Zindagi Gulzar Hai – Postponed!

Zindagi Gulzar Hai – Postponed!What a sad sad sad news and I need not mention just how upset I am after hearing it! Zindagi Gulzar Hai has been postponed till 30th November because of the strike by the cable operators. The Hum TV team must feel that all the viewers may not be able to watch this show because of the strike and they would obviously want to reach maximum people. My cable TV is working fine though (I hope I don’t sound selfish!), I was all set to watch this show today, and found myself literally counting every hour. There are so many people who watch dramas online any way *sigh*.

The excitement with which I was looking forward to this show cannot possibly be put into words and I know for a fact that I was not the only one counting weeks, days and minutes. The show may not be going on air today but I must write about it, so that all of us get a chance to share with each other how we feel about this upcoming serial. Were you looking forward to this first installment, the same way I was? What were the reasons for it?

Zindagi Gulzar Hai was the first novel written by Umera Ahmed, a writer “whose script is a winner every time and every channel wants it”, and when I say that I am quoting Momina Duraid (The producer of this drama). Momina Duraid also mentioned that Umera Ahmed basically wrote this novel in order to test her writing skills, to find out whether she really had what it took to be a writer. Later, when she sent her story to a digest, so that they might consider publishing it,it got a very positive response and there was no looking back after that. The drama has been directed by Sultana Siddiqui, a very gifted director, who gave up directing a long time back but it was only on the insistence of Umera Ahmed that she decided to direct this drama. So, this drama would also mark the comeback of one of the most talented directors in our industry. Fawad Khan failed to impress many of us with his character in Ashk and I have complete faith that Zaroon will make us forget all about Rohail, if not Asher! In fact I absolutely loved Zaroon and Kashaf both in the promos…the love and the enmity both have been captured very nicely. The Zindagi Gulzar Hai show and promos aroused even more curiosity and anticipation just seemed to grow with every passing day. The entire team looked like one big happy family in the launch show and I absolutely love the concept behind the story. The title of the play itself is simply beautiful “Zindagi Gulzar Hai”…yes life is a beautiful thing or as they say it is a beautiful struggle; it should be rejoiced and celebrated, every step of the way. I have not read the novel but have very high expectations from the play.

We have seen Hina Bayat play the mother so many times, first in Mata-e-Jaan, then In Shehr-e-Zaat and nowadays in Aik Naye Cinderella but the promos suggest that her character is going to be different from what she has done previously. She would be playing a mother and a wife whose priorities in life are completely different from those of the characters she played earlier. Javed Sheikh and Behroze Sabzwari both are all time favorites. The good news is that Samina Peerzada is not playing the Naani this time but the mother. Honestly speaking it is absolute pleasure watching her on-screen every time.

My favorite scene from all the promos I have seen so far has to be the confrontation in the library, where Kashaf shouts at Zaroon. What I liked about this particular scene was Sanam Saeed’s acting. In just those few seconds or so she managed to give away a lot about her character; a girl who is trying to be very strong but is in fact all broken up from inside (because she goes outside and cries).

So, how did you like the promos? And how do you feel about the show and how disappointed are you that it has been postponed?

Fatima Awan.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

    • This is not a publicity stunt..HUM tv is not a welfare TV station, they need advertisements to provide us entertainment..ZGH is a big drama, if they start telecasting it now, advertisers wont pay them what they deserve because HUM TV is not working in many areas of Pakistan.

  • Yaar Fatima. I'm now annoyed with this show called, ''Zindagi Gulzar Hai' now. Hadd ho gayee yaar. I give up!

  • yea Its upsetting!!! loved all the promos of ZGH but …. !!! anywaysss,… waiting eagerly for next week/!!!

  • Yes, now cable operators have blocked HUM TV , i dont know why… I was sad that i will miss the drama today but Thanks to ALLAH it has postponded :)

  • It is quite sad to listen that Zindagi Gulzar Hai is post poned…but after reading this article..my excitement for the show has increased…and i'm sure that when it starts we all will love it…and as far as the entire cast,producers,directors and writers are concerned..they have done a magnificent job for sure! i didn't watch the show but by the looks of the promo….the show is going to be a massive hit on live tv :)
    Goodnight fellow Brothers and Sisters and May Allah Bless us in this new year of Hijrah Aameen

    • Thank you so much for the lovely wishes Uzma, same to you:) hope to see you on ZGH threads:)

      • I really really hope k aap ka drama hit ho ga Its like a different story i m ver excited about it ; )
        GOOD effort

        • Thank you darkway ruler. The play has been written by Umera Ahmed but I will be reviewing it here:) Thank you for your kind words.

  • Yes but y its blocks now what ppl watch on tv no indian
    Nt pk dramas toa kaya dekhy public ik hu ghisi piti news on all bakwas news chanels????

  • Ohhhh not again man ….. :/ What is wrong with peeps of Pakistan .. they want Indian Channel why indian don't want our Pakisatni Channel cux they don't bother …. So please Be Pakistan and don't this crap with your own Country …….. :/ Please …………………………………. Love Pakistani Shows so don't need any Indian Channel here … :/

    Waiting 4 ZGH ……… Good Lcuk till 30th November … I hope it would not be delay any more .. :D

    • No doubt, Humsafar was beautifully pictuized n directed by Sarmad Khoosat but there was nothing special in its story….. Zindagi Gulzar Hai wud be far more gud than Humsafar…. that's 4 sure…!!!

    • humsafar to humsafar tha uska muqabla nhi is se….uski rating hi bht high thi…ye acha hoga zrur but humsafar jitna hit man'na mushkil h….ab ye to wqt hi btaye ga k kya bnta h…

    • humsafar ki koi story b thi kya :P wo to ek indian drama ki tarhan sazishi drama tha hehehe.per zindagi gulzar hai ki story kafi achi hai

  • Drama postponed nahi karna chaye… internet pe dramas available hote hain … website pe aa jata link….. too viewers dekh lete

  • unbelievable…….spoiled mood…….not interested at all now,dont want to watch it now……..

  • i read the novel..!! so m luvin it…!! i thnk there r so many chnges in da drama,,!! but i m so mch xcited to watch this drama… as above fatima awan mentioned tht it was posponed jxt bcause of the srike of cable operator..!! :(

  • :( .. was eagerly waiting for this drama n now its postponed .. totally unfair .. luv the cast n promos .. uffff now have to wait for some more days :(( .. cant wait to watch it .. um dead sure it will b a sooper dooper hit :))

    • Bushra Saduzai yes we are all expecting it to be great. I hope we will be seeing you on the ZGH threads:)

  • Fatima,

    I'm so glad that you wrote this post because It just makes me feel better that you expressed many people's thoughts in writing. I just hope it ends up meeting everyone's expectation because there is so much hype about this drama that it would be sad if it was a failure. I'm trying to be level-headed so there's no room for disappointment.

    So whats going on with the drama pakistani website, I'm trying to go on it but its not working…is it a different link now?

    • Alishba, I am glad you liked the post:) dramapakistani was undergoing maintenance but it is back now.

      • Seriously! its not good becuz me ZGH ne ka kafi wait kia hai and now this : (
        bt i m glad becuz stories me kch twist aya bar bar aik hi story ko repeat kia ja rha tha
        like sisters ka drama

  • Thatz really sad :((
    but dO u knw…30th nOv kO sanam saeed ki birthday hai r 29th nOv kO fawad khan ki :)

    • Xadee. Thanks for sharing that. I really did not know that. I hope everything gets sorted out soon and we can watch our favorite dramas again!

    • Definatley we were disappointed, but friends all over the world who watch HUM dramas , can wait for friends in pakistan.btwi,m in usa and i don't miss any drama on HUM cuz i have programed my DVR for each drama.

  • i m realy a fan of this grl..sanam saeed..specially when she shouts at fawad…n also when she is weeping infrnt of samina…awsum expression…i wsh this grl should b a part of drama industry..she is brilliant.

  • I'm scared what if the cable operators don't put hum tv back on in entire moharram. Then there is no chance that zindagi gulzar hai is airing this year.

  • Worthy Fatima Awan Ji,
    In fact after watching the promos of this drama,i too like other viewers am sad that no uploading of the first Episode has been made as the airing stands postponed because of strike by cable operators of ur country.Nevertheless your super & elaborative review has ,for me at least, quenched the thirst of watching it. i do feel that no sort of ban should be imposed by any country on Useful TV channels arbitarily & that too on false & filmsy grounds,as the same tends to only deprive people living here or there from knowing eachother.Like many people from here ,i feel love PAK dramas & so must be likewise.I ,however rate Pak dramas as the best. THANX.

    • Er Pervez Sb, thank you so much for liking the post. The cable operators' have blocked many private Pakistani channels because they were asked by PEMRA to block Indian channels. They are pressurizing the governement so that it will allow them to air Indian Channels because they gain a lot of revenue from the ads on those channels. It is surely a sad state of affairs and I hope things get sorted out soon.

  • This may b a prank by hum tv itself remembercwat they did to hamsafar,s last episode just to get more ads

  • I am confident that the story will be spectacular, after all it's Humera Ahmed's novel.
    Plus Fawad!! aapko dekh k kuch kuch hota hai <3 hahaha

  • i was soooooooooo much disappoint frm posponding news it was reaalllly a saaadd newws………:(

  • I don't know the st0ry but 0ne thing is clear it's gonna be a great one with fantastic story actors,actresses with great screen play just like Humsafar….

  • Fatima i really like your post and i totally agree with you!!! thanks for writing a very positive post!!! i just wish that the days would go faster!!!

    • thank you for reading Annie:) 5 more days to go…the final countdown! We have waited for sooo long.

      • hmm fatima em also agree wid u .. i also 4r ds drama .. i like fawad thts why iam waiting nd umera ahmed novel :)

  • Fatima,

    I am so glad that you wrote this post!!! it just made me happier to hear!!! I was just so excited to hear that it was airing two weeks ago and now because of the cable its not. Other dramas are also not airing because of this reason and i like most of them like Bari apa, sitamgar, Ek tamana lahasil see. I JUST FEEL VERY UPSET:(

    • Syra thank you for reading and liking the post:) the whole cable issue has been sorted so we should be watching new episodes of our favorite plays very soon:) Hope to see you on the ZGH threads:)

  • Fatima dear, I joined the page just because of your and SZ's well written reviews on various TV Dramas. Living in the US of A has been made bearable because of the Dish Network Package which includes all the Pakistani channels. It came as a rude shock when having postponed ALL activities of the evening, my friends and I parked ourselves in front of the TV at 8;00pm, and instead of ZGH an old teleplay was aired!! We started making frantic calls to Karachi to find out if the 1st episode had been telecast there, thinking that the Dish network here in USA was playing some tricks. It was then that we came to know about the cable operators strike. But now an even more Shocking and Heart breaking incidence has happened and that is that HUM TV CHANNEL has been BLOCKED and NO EXPLANATION has been given. We all would be very obliged if you could find out the reason for this uncalled for action BEFORE November 30th so that we could enjoy the first episode of the much hyped up ZGH..

    • Ruby thank you so much for reading what I write. In order to know the reasons please read the article, "cable operators' strike- who is responsible", which has been written by a fellow reviewer. Thanks.

    • The good news is that the issue has been sorted and you can watch ZGH on dramasonline if nowhere else:)

  • i think koi drama j=hona chehea fawaad khan or aiza khan ka bhi kun ka dono ne kabhi saat kam nahi kia
    a & b productions plz new couples laee

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