Actresses who need to switch from young Roles to the Senior ones!

Actresses who need to switch from young Roles to the Senior ones!Pakistani media industry is at its height of eminence and glamour in this day and age. Beauty, fame, shine, blush, allure are all the high-flying rudiments of media and Pakistani media is no more missing at the rear in this itinerary. The stunning and alluring Pakistani drama actresses are famous all over the world as of their natural acting and proficiencies as well as in their good looks. The actresses, who are getting on in years and are still performing with the juvenile and young actors as a heroine is really absurd and ridiculous!

Pakistani actresses have really impressed the viewers of entire above the world but the audiences really feel like to see some spanking new faces in place of older and fade facades. However, there are few faces that are over the hill but performing with the fresh actors in young roles is just making senseless as viewers are no more wishing to see the oldies in childish and romancing characters. The actresses like Sadia Imam, Mishi Khan, Komal Rizvi, Resham, Ayesha Khan, Mahnoor Baloch, Mona Lisa; they are a bit long in a tooth for romancing characters and babyish roles but coming in such roles is often seen as concealing their age and pretending themselves as younger than the young and fresh actresses. They really need to take retirement rather than up-and-coming in the midst of fiction roles.

It is the epoch when Pakistani media industry is continuously producing new talent for their drama serials. The extravagant Pakistani television channels are a right place for new and young faces to grow and flourish in Pakistani showbiz. The days for typical vamps have gone now! People in actuality desire to see new-fangled and dazzling faces in mesmerizing roles. These days, new charming flair has captured the screens and has turned out to be most demanding actresses everywhere. Saba Qamar, Sanam Baloch, Aiza Khan, Mahira Khan, Syra Yousaf, Alishba Yousuf, Neelam Muneer, Sajal Ali, Marwa and Urwa and many more have just confined the cameras to themselves in romancing roles with different actors which go well simultaneously.

The over-expressive, make-up loaded and super-conniving vamps of the small screen have to fade away, making space for realistic characters with blooming, girlish and fledgling faces. We are now longing to look at freshies instead of oldies!


Nida Zaidi


My name is Shozib Ali. I have done Bachelors in Media Sciences. Currently Working as an administrator and content writer for reviewit.

  • na they dont need to retire
    ut they can pick roles which are suitable to their age….as our dramas have characters with diversity of age.
    btw mahnoor baloch look young actually than her age.
    but u gotta point ……..mismatched couples …………..we dont wanna see

  • Wrong – mahnoor's face tells her age despite of all the treatments and disasters that she has already got done with her face ,LOL

    • ofcourse yar …………but what i was saying ………k she must be above 45 ………but does she look like a 45 y old women ……… she seems late twenties to early thirties ……but i didnt say to cast her in a role of college going 20 yr old girl…….and yeah i agree her plastic surgeries ughhhhhhhhh. i dont know inn actresses ko apni achi bhali shakal bigarni kyun hti hy

  • ayesha khan is quite young then mishi, komal and sadia imam….i think just mishi should take retirement….mahnoor is cutest and smartest actress…in this field no limits of age..or ye jo sab new actresses k name app nay liy hain in main say romantic acting to ksi nay b ni ke…har drama main saare lrkia lrae he kr re hote hain apne zubaaan tyz tyyz chla kr :p like mawra, urwa, aiza, sajal

  • no all of them are a okay, they are not doing any childish role. only jana malik is doing childish roles and you didn't mention her .

  • I agree. 100%. Who ever keeps casting Mahnoor Baloch in 20 year old roles, needs some therapy. Honestly, we need to make room for new talent.

    But then again, Pakistani media 'does not' support new talent. The only reason our dramas are seen, is because of the ranking of the actors. If an actor is well known, go ahead. If you havent ever seen the actor. uh uh. We seem to assume that the particular drama would be no good.

    We need to promote talent, and get our perspective straight. How long can someone stay 20 in our screens? Dont we, viewers, get tired?

    • How about these actress start playing characters their own age. I hate when women start aging people think that new younger women should come in and start playing new roles but they get keep the old man and pair them with these new girls and honestly that is disgusting. I just think these women should start playing roles their own age and be paired with men their own age.
      Let the new girls come and play roles their age. It is more sutiable and realistic. Look at Savera Nadeem she is playing characters her own age and she couldnt have been more popular. These actress dont need to retire, they just need to start playing characters their own age.

      • i go with your point! they shuld start signing roles of their own age + itz the responsibility of Director & Producer to look out for these major things inorder to bring forward good work!

      • Well as far as I think some of these women are now playing the role accordingly their age…Like Sadia Imam in Bilquis kor….Mahnoor Baloch in aik nazar meri taraf …Resham in Ashk and Mohabbat jaye bhar main .

  • Well I partially agree with the writer. Because Ayesha Khan is not a very old, She came even after Saba Qamar. And Mahnoor Baloach has become a symbol of beauty. She has stunning beauty. But she has never proved herself a good acrtress. She is only fit for modelling and not acting in role of any age. What to say of new actresses some are really good in acting like Sanam Baloach , Saba Qamar and Mahira Khan. But others needs a lot to learn like Sajal , and Yousuf sisters. But their are several new male actors who are replacing old and aged Heroes and gaining popularity among the masses. Mackal, Fawad and Imran Abbas and the guy playing the role of Raju Rocket are all young and Popular.

  • fresh faces should be in but as v all know old iz gold…….so i disagreee these actresses should retier

  • guys i totally disagree with you.
    i think all of you are girls, otherwise u had not told stuff about mahnoor baloch.
    she's casted in dramas for us men and honestly speaking care a damn with woman's age. there is something else that is seen in a woman. so stop criticizing mahnoor and sadia imam in superficial age conscious way.
    Crux of story : men wana see at least these two for the reasons only a man can understand on this forum….:)

  • it seems like Nida Zaidi writes her blog posts with a thesaurus open in her lap …. her posts are too wordy. To write a good or interesting blog post you dont need to use heavy words. you can use simple everyday words in sentences that make sense…. because right now it seems that her posts are a bunch of words put together.

  • I do not agree. Actresses like Ayesha Khan and Mona Lisa are still so young and they still looks so good in fresh pairing. Pakistani media should support new talent but these older actresses should also get some roles to perform, and saying that these actresses should take retirement is a complete injustice to them. I mean an artist never get old to perform, yes they should take the roles according to their age but shouldn't take retirement.

  • what about mehreen raheel…. come one she has crossed 30 and she is playing a character of university girl in ZGH..and by the way mahira khan's and ayesha khan's birth year is same ,so what makes ayesha old and mahira young :O???

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