10 Times Sajal and Ahad Got Too Close In Dramas

Sajal Ali and Ahad have a massive fan following. Sajal Aly had been around for years and had already made a name for herself when Ahad Raza Mir was paired alongside her in the hit drama serial Yakeen Ka Safar. Their on-screen jodi was an instant hit. Ahad Raza Mir had a solid acting background as well and this on-screen couple together set the television screens on fire. They had an instant fan following which was unlike any other. Their fans started calling them Sahad by mixing up their names and to show their love.

After Yakeen Ka Safar aired, the fans were eagerly looking forward to watching them together again. Whether it was a photoshoot or a commercial, Sajal and Ahad’s on-screen chemistry was simply undeniable. Ahad and Sajal got married recently, even though they had more fan following than any other celebrity couple, they kept their relationship and marriage plans to themselves right till the last minute.

10 Times Sajal and Ahad Got Too Close In Dramas

Keeping The Relationship Secret

Soon after the fans wanted to see this on-screen couple as an actual jodi in real life too. Ahad Raza Mir was asked about their relationship status in numerous interviews and in all these interviews he did not give any clear-cut answers. All he said was that he respected Sajal, she was a good friend and it was not nice that people were asking such questions especially because they were associating a girl’s name with him for no reason.

10 Times Sajal and Ahad Got Too Close In Dramas

Well, this surely won many hearts because of Ahad Raza Mir’s decent attitude but at the same time broke the hearts of those fans who were waiting to hear something different from Ahad and Sajal both. Sajal Aly was always extremely tight-lipped about her relationship with Ahad and it was almost if she had asked the interviewers not to ask her these questions. It was apparent that right from the beginning, Sajal and Ahad had made up their mind that they were not going to talk about their relationship in public.

10 Times Sajal and Ahad Got Too Close In Dramas

The Engagement Announcement

Well, all these rumors were proven right when Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir quietly and out of nowhere announced their engagement which happened in Canada and which was a family affair. The couple shared a picture along with the announcement and some of the highlights of the functions were shared by Ahad Raza Mir’s mother on her insta story and that was about it. Unlike other popular celebrity couples, Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Aly did not give interviews together after the engagement and strangely enough have never even talked about it in detail.

10 Times Sajal and Ahad Got Too Close In Dramas

Sajal And Ahad’s Marriage

Sajal and Ahad’s marriage was just as much of a surprise for the fans as everything else about their relationship. Even when the formal wedding functions started, it was only through the insta stories of some people associated with the couple that the fans figured out that they were going to get married soon. They eventually got married outside Pakistan and this too was an intimate family affair with only a few close friends by their side.

10 Times Sajal and Ahad Got Too Close In Dramas

Their fans were obviously ecstatic to see this beautiful love story ending at such a happy note.

Too Cozy and Close On Screen

All of this would mean that they are private individuals who would want to keep their relationship personal. But then we see Sajal and Ahad getting all cozy and a little too close in photo shoots, commercials and dramas even when such closeness is not needed. Ahad Raza Mir in several interviews has also shared that he is a shy person in real life. Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussein are often tagged as ‘cheap’ for using their relationship as a publicity stunt and for not keeping their personal lives private. While unlike them Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir do not go around talking about their relationship in interviews and there was definitely not a public proposal at their part like was the case with Iqra and Yasir yet these two definitely have a tough time keeping their hands off of each other whether they are shooting for a commercial or drama.

10 Times Sajal and Ahad Got Too Close In Dramas

Pakistani dramas are bold and it can safely be said that Pakistani dramas are no longer the family dramas which they used to be. Having said that it is seldom ever that we see the kind of closeness between leading pair which we do when Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir are starring together in a drama. This is rather odd for a couple who is otherwise so private.

Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir’s Hugs in Dramas

It won’t be wrong to say that it all started with Yakeen Ka Safar. It is a mystery whether Sajal and Ahad were already in love when Asfandyar and Zubia hugged each other in the hospital after Zubia attempted to take her own life. This scene was loved by the fans because they had been wanting to see this couple declare their love for each other for the longest time. This declaration came in the form of some dialogues and of course the hug! The viewers had no idea that such hugs and a certain kind of unnecessary closeness would be part of every single project Sajal and Ahad would be part of from here on.

10 Times Sajal and Ahad Got Too Close In Dramas

While most Sahad fans are more than happy with watching their favorite jodi comfortable on-screen, there are many others who felt that Ahad and Sajal were cashing in on their relationship with each other by putting the physical closeness between them on display for the satisfaction of their fans.

10 Times Sajal and Ahad Got Too Close In Dramas

Aangan was another drama serial starring Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Aly in the leading roles. The kind of physical closeness between them in this particular drama was the most unnecessary and awkward. Chammi and Jamil’s flirtation and their entire relationship always came across as more physical than anything else. This was another drama in which the makers as well as the stars involved banked on this certain aspect because they knew that there are a vast majority of fans who like such closeness between them and think it is sweet.

10 Times Sajal and Ahad Got Too Close In Dramas

10 Times Sajal and Ahad Got Too Close In Dramas

This is obviously not the first time that a real-life jodi has attempted something like this. Many other real-life couples have starred together in projects because together they have a massive fan following but we have never seen other real-life couples like Muneeb and Aiman, Hania and Asim, Urwa and Farhan and so many others sharing such moments on screen especially when they are not even needed.

Most often when there is such unnecessary physical closeness between celebrities in dramas most people find it off-putting therefore the celebrities also avoid it. Even though they might be openly dating and even going on holidays in real life, in dramas they try to keep the physical closeness minimal. In the most recent drama Yeh Dil Mera starring Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir, the number of times they have hugged has basically shown that the directors and the producers know that these two are comfortable doing so and their fans love it too. Some of these hugs have come in the most unexpected of moments and they have been quite elaborate as well.

10 Times Sajal and Ahad Got Too Close In Dramas 10 Times Sajal and Ahad Got Too Close In Dramas

One thing is for sure that Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Aly might want to keep many things about their actual relationship secret but they are more than happy to share hugs on screen. Their on-screen chemistry is undeniable but do they really need to show such physical closeness in order to get attention? Even if it is something that comes naturally to them why not keep it personal like they do with everything else about their private lives?

10 Times Sajal and Ahad Got Too Close In Dramas

10 Times Sajal and Ahad Got Too Close In Dramas

10 Times Sajal and Ahad Got Too Close In Dramas

10 Times Sajal and Ahad Got Too Close In Dramas

Do you find Sajal and Ahad’s physical closeness in dramas cute or cringe-worthy? Are they setting a new ‘trend’ which will be followed by others? Sajal Aly is a brilliant actress and Ahad Raza Mir’s acting skills are also impressive, together they are a treat to watch but do they need to bank on such scenes to make their fans happy? Share your views in the comments section below.


My name is Shozib Ali. I have done Bachelors in Media Sciences. Currently Working as an administrator and content writer for reviewit.


  • Much needed thoughts. Exactly what was going on in my mind while watching Yeh Dil Mera. Then these sahad fans in their blind love criticize people who do not think such hugs are cute and sweet. They should take it easy. They are good actor why such cheap tactics. Please hug as much as you want off screen. Spare us. First Feroze now Ahad, lets hope they get married soon.

    • In yakeen ka safar the kiss of shaaz khan on hira’s hand on her wedding night was more vulgar than the hug of ahad and sajal in the last scene because in the wedding it is obvious to have contant soon as compare to the consouling hug in the last scene.
      App log inko is liye point kar rahy hain cz yeh engaged hain?
      Kia aap logo ne GHALTI main affan waheed and hira ka post marriage romance nahi dekha?
      Kia kisi ne mikaal and sanan saeed ka DIYAR E DIR main wedding hug nahi dekha?
      Ya app logo ne mashal ao imran abbas kaTHORA SA HAQ main hug nahin dekha?
      Sirf inko na pakry sab ki taraf dekhein.
      Agar yeh examples km hain to aur dramas watch karein?
      Yeh dil mera main me inka aik dusry ko hug karna haath pakarna itna bara issue nahi hai jis per aik pura article likha jayen.

    • Do not agree with you at all. you are very critical. I find them very responsible and classy people and they do not cross their limits. There is nothing cheap in showing your emotion within limits on the screen. Attacking a decent girl like this is not very nice in my opinion.

  • Is it me or anyone else too that they have no real exciting onscreen chemistry and their deliberate hugs are too much to sit through in family dramas.

    all fingers on MPTH, but they showed an extramarital affair sans any onscreen intimacy (apart from bland posters).

    “SAHAD” fans, get a life please. There is a real life out of your cheap Insta posts. & I will be soon tagged a molvi by these cheap ‘INTELLIGENT’ and ‘LIBERAL’ fans who even aren’t aware of their purpose of life.

    • Agreed.mpth tackled such a bold topic in such a unique way.not a single scene of intimacy and all feelings were conveyed through dialogues scenarios.and on the other hand ppl are turning blind eye to these unnecessary hugging scenes in ydm.thats called hypocrisy.

  • That is how they promote themselves. The shyness is only in name if he was so shy he would not be hugging so intimately. The hugging scenes are obnoxious. We stopped watching yeh dil mera because of this cheapness.

  • Sahi point raise kiya hai, most annoying couple after IqYasir. Un pe to phir criticism hota tha inko sb ignore ker dete. You raised valid points in this article, very well written 👏

  • They went overboard with cashing on their chemistry that it has fizzled out. Zubia and Asfi had loads of chemistry but ahad and sajal doesn’t. Might sound weird but none of their acts together after YKS has shown their chemistry. Their fans are quite possessive of them i think and doesn’t give much support when they are paired against some one else. especially Ahad.

    But despite the fact I see no chemistry between them in their latest drama I don’t find their closeness and hugging in the drama cringe worthy.

    • yes!! this!! There fans get overboard and are so possessive about their pairing. They don’t like Ahad being with any other actress in projects. I’ve seen them go after Alizeh clamming Sajal would be better. They even attacked Maya for doing a commercial with Ahad. I

  • I don’t find any of this physical contact disturbing tbh…at least for me. And if we talk about the reasons, in yakeen ka safar after both asfand and zubiya went through so much pain their hug was sort of a symbol of how they both have been through so much and they both can share each others pain together and they are 1. For me that hug was filled with emotions and other than that they didn’t have any physical contact in YKS. Then let’s move to aangan, most of their physical contact was written in the novel and as far as I know the makers of aangan followed the complete story of the novel. For Yeh dil mera I think they’re showing reality of a modern couple and I don’t know if I should say this or not but it shows that both amaan and aina are physically active too, and that’s realistic for a young and modern couple. For Ahad and Sajal being naturally shy people as they have said many times, but they’ve also said many times that they are very professional and when they’re on set they’re not ahad and sajal but they’re living their characters. and their profession has nothing to do with their personal lives, and it’s not even like that they son’t show PDA, they do but not as much as other couples so they must be comfortable doing it. All of this is just my opinion so no one plz attack me lol.

      • as much as I respect your opinion, but when I said physically active I never said “sexually active”. When I said physically active I mean as in hugs, holding hands, or just physically being comfortable with one another.

    • What a professionalism, its not their work demand its their choice to do such stuff pehle bhi kam hota tha in sab ke bagair, yeh sab islam se dor kerne ki game hai ke musalman apni sharm o haya se mana jata hai is per aik Huzoor e Pak ka irshad bayan karo gi ke jab tum mien haya na rahe jo chahe marzi karo, tu phir baat hi khataam and jo log aaj inke huq mien bol rahe hain kal ko unki auladien bhi is cheez ko mind nahi karenge unke liye or sab bhi normal hoga ke yrh tu natural hai is liye plz behaye ko support na karen

      • Bibi, does drama and tv match with the protocole and teaching of Islam? If something is totaly against the Sharia why wud it abide by the rules and Hadith? I wonder why do ppl want to watch tv and still demand it to be within Islamic parameters. No matter what kind of moral stories, dress code wud be maintained dramas will remain beyond Sharia full stop. So choose a side wisely. We cant have half picked deen as per our thinking. Apply fully as much as possible.

        • So brother, its not about sharia but there should be limit whatever they are showing as it does effect the society and if you are comfortable watching this stuff with your family not everyone is, no one is perfect not even me but it doesn’t mean that i should keep quite on this and just preach let them do whatever they are doing they can do in their private life but don’t show to the whole world and its not only for them who ever is doing is wrong

  • If this was not an Islamic country this just ‘engaged’ couple would not shy away from kissing onscreen too 🙄 We criticise Mahira and other actresses for their bold choice of fashion but lately Sajal Aly’s clothing sense is deteriorating too.I was shocked to see her dressing in Hum style awards.I mean ok they are ‘celebrities’ but really don’t like crazy people who worship them like idols and defend every thing on their behalf.Plus when these celebs expose themselves publicly,they’re giving freehand to people to criticise/praise them.But ultimately it ends up us Meetha Meetha hup,Karwa Karwa thoo.If they’re being praised and adored,all good.But if someone dare to criticise them for anything,they are being judgemental,jiyo aur Jeenay do blah blah

    • Think both the sisters have become more liberal after their mother’s demise. I think she was the one keeping a check on them now they are on their own.

    • yeah but sajal is very loved and her fans get super defensive if you ever criticize her even though she does the same thing as all the other celebrities.

  • I’m completely baffled why this article was written! People, focus on yourself than pointing fingers on others. Always looking for negatives, judging and criticizing others. When will we grow up, be mature, there’s probably way more happening out there. The couple does no harm to anyone, please let them be. To be honest I’m not a fan of Iqra and Yasir but I want them to be happy, they wanted to be open about everything which is fine. If someone is private don’t call them hypocrites. Also the director gives the scene direction- stop blaming the engaged couple. Goodness, let ppl be and don’t judge. Write important articles rather than this stuff. Be responsible.

    • Such articles should be written so that such over celebrities stay in their limits. Every director gives them the same direction? Stop promoting this baseless liberalism.

      • It’s just hugging!!! My whole point is that this isn’t something to be worried about…there’s things going on in the world that are way more serious and tragic. Why can’t people focus on themselves instead of looking for stuff on people all the time. This is why Pakistan is struggling cause ppl focus on this stuff rather than making use of themselves to help bring back our country to what it used to be. Anyways, I’m wasting my breath to make the point that people just don’t see- don’t judge and let ppl be. There’s way more bigger problems in the world.

        • Its just a hug will be soon its just a kiss, about judging its right not to judge people in their personal doings but their is some limits to it, they are showing it to world inta pyar hai tu bandh darwaze ke piche karo, they are killing our souls already taken haya from us its a first step towards zina, and keep that in mind that new generation will think its ok to hug your boyfriend and its not only them every single drama promoting , salam or Allah hafiz tu khatam kerdia and for they are not harming anyone tu phir Allah aise hi azaab nahi bhejta na limits batayi jati ke na qaum e Loot ko garak kia jata woh bhi kisi ko harm nahi kerahe the apni zaat pe gunah kerte the log corona virus se tu dar rahe hain lekin is behaye ke virus se nahi jo aaj in modern logo ko support kerne walo ki sharam o haya kha gaya hai

    • So, you mean we will only get mature and grown up by watching hugging and closeness of couples i think only they will feel comfortable watching this cheapness who can watch bollywood and hollywood with with family as well, i live in uk and when my girls watch this stuff they look at me ask are the muslim and i feel ashamed,and even they are actors or couple it is not going take this fact that it is not allowed and by the way dramas was made in 80 era as well which were more impactful than now days which are just spreading vulgarity on the name of reality these thing were even happening when our Prophets were there as well that’s why Allah send them to teach us right path but i am so surprised that pakistan is now getting way for modern, if we all going to support them then wait for kissing and for physical stuff and if they want to keep their affairs private don’t post them but they want people to talk about them if they have this much aag in them go get marry but no they are not ready for a halal thing but comfortable in doing zina, dont take it personal its just my opinion

  • If u guys find this disturbing then why is no one pointing out Hira and Affan’s post marriage scenes in Ghalthi?? In my opinion that’s more OTT and forced physical contact than Ahad and Sajal’s. Even Hira and Affan’s hospital scene in do bol.

  • One of the most absurd articles I have read in recent times. All the “hugs” that Ahad and Sajal shared on-screen were after an emotional breakdown. From Yakeen ka safar, to Aangan and now in Yeh dil Mera. What will you do if your fiance or spouse is having nightmares? Or just attempted to gave up on her life and actually you saved her? Will you just stand at a distance and give her heart eyes? Or trend #Istandwithzubia?

    ** Firstly, all the hugs they shared weren’t uncomfortable to watch. Coz they came at a very natural and realistic point. All the moments where you expect a couple to share a moment to comfort each other.
    ** Secondly, it is not Sajal and Ahad who add these hugs or scenes in the drama. You mentioned Aangan but forgot to add the hugs Ahad and mawra shared. Aangan was one of the most bold novel of it’s time. In the novel Jameel even kisses Aaliya. So is it Ahad and mawra’s fault? Totally nuts to blame the artist. You can only commend them that they do it in a manner that it doesn’t look awkward. It looks like warm comforting hug then sexual or intimate. The hug Ahad and Mawra shared actually looked intimate and Jameel looked physically attracted to Aaliya.
    ** Thirdly, its absolutely uncalled for to compare Iqra and Yasir’s off-screen activities with Ahad and Sajal’s professional work. They are two separate things. And there is no justification to compare the two.

    ** Lastly, people need to stop being hypocrites. They are okay to see a non-married couple having an live-in relationship for several months in a show. They are okay with all the double meaning dialogues. But they cant see a real life couple, share a hug on-screen. Absolutely crazy.

    Get A Life!

    • Oh really! Guess you need to get a life here. The one and only sahad fan meaning you yourself who makes it her duty to defend whatever they do because you are a fan and that is it. So all those on screen couples who get emotional should start hugging. What are you trying to promote here? What is wrong is wrong there are no explanations for it. Many many dramas have shown emotional scenes without these absurdities. Those people really should get a life who think this is okay and while they are at it they should follow some guidelines to what is and what isn’t necessary while showing emotions. It is because of fans like you that they use these cheap tactics. about the live in relationship guess you are forgetting sajal spends half of her time in canada in Ahad’s house. You think they ain’t doing nothing off screen, are you for real????

      • I support you here, aaj kal bohat log live in mien hain specially in media yeh cheez goroon ne adapt ki tu unki life mien sakoon bhi nahi, india ne kia tu waha bhi dekh len kia horaha hai or ab hamara islamic jumhuria pakistan aise log dhobi ke kutte ki terha na idher ke rehte hain na udher ke divorce ki bhi bari waja yahi hai ke sab shadi se pehle hojata hai , watch ali noor thoughts about nikkah in samina’s show yrh log khullam khulla Allah ke hukum ko galat keh rahe hain ab kia Allah se bara koi samjh rakhne wala hai aisa hota tu woh dozakh jannat ka wajood na rakhta na limita bayan kerta ke judge mat karo na hum jins parasto ke liyr saza hoti na zina kerne walo per ke woh harm nahi kerahe kisi ko yrh zalzale or nayi nayi beemarian uski narazgi hain lekin yrh aqal ke andhe log nahi samjj rahe

      • Is it your business to worry about them? Who are you to judge? How would you feel if someone put your life under a microscope and made comments and assumptions like this. Also if anyone is sharing their opinion in defense don’t call them a fan only defending the so called person. Maybe they’re defending a whole different point of view.

    • just because they are a real life couple they can do ANYTHING, RIP logic. get a life pewr Sahad fans
      Thankfully I learnt a new term today, Pakeeza HUG and PHYSICAL HUG

      • Yes because it is their life. Who the hell are you to judge them?? Insaan ho toh insaan hi raho bhai. People don’t have the right to pass judgement. If it offends you, don’t watch! Do something useful with your time!

        • Don’t worry about him. He has got a problem with everything. the guy can’t praise anything. He comes here just to spew hate. Never seen a positive comment from him.

          • Yes I have a problem with superfans like you and every other sycophant who even donot differentiate between truth and hate,
            there is a limit to being a fan

        • bro chill! tum bhi insan hi raho aur mere pe judgement na paas karo!! judgeMENTALL hai kya!!

          tum bhi SAHAD sahad karne se behter ha kch useful kia karo

          • bro you need to chill too. Koi aur judgeMentall ho ya na u are a psychopath who has so much negativity in his life and so much free time that he will watch every drama, read its reviews and then write hateful comments on it. Aap har kisi ko judge karo, hum na karen. On MPTH last epi you were calling everyone 2 takkay ka fan, Danish Abbu g ka soyam. Jo baat idhar aa k likh rahay ho pehley khud seekh lo k duron ki choices pay personal comment karna shuru kar detay ho. Koi cheez pasand aati hai tumhain? na koi drama na koi actor! phir bhi dekhtay zarur ho.

          • Wow Great! Ye saare kaam tumhare hain tum hi ye sab fazool serials dekhte ho, ye sab explanation tumhari hai!!
            You are actually a psycopath who lives in his own fake world and passes fake comments on every thread, sycophant. And to my surprise, you actually were that fan who was creating a ruckus on Danish dying and bla.

          • Haha meray? I stop watching the dramas I don’t like. I do not waste my time watching dramas that I don’t like and then I do start whining in the comments section here. Mera kisi drama thread se negative comment laa k dikha do tum. Tumhain to koi drama pasand nai aata phir bhi dekhtay bhi ho, comments section main aa k negative baatein kartey ho aur har kisi pay personal attacks kartay ho. Get a life u psychopath! Filled with negativity!
            And btw NO! I wasn’t that person. I didn’t even comment on MPTH’s last episode.
            PS: try consulting a psychiatrist. Too much negativity can be harmful.

          • Pakistani Po: Please if you look I was replying to Haris. So all what you blew here was useless. Why on Earth I would direct reply to you and the fact you landed my mistake in middle of a conversation.
            1)The only drama that I dont like and watch is Alif. Uske allawa ap ksi b thread ma check kr lein (mpth ki story sabko pta thi due to fb etc). Ye thread b YDM reviews ka nahi h, closeness story ka h.
            2) Personal attacks. Bhai wah. Sachi baat personal attacks and apki choices to hain hi lajawaab. Ehm ehm.
            3)Truth is negativity for persons living in fake world like you (fake sahad romance and all, glorification of abuse in your fav dramas).
            So yes mai Pagal nahi par apko basic rights ki schooling ki bohat zaroorat hai.
            P.S: Thanks for advise. Lagta ha apka dimagh b ksi psycatrist ne hi theek kya hoga #personalattacks #po #po #sahad #getalife

    • Tauba! Marney k baad SAHAD ko Jawab Nahin dena,Allah ko daina hai.Aik burai ko roq nahin saktey tou dil mein bura samjh lo.Uski tashheer aur difaa tou mat karo.Allah aapko kisi achay maqsad mein itna passionate bnaye ameen

    • Finally someone that understands. If you guys have so many issues with them, don’t watch it. Simple? Why write an article about it? I agree completely about focusing just on this pair and letting others slide. It’s always pick and chose, then bash. If your iman is strong then you know right from wrong. This isn’t an issue cause your kids would know not to do that if you taught them that, yes Islam says that and I agree but it’s not that big of a deal. Everyone is still stuck on these aspects of Islam but not others. Its also wrong to point and talk at people. Like I said earlier, waste of breath saying something here but couldn’t help it. I feel people living overseas understand Islam a little better when it comes the main values and what’s appropriate Islamic etiquette. Tolerance and judgment non stop here.

    • Real life couple doesn’t mean they have official permit to hug and kiss his/her partner publicly and even they are not married

  • Nevertheless what a stupid article. This had been mentioned in the comments and the discussion in Yeh Dil Mera. What was the need to write such a big article on it? In YKS and Coke ad, it was totally fine. Only in YDM it seemed a bit different. Either way, why does reviewit spin out an article on Everything when it had been discussed in the comments of Yeh Dil Mera last week (29th Jan)

  • Reviewit are you OK? What’s it with these articles these days? 😂 “Celebrities with long hair”, “Supportive husbands of Pakistani Actresses”, “Beautiful sisters of Pakistani Celebrities”, “Shahrukh Khan vs Humayun Saeed” and now Ahad and Sajals hugs😂😂😂😂

  • Personally I dont really care if they hug on screen or not. I am more concerned by the hypocrisy by both the couple and the audience. When iqra and yasir do similar acts, they are met with backlash and taunts being thrown at them. When sajal and ahad do the same, even if it is for a show, then it is somehow considered cute? Im not a fan of iqra and yasir but the hypocrisy is astounding. Its like people seem to forget that sajal and ahad may be engaged, but they are not islamically married yet. I think sajal aly really plays into the entire “good girl” persona she has acquired, and she uses that to her advantage, but at the same time she participates in these types of scenes, like its against your image.

    • Ahad and Sajal have posted some pics on insta where they are physically close but no one calls them out like with yasir and iqra. And Sajal also wears bold clothing but again she doesn’t get criticized like Sajal

      • That is exactly my point! For some reason everything that is an issue with other couples, is not an issue with them? Why are they given a free pass? Its the audience’s fault too as they give them the liberty to do what they want and not be criticized as much as compared to other couples

  • Well I taught these secens must be band for dramas because families are watching and yeah they are setting new trends for others so such unnecessary scence are not needed. they literally not needed for their acting skills should be stopped

  • What a bakwas article. Aap logo ke paas aur koi kam nahin hain?! If it offends you, don’t watch it! But stop “moral” policing everything!

    • Yup! That’s the word- stop being the moral police cause no one gave you the right to do that. Also was there a background check done on you first? Ha thanks Rax, just one person understanding this is enough for me to be content.

      • Jahil awam hain yaar. Duniya mein pata nahin kya ho raha hain and these idiots find anything to criticize using distorted versions of religion. Islam is supposed to be about self reflection and promotes tolerance. All these people promote is hatred. Khud ko perfect samajhta hain but who knows how long their list of sins are. They seriously need to get a life

  • No wonder Pak is a lost cause… 0 tolerance. No protests against violence against women/child abuse/poverty but this… 🤦🏾‍♀️ jahil awam.

  • I always find them very decent and they live within their limits. Sometimes the director has to show intensity of emotion and a hug in the drama is needed. I admire them because they do not cross the line. So please do not criticize young people when they are not doing anything wrong.

  • Well I’m sick of these sentences “who r u to judge someone, it’s their personal life apni fiker kero, nahi acha lagta to mat daikho.. blah blah blah..” yani in so called celebrities ko poori ijazat ha k wo jo marzi kerty phirain Lakin baqi loge andhy goongy aur behray ban k rahain.. aur sb sy stupid yeh personal life wali baat ha ager itna he personal ha to kun social sites py apni “Personal Life Matters” share kerty ho..

  • Sajal and Ahad look very cute together. The people who are criticizing them personally and professionally are unhappy and insecure. They are wishing in their hearts that they could express love but can’t for whatever reason, so all they can do is spew hatred. I don’t see anything wrong if a couple in love hug, whether it is on screen or for real. Its an expression of love. What else should they do? Abuse each other. You haters don’t utters a peep or complains when they show husbands’ hitting their wives, in a drama serial. What hypocraisy!
    Next time please write an article headlined, ” 10 times Actress A was treated like s**t by actor B. Nobody will object. Is that the kind of upbringing you want for your kids. Then again, I guess you do. Feel sorry for you guys ……….so much hate. Sajal and Ahad are just an excuse to your misery. Yes get a life!!!

  • Its tragic to see so many unnecessary touching and hugging by the lead in our dramas. Currently, the dramas are lagging in content and filled up with this useless gestures just to garner TRP’s and clickbaits. Even to this day, dramas of 1980’s and 90’s are the most entertaining ones to me like Ankahi and Waris though I was born much later than their actual broadcasting date.

  • I as an avid reader of reviewit is quiet dissapointed with this pointless article. Such articles give nothing but a licence to bash the celebs. Be it sajal ahad or some one else, what’s the point of such an article besides hate being spread?

    • I agree. They are publishing this kind of lame articles everyday and the reviewers are bound to review only 2 dramas a week.

    • Thank you for saying this. Plus they are comparing two couples who are friends in real life. It just leaves a bad taste overall between them and their fans.
      This moral policing should STOP, be it for anyone. An individual doing on personal capacity is different than a blog or entertainment centered webpage posting such articles. It’s a shame.

  • These “morality” preachers probably all watch bollywood, hollywood, game of thrones and download porn at home whilst cheating/denying the women in their households basic human rights 😂👏🏾 none of these protests when stars are promoting fairness creams. Tab kaha hain aap log??

    • your level of intelligence is evident from your comment, you are like one of those deprived kids in my college classes who could classify sins as porn got & bollywood, just due to lack of exposure.
      and please dont compare got with YDM, D&d will commit suicide xD

  • I totally agree with this article, dramas should avoid cheap intimacy and hugging scenes, thou sajjal and ahad are a couple which is not even married yet so don’t consider its ok to show them hugging every now and then, soon this trend will become a need of every drama to show such scenes, please keep Pakistani drama industry clean of all these cheap tactics!

  • It is just a ‘hug’ people, it is a basic human emotion of affection, is it not time we stop being this close minded? For god sake, people watch worse things on small and big screen, and more so on the internet.

  • Looks like you guys have no other subject to write, I have mentioned this before too, day by day, your standards are going down, this is such a BS article, so laughable. I have no words to describe my amusement. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 sajal and ahad are amazing actors, and classy couple, you people are so backward, you really need a reality check.. Get well soon.

  • What an absurd article. Ridiculous. Standard of this site is going down day by day instead of reviewing dramas you are writing this ridiculous articles and please Stop attacking sajal and Ahad or any other caters unnecessarily.
    Fatima and Zahra are the only saving grace of this site.

  • I think it is cute. They look good together and none of the hugs looked forced, instead they looked quite natural. I think its about time that people start accepting these as natural and as it does depict the chemistry and bond of a on-screen relationship…as long as it doesn’t look vulgar

  • I don’t know why pakistani shows so happiness on their closeness before marriage….
    Its goods that they engaged but as a muslim its not halal for men and women to come so closer after only engagement