Zidd – Episode 18!

This drama has lost purpose long time ago & I am amazed rather amused to see it still being aired that too on the weekends. This drama & story is all about a bunch of confused souls who have no idea what they want out of life.

After Rukhi & Qasim’s death, Saman has started to be a bit more courteous & considerate towards Zainab because she doesn’t want to lose another friend but then it’s hard to digest this kind of courtesy from an emotionally absent Saman; a girl who couldn’t forgive her own family & cut ties with them just because they chose to hide one tiny little detail from her. It’s absolutely ridiculous to see her depending on such people who mean nothing to her & ignoring those who play an important part in her life & are entitled to her respect.

The way Saman gets uncomfortable around Zainab really makes this seem a lot more confusing than it actually is. Why is she still tolerating her? Zainab can stay at her own place & Saman can keep on helping her financially like aggar itna hi bhoot sawar hai khidmat-e-khalq ka, so why not! She really doesn’t have to babysit her that too within the vicinity of her own home especially now when she has seen that Zainab is only making things awkward & difficult for her!

I think the writer has over done Omar’s niceness in this drama. It’s like anyone can run him over & he won’t utter a single word. Why is it so hard for him to take control over the situation like a man & tell both these weirdos off by throwing Zainab out of his home & by knocking some sense into Saman?

Saman & her goongapan irritate me like anything. She might not have been such a bad character if there were a few words thrown in to back her expressions. What she feels & what’s going through her mind is never clear therefore she absolutely looks like a brainless zombie who has no purpose in life & oh since when did Qasim & Saman share such a good connection where he advised her about a few things in life? All I knew was that Qasim couldn’t tolerate Saman’s presence & they both shared an awkward silence whenever they both came across each other so it was really weird to see a flashback of their conversation that too where the focal point of discussion was Zainab.

I just hate the way Saman thinks she’s better off & is more mature than Zainab because the way she has tackled her life is absolutely pathetic. She has lost control over everything & she failed to do anything that she ever planned to, so she should accept that she is a failure in life & should just cut down her ego a couple of notches.

The preview suggested that Omar will finally give up on this marriage that too because he likes to be a sacrificial lamb & now once again he is thinking through Saman’s perspective that she has never been happy with him so he will allow her to go & just because Saman’s ego is bigger than her peanut sized brain, she won’t admit that she wants to give this marriage a chance. It’s absolutely ridiculous to show that she can blabber about not wanting to stay with a nice man like Omar but then she chooses to stay at his place? So, where did that Saman go who wanted to live life on her conditions?

I just want this drama to end ASAP because no character has been written properly & the writer has actually failed big time. The writer actually had a different idea about showing how Zidd ruins everything in one’s life but she lost the plot & couldn’t write a better script later on. This unnecessary triangle is only enforced to drag a drama & that is why it actually makes no sense is nauseating. This drama has nothing to offer & I hope they edit the remaining episodes out & finish it off quickly. Share your thoughts!

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Zahra Mirza

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