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021 – Movie Review

With the movie now released for a respectable period of time now I think it is finally time to write a review.
021 is an excellent movie infact it is the next step of evolution in the genre of action movies. Unfortunately we Pakistanis have a habit of appreciating B-grade Bollywood trash over local gems.

021 starts in Afghanistan where Ayub khosa a warlord raids a convoy of nato trucks and takes a chip. We discover later that this chip contains the names of people who are collaborating with a corrupt conglomerate called the ‘ Winston group’ to accelerate war in Afghanistan in order to get control over it’s lithium deposits. Ayub then sends this chip to his friends kashif siddiqui aka kash ( Shaan) for safekeeping. Shaan plays an ex CIA agent who was dismissed from the agency after his first wife was killed and he went on a rampage in revenge. Amina Sheikh plays his fashionable second wife who is trying his best to make him comfortable and to bond with his sons.
This chip Ofcourse is of great value so too avoid exposure of American agents’ corruption, CIA agents in Pakistan ( Gohar Mumtaz and Shamoon Abbasi) are ordered to recover the chip and plant this whole mess on whoever holds the chip i.e. Kash. And here the action begins with some really cool action and sequences. Shaan had really outdone himself with this movie. Amina has done a pretty good job too and so as Shamoon as a suave and ruthless villain.

One refreshing thing about this movie was there was no concept of Black and white. All characters have their flaws. Not all Americans are evil. Ayub khosa is helped by a senior CIA agent who has been in Afghanistan for many years and genuinely cares about the country. The elderly dies in his efforts before recording a video asking kash to help Ayub. There is also an Afghan female journalist who is risking her life for her country. This movie is set on the eve of afghan elections and 021 refers to the number of hours this whole movie takes place.


The movie is shot brilliantly. From the barren mountains of Afghanistan, to the streets of Kabul to the modern metropolis of Karachi. The posh areas of karachi along with it’s dark underbelly is shown exquisitely. Over all the movie is great with a solid plot. It has also a message of peace and Afghan-Pak friendship. To see what happens in the end do watch it.

Here I must point out certain things that have pained me greatly. Every nation in the world supports it’s own industry. Yet here we are making fun of our own movies and rendering rather vicious criticism. I’ve read many negative reviews of this movie! My Question is this movie worse then the extremely moronic, stupid and monotonous erm ‘masterpieces’ like kick, Jai ho, Chennai express? These movies are so ridiculous that atleast I’m unable to watch them completely because of boredom. As for complaints of the movie being in three languages well there were subtitles in both English and Urdu. What about all the Bollywood movies with completely unnecessary addition of English just to impress foreigners and tricking them into believing India is so modern and hip?

op 021

Finally something about my movie going experience. I have so far in my life watched three movies total!( yes even I know that it is sad!). I do recall watching an old Pakistani movie at Muree Drive in Cinema( Where Shan-e-Mughalia restaurant now stands) but I was really young to remember the movie and as I recall feel asleep within a short period of time( Because of my age not because of the movie!). I’ve watched the other three at the multiplex at Ocean mall Karachi and I can surely say about my fellow moviegoers that they were incredibly rude. Giggling throughout the movie. They did this in 021, in Waar and in Insidious 2. Talk about ruining other’s fun! If you don’t know how to behave in a public pace then please stay home

Any way keep supporting and commenting.

P.S: Are people actually looking forward to my articles? Because My class fellows at Karachi university think that my articles are a waste of time and men don’t review dramas! ( What the hell!?). Any way who cares? I for one love writing these reviews and the response of all my friends.

Talha Rizvi