Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay Episode 3 Story Review – Lies

Ohkay so, this episode further elaborated the kind of relationship Mehreen has with people around her. A more clear insight was given into her emotional & mental state. Mehreen is the kind of character you actually feel for because of how everything has always gone against her. In this pool of emotionally unavailable people, she has succeeded in finding a few gems who truly wish well for her & want to see her stable & happy.

Lies About Mehreen

In this family where everything is seemingly smooth, due to limited exposure & a high level of insecurities, everyone has made Mehreen a punching bag, an easy target because they know she is alone with no one to come to her support. With each passing day, their behavior, their attitude, their accusations break her into bits & pieces. Mehreen actually is alone, she has been alone since she was a young girl, therefore it is understandable why she puts up a brave face & keeps her emotions bottled up.

It is unfortunate that no one has once tried to understand her, which makes it harder for Mehreen to come clean about her feelings & thoughts that are running through her mind. One would expect a bit of kindness & gentleness from a grandmother but she too is aloof & distant. I will say that Shamim Hilali has performed this character brilliantly but it is turning out to be my least favorite character because she was or even is in a position to do something for Mehreen but she turns a blind eye & adds more to her woes!

Mehreen’s interaction with Saleha was refreshing because it showed how she at least had someone who believed in dealing with Mehreen with utmost kindness & respect. Saleha’s reactions showed that she too was sad seeing how much Mehreen was struggling. Although there was a brief moment where Mehreen tried to hide her emotions from Saleha, but she figured that out quickly. In this episode, one thing was further elaborated that Mehreen is stuck in the past, she is stuck in her childhood & there are bits & bobs of that phase that she keeps close to her heart. She has some level of affection for Rabia when she was solely her mother because she does remember her as a doting & loving parent. The span of 5 years in which Rabia did not come to see Mehreen, as well as Saleha, leaving for Kuwait makes one truly think what a little child must have been through, especially in a place where she was unwanted, where everyone resented her. 5 years is a long long time, especially for a young child who yearns for nothing but love. While interacting with Saleha, Mehreen sounded as if she wanted to reverse the time & go back to that life where everything was perfect, where she was happy.

Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay Episode 3 Story Review - Lies


While watching this episode, I was thinking why Mashal couldn’t try winning Aswad over without putting Mehreen down but then I was reminded that this is all that she knew. This is her approach because she has seen how it might work in her favor. Mashal doesn’t know anything apart from putting Mehreen down therefore she finds it easy to make Mehreen a villain, in a hope that it makes her look good. Mashal has been lying to Aswad without fear of getting exposed because she knows that the two do not interact with each other at all. Those few scenes showcased how disturbed Mashal too is as a person, how twisted she is to come up with so many situations that deprive Mehreen of peace & happiness. Killing her bird, hiding her inhalers every now & then, & turning people against her all the time. Mashal too happens to be someone who needs help to snap out of this negativity that she has been garnering inside of her for almost all her life. The scene where Mashal reads Mehreen’s diary was heart-wrenching. Anyone would feel that way if they find out the hatred someone has in their heart against them but then why was Mashal surprised? She has never given Mehreen a reason to not feel that way about her, instead she added more fuel to the fire by doing all of this!

Aswad’s reaction while talking to Mehreen on the phone depicted how at a certain point in his life he had high regard for Mehreen, how he put her on a certain kind of pedestal & now when he was finding out the bitter truths about her, more than being disappointed he was frustrated. I liked how carefully Aswad picked his words & told Mehreen to stop wasting her life because as a well-wisher, this is all that he could say to her. I think so far, everything was pretty stagnant in Mehreen’s life, there was no relief, no channel for anything good to make its way to her but with Aswad soon coming to Pakistan, things will change for Mehreen drastically. Aswad will be the one who will become a mediator & more than that, he will assess Mehreen with his own sensibilities. He will form his own opinion & will try to make things work for her, something that no one else has tried to do before. I really wish Saleha had at least done something for Mehreen in this regard because like everyone around here knows, Mehreen has a great relationship with her aunt, therefore Saleha should’ve at least tried to change her mothers’ perspective of her.

Convincing Performances

This episode of Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay was brilliant & thoroughly gripping. I really enjoyed Mahira Khan’s performance as Mehreen, especially in all those scenes where she was trying to hide what was running through her mind. What I really like about Mehreen is that she is not afraid of standing up for herself. Although she snaps at everyone, which is deemed as badtameezi but it is interesting how Mehreen never tries to clarify or explain herself. It shows that she has given up on it because she knows no matter what she will say or do, her family members are always going to misunderstand her. This is exactly why she behaved with Aswad in a similar manner where instead of getting defensive, she let him think whatever he wanted to. I am happy there is a character like Shabo who brings in some comic relief to this drama.

I did however find some of Mashal’s dialogues & scenes a bit repetitive but I am glad things are about to change from the next episode. Kubra Khan is acting well too but I would like to see more from her. Nani’s dialogues especially about Mehreen’s father are also quite repetitive, it is as if she has nothing else to say. Another scene I found a little stretched was Mehreen unable to find her inhaler. For someone who suffers from asthma, having an inhaler in the bag is a must. She’s always seen looking for it in the drawers, but somehow when she knows this is something that happens with her quite often with Mashal taking it away from her, she should keep a backup at least. The episode was well-shot & directed. I really like the OST & the background music too, it adds depth to the emotions felt by the characters. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay.

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  • I am enjoying watching Hum Kahan Ke Sachay The…the story is interesting and so is the portrayal. I wish Mehreen shares more of her story with her friend, she is one of the blessings in her life but she keeps her struggles to herself.

    You’ve rightly pointed out that Saleha could have played a role in making things better for Mehreen, especially in the way Mehreen deals with her mother and in shaping Aswad’s opinion of her… It seems unreal that she has a painting made by Mehreen in her house and that she hasn’t spoken about it to Aswad, considering how frequently they’ve been talking to each other. Saleha’s make-up in the close-up was too flashy.

    If Mashal has succeeded in shaping a negative image of Mehreen, it is also because Saleha hasn’t spoken about her positive qualities enough. At this stage, it seems that the story will get more intense with each passing episode.

    The whole ‘inhaler-goes-missing’ thing is unrealistic as you mentioned….and knowing Mashal, Mehreen should be extra careful with it but she doesn’t seem to learn. I understand this is only to build up an image for Mehreen but showing it once was enough.

    • It was established she could not afford things, she manages it therefore she probably has one. Other than home where she gets disturbed I do not think she needs it else where

    • Hello Sheetal, so good to hear from you after such a long time. :) I hope you’ve been doing well. :) Thank you for taking the time out to read & comment. I am glad you’re enjoying the drama, although the story isn’t new but the characters & the way they have been treated definitely make it an interesting watch for me too.

      Yes, absolutely. I think Saleha should’ve taken her responsibility as an aunt seriously, considering she can see how much Mehreen has been struggling. Also, the fact that Mehreen has such a strong relationship with her, I find it a bit hard to believe that Saleha just let her be without noticing how she is being treated by the rest of the family members.

      You’re right, showing it once, in the beginning, was enough, but to show it again & again doesn’t really do much. Mashal obviously hasn’t run out of ideas when it comes to torturing Mehreen, so they could’ve done it without the inhaler.

  • Kubra Khan does an extremely poor job at dialog delivery! I’ve Stopped watching this show bcz of her!

  • I really liked your review! Straight and true. I havent read the novel but i guess aswad will add up to mehreens problems on his return due to the image painted my mashal. Mashal is very selfish and annoying, saleha phupho is a relieve to watch. Mehreen is too much multi talented isnt it?🤣

    • Thank you so much Areeba for your kindness. <3 I have read the novel years back but surprisingly I don't remember the story, which I think is good because now I can enjoy the drama as it comes. :) Yes, going by the promos it does look like Aswad will add more problems to Mehreen's life but at least in the beginning, Mehreen will see some light & positivity. I really like Saleha's character too, probably because she is the only sane one in this entire family. LOL, haan jee banda poochay ke aisa kya hai jo Mehreen nahi kar sakti. Singing was a bit too much. ;)

  • Teen aurtain, aik Kahani! Aswad bhee koi larkyoon se kam hai, roz mashal se mahreen ki buraeyan sunnta hai, jabke US main achee khasi job krta hai, ghar k kaam bhee khud aur phir ooper se Mehreen-nama per daily k online classes Mashal se! Acting bhee ajeeb hai Usman ki, is se ziada mardana wajahat to Kubra main hai!

    Story isnt gripping…jitna expected tha

    • Hahaha, is comment ke baad kuch kehna reh hi nahi gaya. :D Chalain let’s hope ke agay ye drama appko kuch had tak impress kar sakay. :D Story no doubt typical si hai but I think ye jo characters mai layers dali gai hain, usay explore karne mai maza ayega (hopefully). :)

    • Awsm, finally someone speaks my heart otherwise majority because of mahira treated this drama as a blockbuster even before it’s getting on air. The novel also has many weak points and messed up in the middle. Ending is bit fine.

  • Very thorough review, Zahra. I enjoyed the episode very much, especially getting to know Mehreen through Saleha. I must say, Mahira’s acting was flawless there. She made us feel how a 5Y old girl feel when she got alone all of a sudden. I can’t imagine also such a small girl to survive in such a atmosphere where closest family members taunts and neglect her every single day. And this made her behaviour bitter day by day as she grows. There are so much of lies or backstabbing she had about her that she does not want to clarify with Aswad that he is misinformed, because she considers herself as Hum Kahan key Sachay hain, so no use of any clarification. Aswad’s acting is quite impressive and Kubra Khan is also doing great job. For the first time I liked her acting, though negative but she is justifying the role. Finally the OST voice, it brings you more closer to Mehreen.

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