5 Celebrity Looks To Get Eid Inspiration From

The blessed month of Ramadan is about to end and Eid is just around the corner. Now is the time when everyone is enthusiastically planning their Eid looks and trying to make up a mind about what they are going to wear.

Celebrities always play a huge part in influencing their fans and followers styling and makeup choices. This also happens because throughout the month of Ramadan, the TV audience get to see their favorite celebrities on-screen or in these days, on social media, wearing new and in-trend clothes, stylized differently as well as carrying such hair and makeup looks which are done keeping the personality as well as outfit of the celebrity in mind. This gives the audience a clear perspective of what is going to look good and what’s in fashion.

Here are 5 celebrity looks that you can take your Eid inspiration from:

The No Makeup Look

This look of Sana Javed is perfect for the early risers and those who are the first ones to host their family members and relatives at their homes for Eid breakfast. This look is not only easy to achieve but is going to get you started for the day, without putting in too much effort.

A hint of eyeshadow on the eyes to give them depth and definition and a coat of mascara is all that is needed for the eye look. The eyebrows need light-handed definition to frame the face without looking too harsh. The rest of the face can be covered in a lighter coverage powder foundation to target the discoloration and give an even skin tone. A peachish pink blush on the apples of the cheeks and a sheer tint or colored lip gloss to complete the look. This will barely take your time and will also look good in early morning Eid pictures.

The hair style is also perfect for those who don’t want the hair strands getting in the way because a major part of the Eid day is spent serving the food that is cooked in the house to the guests. Twisting the hair strands and pinning them at the back is the easiest hairstyle to achieve.

5 Celebrity Looks To Get Eid Inspiration From 5 Celebrity Looks To Get Eid Inspiration From 5 Celebrity Looks To Get Eid Inspiration From

The Natural Looking Makeup With Hints of Color

This hair and makeup look that Alizeh Shah sports is going to be perfect for the afternoon of Eid. This will not demand a lot of time but is achievable when you’re not in rush. In this look, eyes are defined with a few eyeshadows. A color on the lid and darker browns on the crease and under the eye to make them appear bigger. A few coats of mascara and tightlining of the eye which will give your eyes a depth without having to spend time on perfecting the eyeliner. Defined eyebrows will also need some patience but can be done in 2 minutes.

This look is also going to include bronzing around the face for the sun-kissed look. Light bronzing on the hollows of the cheeks, around the forehead and on the jawline. Blush merged with bronzed areas of the cheeks to give a feminine and fresh look. A nude shade lip color, can either be a nude brown, nude pink or even a mauve, which won’t be too much and just subtle enough to complete the look.

The hair can be straightened in no time and will stay tamed throughout the day. They can be tied in sleek ponytail when it gets too hot bearing the hot and humid weather of Pakistan in mind.

5 Celebrity Looks To Get Eid Inspiration From 5 Celebrity Looks To Get Eid Inspiration From

5 Celebrity Looks To Get Eid Inspiration From

The Classic Winged Eyeliner & Red Pout

This look is going to be perfect if you’re wearing a unique colored dress and do not want to bring all those colors on your face. This look carried by Hania Amir is also easily achievable and is the sort that will not go wrong. The winged eyeliner might terrify people but when applied with eye pencil, winged eyeliners do not take a lot of time. In this look, a shimmery eyeshadow blended into the crease with a basic brown shade is all the work that will be done on the eyes. The entire look will be completed with a winged eyeliner and lots of mascara.

The face won’t also need a lot of shading and coloring because the main attention will be on the lips however a little bronzing and peachish blush is always a good idea. The main attraction will be a red lip. Since Eid day is all about eating delicious food, going for a liquid lipstick is going to be a safe bet because it won’t budge.

The hairstyle is also easily achievable and probably the most practical because in this weather, keeping the hair untied is not only difficult but hard to maintain. Hair parted in the center and tied in a sleek bun is summer appropriate and will give you an elegant look.

5 Celebrity Looks To Get Eid Inspiration From

5 Celebrity Looks To Get Eid Inspiration From 5 Celebrity Looks To Get Eid Inspiration From

The Basic Eye & Bold Lip Look

This makeup look of Ayeza Khan is also going to be your quick fix during Eid. This kind of look can be worn at any time of the day and barely needs any time. It will make one look made up without having to put in a lot of effort. The eyes only need 2 shades nicely blended together. This eyelook is complete without eyeliner and just a bit of mascara. The darker shade can be extended under the eye to make them appear bigger.

The rest of the face can be done with either liquid or powder foundation. Another beautiful aspect of this look is the shimmery highlighter applied on the cheekbones and other high points of the face. The product that will complete the look will be the bold colored lipstick, it can be a shade of plum or maroon or even bright darker pink, any color can be used to finish of the look.

The hair can be styled in loose curls and little volume can be added by slightly backcombing the hair, it will allow the hair to sit nicely and stay in place. The hair can be set loose at the back or moved in front of the shoulder.

5 Celebrity Looks To Get Eid Inspiration From

5 Celebrity Looks To Get Eid Inspiration From 5 Celebrity Looks To Get Eid Inspiration From

The Full Glam With Nude Lip

This look of Nadia Khan is appropriate for the big Eid family dinner. It will definitely demand some effort and time to get the finished look but it is going to work and will be very flattering as well as Eid appropriate. This look includes dark smokey eyes with liner, kajal and even false eyelashes if you’re comfortable wearing them. Properly shaped eyebrows to define the face.

The face makeup will have the margin of light contour and bronzing. Peachish blush will compliment the dark eye look perfectly. Highlighter will tie this look together and give the face that extra Eid glow. The lips should be kept nude using lighter shaded lipstick to prevent the makeup look from going overboard. This is going to be the glam version of Eid makeup. Hair can be curled and set on a side, which will look absolutely gorgeous and give you a well-put together look.

5 Celebrity Looks To Get Eid Inspiration From

5 Celebrity Looks To Get Eid Inspiration From 5 Celebrity Looks To Get Eid Inspiration From

These 5 celebrity looks are a good way to get your Eid inspiration? What do you think? Feel free to share your opinion in the comment section below.


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