi # 1 & she would do everything & absolutely anything for her. I really don’t get Saman at all, she will fight with Omar for Zainab but she will be equally irritated & annoyed at Zainab too? Just like Omar said, was she really happy living away from him trying to find her own happiness & now when her husband is ready to give her another chance, why is she spoiling it with her own hands that too because of Zainab? I mean it’s unreal how much Saman cares about Zainab because to be honest, a junky druggy drunkard is not worth it & I really have no idea where the writer is going to go with this les miserables trio. To be honest, I have started to doubt whether Saman has some brains or not because her fixation & obsession with Zainab is beyond my understanding & oh I really got a good idea; Zainab needs a place to stay & Qasim needs a life so I guess Zainab should get married to Qasim & they both can happily annoy each other for the rest of their lives.

Speaking about the preview of next episode, I remember a couple of weeks’ back a reader pointed out that may be Qasim was just putting up a show & he will get Rukhi killed, more like an honor killing & I must say that prediction was spot on because this is exactly what I feel might happen too because Qasim has pretty much lost his marbles & he can go to any extent to save his sorry being. To be honest, I really have heard good things about the dramas written by Bee Gul but I never got a chance to watch them so I gave Zidd a go thinking it must be good too but to be honest it has become so dull & depressing that it’s not even funny. The drama has no message, no entertainment quotient, no base, no story, no purpose, no meaning, nothing at all. The only perk I feel must’ve forced the actors to sign this drama was a free ka trip to USA to shoot this wreckage because I believe no one in their right state of mind would ever choose to work in such a drama. Anyways, share your thoughts & let me know if you’ve figured out the purpose of writer’s Zidd!?!?!

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