Zun Mureed Episodes 16 & 17 Review – Realistic and Convincing

The story is moving forward at a steady pace and the best part of this play so far is that everything about it is realistic hence convincing and easy to connect to. The writer gives the viewers plenty of time to figure things out for themselves before revealing the reasons behind a certain development. So far, the writer has clearly elaborated on the reasons why Sajjad finds it so difficult to admit his mistake and move on. The viewers have also been shown in detail how difficult it is for a woman to take a stand against something which is considered a norm in the society and is widely accepted.

These two episodes covered Tabbasum’s attempts to find a job, her conversation with Sidrah, her bhabhi’s continued interference in her life, Fari sharing things with Tabbasum she had not shared before and most importantly the change in Abid’s attitude. These two episodes also highlighted how the children were suffering because of the on going problems between their parents. This particular aspect of the latest developments caught my attention more than any other since children are always the one who suffer the most in such circumstances. It was really important to show this particular aspect from a realistic viewpoint and the writer did just that! Sajjad’s behavior with his daughter said a great deal about his mindset and the kind of upbringing he would give these children if he was incharge. He continuously told Zoya to do house chores and also expected her to be more flexible and compromising because she was a girl. Suddenly, Zoya is expected to take up chores and act like a sensible adult instead of a child who has been through a great deal lately. All these scenes were simply brilliant since they showed different ways in which the children were being exploited, ignored and mistreated.

On the other hand Fari kept on telling Tabbasum that the best thing to do right now was to ensure that the next generation didn’t grow up with a similar mindset. Fari’s dialogues and her character is turning out to be really insightful. She is practical, sensible and sensitive. She always gives Tabbasum hope and is the only person who is genuinely concerned about her. Tabbasum can only make a difference in her children’s lives if she has access to them. She tried to keep her children with her but her bhabhi made sure they didn’t stay and now she isn’t even in contact with her kids therefore right now there isn’t any way for her to influence her kids. Tabbasum’s entire situation has been shown logically throughout without overdramatizing the different scenarios.

Even after Abid specifically told Mariam not to go to Sajjad’s house to help, she was left with no choice when the maid didn’t turn up and Bobby ended up hurting himself. Abid isn’t going to show the kind of flexibility he was showing before and now after hearing that Sajjad has sent the first notice of divorce, he will try even harder to prove that he does have a say in these matters. The new maid in Sajjad’s house is dreaming to be his Sajjad’s wife someday – another aspect of this entire situation which is quite realistic!

Omair Rana, Hina Bayat, Khalid Anum and Aisha Gul’s performances in particular were faultless as usual. There are times however when some of the actors look too made up. The actress playing Fari’s role in particular wears a lot of make-up and Nadia Khan doesn’t compromise on her looks either no matter what. The script of this drama continues to be the most impressive aspect of this show and never disappoints. It is impossible to predict what turn the story will take next but it does seem like Sajjad might eventually have to show some flexibility.

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Fatima Awan

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