Zindagi Gulzar Hai OST to Give Competition to Humsafar Track!

Zindagi Gulzar Hai OST to Give Competition to Humsafar Track!Pakistani Drama industry is famous around the world for crafting true stories into the most presentable form through heart touching acting skills and Humtv is at an apex when we talk on the subject of drama. Here goes one more success in the bag at the same time as Humtv is broaching another smash hit “Zindagi Gulzar Hai”. The drama has already stockpiled tons of fame and recognition among the viewers before getting on air. Especially its original sound track draws together surfeit applause from the public.

As the name Zindagi gulzar hai put across its ample meaning of golden times, pleasure and contentment, the vocals of Ali Zafar and Hadiqa Kiyani accolade this song which simultaneously revamps the entire drama. Ali Zafar, the all time favorite soloist of Pakistan, has just sung wonderfully expressing the bona fide pleasure, sentiments and a mixture of colors of life. But this is not up to scratch! Ali yet again comes up with all his individual creation. His vocals are not only the grounds of such prolonged applause; the tribute goes to Ali again since music and lyrics are done by him. Ali’s version is as sensational as ever!

On the other hand, Hadiqa’s voice has smacked the juncture! Effective lyrics, energetic and melodious voice, and sensational music, certainly the fusion of all has won an edge over others! It’s an absolute version wrapping up all the emotions in it. Hadiqa’s version is a combination of variant talents, Shani Haider’s composition and Naseer Turabi’s lyrics are set all equivalent to its grand hit.

Zindagi Gulzar Hai is an urdu novel of a myth writer ‘Umera Ahmed’ whereas Sultana Siddiqui directed the serial and Momina Duraid is credited for its production. Fawad Khan, Sanam Saeed, and Mehreen are casted as a lead role in this up-and-coming bristle. The drama is going to broadcast on 30th November, Friday on Humtv!

So guys be all set yourself for another clout!

Nida Zaidi


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  • anyone noticed that the arm pulling scene of humsafar was very popular and in this drama they also do something quite resemble to that…….

  • it is bcoz both dramas have same writer, same male lead , story somehow relate also thats why comparisons are being made. just chillax and wait for drama and enjoy it… as humsafar was very good drama but that was yesterday. v cant sit and watch again nd again humsafar . some new good stuff is needed. hope zindagi gulzar hay will rock .

  • one thing more. i dont know about u guys but i liked humsafar ost more than zindagi gulzar hai,s . even though this is very good .but woh humsafar tha magar uss se hamnavai na thi …………was some thing else . this is my opinion

  • i hope this drama will be something NEW!!! something out of the box…not the stupid same theme tht is going on since centuries…but we guess tht this drama is going to be something refershing…a new life….. anew thought and yes i agree many scnenes have benn copied from humsafar……and the bedroom seems the same one as in humsafar!!

  • Thank You So Much Guys for sharing your views here. ZGH has seriously created a new hype in the Pakistani Drama Industry, cant wait for 30th November

  • I like the theme of ZGH more than humsafar! Humsafar's story had nothing new to offer, Its success is only b/c of the cast, graphics & direction. On the other hand, ZGH is something with a strong story & great message, I hope it becomes more successful than Humsafar!

    • its actually not about the story .. the question is about the Song and Humsafar does lead the track for the OST.

      • not really, personally I find the ost of ZGH mush more appealing & fantastic, Humsafar's was great too but the OST of ZGH by hadiqa kiani is more beautiful than that!

    • pehle is ko on air to any do n its ost is gd bt no drama n story n cast n direction n everything can compare with humsafar coz humsafar was that drama whic touched everybodys soul n emotions n heart. humsafar was all time best n one more thing sanam not looks nyc wd fawad he is so handsome n dashing n sanam she looks olderr.humsafar wasbest n gr8 n heart touching n sanam could never do acting like mahira. humsafar was owsem bcoz of all casting leading mahira n fawad their chemistry is owsem n sarmad is also absent in zgh.i agree that hadiqa n ali r bettr singers than qurat ul ain bt the ost of humsafar was muchhhh more gud than zgh n all others

      • Actually ZGH is all about giveng MSG , and in Novel the Kashaf (sanam saeed) was not at all beautifull.. cast sanam saeed is the demand of role ..they cant cast any lovie dovie pretty lady for that role..there is no point too compare every serial with HUMSAFAR….. its just totally a different story…not at all like HUMSAFAR…and sulatana siddique is a person who made PTV and Now HUMTv so there is no comparison of hers with SARMAD…sarmad ki luck thi jo he directed HUmsafar so well cuz of TEAM WORK…Screenplay , cast and PROducers ofccurce..but If u see ASHK on GEO and MERA YAQEEN on ARYDIGITAL ..it has so so many faults in direction…long boring dragging scene…

        • agreed!!! it was sarmad's luck that he directed humsafar….koi aur b director hota to humsafar hit he hota!!!

      • mahira can act???im surprised to hear this..humsafar was a simple love story n thats it… no comparison with ZGH..i have read both novels so i know that.may be sarmad's direction in humsafar is good but no doubt ASHk a disaster is directed by him too n how we can forget shehrezaat, he just ruined it.

  • in novel kashaf's height was a bit small like 5.3 or smthing….it was mentioned….but sanam saeed has better height and better appearence than the kashaf of novel :P

  • the song is awesome i am loving it , and HADIQA'S voice is melodious which give the life to this track BUT i think humsafars's OST got an extra 1 mark still HUMSAFAR's track is leading .

  • Salaam.. nice things r always copied! not a big deal in that.. hats off to Sarmad Khusat's Direction & same goes for Sultana Siddique.. waiting fr Zindagi Gulzar Hai…! till then …enjoy the OST! :)

  • pay are u all cashing that humsafar was bad when ZGH was not there we all like humsafar now ……..

  • The sound track of ZGH is really boring. Humsafar was a lot better. Scenes have been copied & star cast is the same as Humsafar. They are just trying to cash in from H , as if they haven't already enough.

  • they think the romance shown in Humsafar received public appreciation a lot, so they tried same in ZGH, but romance between Mahira and Fawad was amazing, that feelings and chemistry cannot match with this ZGH couple. It would be a good drama, nice story but even all more or less similar scenes or romantic dialogues, it can not and will never beat Humsafar, I am 100 % sure.

    • grow up ppl…dont compare every drama with humsafar….ZGH novel was written before humsafar!! u know nothing abt the story n commenting abt the story!! its not a love story at all.

    • i totally agree with you…the chemistry in humsafar was portrayed so well that it has set a benchmark for others

  • z.g.h will be a hit neither but it will never reach the phobia that we hopefully all had with Humsafar! Its ost, star cast, story, location and every single element was perfect!
    But i still wish a very Best of Luck to z.g.h. and Sir. Fawad! :)

  • for GOD sake …. stop comparing it with humsafar …. humsafa was excellent indeed … but beffore commenting on the similarities b/w ZGH n humsafar … first read ZGH novel n then tell that how their story is similar …ZGH IS absolutely different frm HUMSAFAR

  • Indeed ZGH has a great story and looks good as well but I hardly doubt it can come close to humsafar…Humsafar was just phenomenol and its natural to compare everything with humsafar because YES people are trying to copy it

  • humsafar kay song ko zgh ke ost se compare hi nhin kia ja skta humsafar drama aur uska ost best tha us ka koi muqabla nhin

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