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Tips and tricks to ace your selfie game

All of us struggle to get the perfect picture which makes us go wow. For the desired results of such a selfie, we need to make some adjustments here and there. Here’s a list of tips and tricks to ace your selfie game:

Know your angle and stick to it

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To take the perfect selfie, you should know which angle suits you best. Is it your left profile or your right profile? Do you like taking a picture by holding the phone up or from the bottom? Everyone likes to show their good side in the picture, don’t they? The right angle with the best lighting is going to the backbone of the whole picture. It can get tricky and tiresome to get the best picture but it will surely be worth it as a lifelong memory.

The golden hour is worth taking pictures in

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Golden hour arrives just before the sun is about to rise or set. The sun’s rays give a beautiful yellow, golden light which look better than any Instagram filter out there. The golden hour is worth taking pictures in. Know the time when golden hour is about to arrive and get going for some gorgeous, glorious insta-worthy photos. No need to edit your perfectly timed and clicked photos even.

Avoid shadows

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Don’t let your shadow ruin your perfect picture especially when taking photos in the sun. Nothing worse than a black cast in your perfectly clicked photo.

Use flash when necessary

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Front facing cameras usually have flash installed in them for when you want to take photos when it’s slightly darker. Although they won’t turn out as amazing as photos taken in natural light but you can still edit them later on.

Use apps for taking photos or editing them

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Huji cam, B612 and many other amazing applications are available for download to master the art of the perfect selfie. These apps have in-built filters which make your selfies flawless and look like a work of art.

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While we’re all for editing and filtering, don’t adjust your selfie to the point that it looks unnatural. It is easy to get carried away while editing your photo but be mindful of not making it look cartoon-ish. Only touch up a little here there. Also, don’t use Instagram filters to the maximum, they have an option to tone down the severity of the filter, use it to make your photo look as natural as possible. Use the soft focus option to make your face look soft and the background blurred so all the attention is on you.

Keep expressions as natural as possible

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Don’t try and do unnatural pouts or duck faces, embrace your natural expressions. A smiling selfie makes you look fresh and happy. A selfie should not look like trying too hard and should show your features in the best possible way.


Lastly, just have fun with your selfie because at the end of the day it’s just a picture for you to look back at and reminisce the good times in which it was clicked.