5 Possible Endings of Mere Pass Tum Ho

Mere Pass Tum Ho is going to end soon. 18 episodes of Mere Pass Tum Ho have already gone on air. This drama has a total of 22 episodes. That means that in the next 4 episodes, we will see the climax and eventually the ending of Mere Pass Tum Ho. Like every other drama written by Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar, this drama too has come to a point where there can be so many different endings to it. After episode 18 of Mere Pass Tum Ho aired, most viewers are unsure about how they want the drama to end. Up until episode 18 everyone was sure that they wanted to see Mehwish suffer. Now that Mehwish has no place to go and she is helpless, most viewers feel differently. The credit for this goes to Ayeza Khan, the writer and the director. They make the viewers feel whichever way they want to. When they want to make the viewers angry at Mehwish, that is exactly the response they get. In the previous episode, Mere Pass Tum Ho makers obviously wanted people to feel for Mehwish and that is what has happened. There have been so many different twists and turns in Mere Pass Tum Ho that it is a little difficult to predict how this drama will end. It doesn’t hurt to discuss the possible endings of the drama so we will do just that!

5 Possible Endings of Mere Pass Tum Ho

Here are 5 possible ways, Mere Pass Tum Ho can end.

Danish Forgiving Mehwish

After the previous episode it seems highly likely that Danish will forgive Mehwish. Until episode 17, it didn’t seem possible that Mehwish would actually feel remorseful but now it is clear that her character may take that turn. Up until now in Mere Pass Tum Ho, Mehwish has hardly ever been ‘sorry’ for anything at all. Danish still loves Mehwish, there is no denying that. Her phone call and apology might break the emotional barrier in the next two episodes. Since Danish divorced Mehwish therefore in order to get married to her again, she will need to enter into nikkah with another man. Will Salman be the one who will ‘help’ them meet that end? This is the only way to a happy ending which many people now want to see but no one wants to see this halala in a drama. It would however be new watching a man forgive a woman for infidelity for a change. Will the audience accept that?

5 Possible Endings of Mere Pass Tum Ho

Danish and Hania Getting Married

The promos of the upcoming episode showed that Danish might be considering getting married to Hania. Although, Danish has shown no such interest in Hania but Hania likes Danish. Hania’s sister in the previous episode also said that she needed to do whatever it took to save Danish. In that case Mehwish will be left alone. Rumi has always liked Miss Hania and wanted her as a permanent member of the family. Could this be the happy ending for Danish?

5 Possible Endings of Mere Pass Tum Ho

Danish and Maham Joining Hands

Since the past few episodes have focused solely on showing just how rich Danish has become. These episodes have also showed a different side of Danish. He is after all very business minded. Is it possible that Danish and Maham will eventually join hands and he will become the co-director of Shehwar Enterprise? Could it be that the drama will end with Danish being a business tycoon while Mehwish is left with nothing but regrets? That won’t make Danish happy too but then Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar has often said that he does not believe in happy endings.

5 Possible Endings of Mere Pass Tum Ho

Mehwish Killing Shehwar

The cast interviews indicate that there is going to be a murder in Mere Pass Tum Ho. Will Mehwish end up killing Shehwar? We have seen two of the leading characters in Khalil-ur-Rehman’s plays killing people they love and themselves by taking poison. Will Mehwish get so angry that she will end up killing Shehwar in a similar way and she herself will end up in jail. This will be a dark ending but the best way to get Mehwish and Shehwar out of the way so that Danish and Hania can be together. Such an ending will also be the punishment which many viewers think both these characters deserve for betraying their spouses. Ayeza Khan also said that this drama had a lesson. If there is a lesson then it is highly impossible that Mehwish will in any way will have a happy ending.

5 Possible Endings of Mere Pass Tum Ho

Mehwish Ending Up In a Mental Asylum

Mehwish will feel guilty very soon. Soon enough she will realize just how wrong she was. She will also realize that she lost a man who loved her a lot. Will she go completely crazy and end up in a mental asylum? If this happens then the ending will be similar to drama serial Titli in which the heroine who left her husband for another man loses her senses in the end. There are still a lot of people who want to see Mehwish suffer. Such an ending will be satisfying for all such viewers who think Mehwish does not deserve forgiveness.

5 Possible Endings of Mere Pass Tum Ho

How do you want to see Mere Pass Tum Ho ending? Do you think that Mehwish deserves to be happy in the end? Will Danish and Hania be together in the end? Is Maham’s role over or has it just started? Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar said in an interview that while writing the ending of this drama, his hands were trembling and he was crying. No matter how this drama ends, it is sure to be an ending the viewers will remember forever.

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  • Pakistani dramas have made a mockery of marriage, divorce and Halala. If Mehwish enters a nikkah with Salman for the sole reason of leaving him and going back to Danish is not how Halala works. You can’t marry someone with the neeyat that you’re going to divorce them. This is why divorce should be the last resort when a relationship falls apart. They should show everyone moving on and not looking back

    • Great sis. You have write a words of my heart
      What are they making fun of Islam’s Rules
      May Allah guide us all and give us understanding of religion

    • Khalil ur rehman qamar shows halala usually in his dramas bcz u might remember zara yaad kar and it revolved all around planninf a halala to remarry the guy …
      But i dont think he should do this with this one if he wanted mehwish to go back to danish he could have easily made her marry shehwar and then got her divorced but doing halala for the sole purpose of her returning back to danish will ruin the entire drama .

      • Shahid there are very good reasons why Allah has decreed this. 1) If you know that it’s not possible to remarry your wife/husband after divorce you’ll put more thought into whether or not you want to stay in the relationship.

        Ek din shaadi, dusrey din talaak, Phir shaadi, phir talaak. We are not kaffir and regard marriage/ divorce as nothing.

        2) Not being able to remarry your Ex is in fact a form of protection for woman. Imagine a girl gets Khula and leaves her husband if she’s not happy. But if her family or husband etc want or pressure her to go back to him. It’s not possible it’s haraam. This makes sure both parties have to move on from the divorce.

  • I think Danish and Hania will die in the end and Romi will live with his mother means with Mehwish.i think this end will be very painful for viewers and then can remember forever as writer says

  • Mahwesh is a greedy woman who betrayed her loving husband .She should be punished so that it would be a lesson for those women who are cheating on their husbands. I am not a Pakistani viewer but I know Pakistan is a Muslim country where Islam doesn’t allow all this crap. I strongly recommend a tragic ending for MAHWISH.

  • Amazing acting of all the actors ! SPECIALLY Shahwar .He looks so much real character. Danish is a character which I suppose is like a pimp who served his wife in a platter to Shahwar .Why the hell he allowed his wife to work at Shahwar ‘s office. IN A DIALOUGE HE HIMSELF CONFESSED that he is like a Dulllaal.Dullah hehehe.

  • Danish ko chahye apne betey k liye Mehwish ko maafi de kar apne betey k saath rehne de aur khud shadi na kare kisi se b jitni Mehwish se mohabat karta tha aur karta hai ussi mohobat main zindagi guzarey ta ke mehwish ko b maloom ho k sachi mohobat ki thi Danish ne…

  • I know someone who was in the same scenario.. And she ended up in mental asylum.. Drs tried their best that atleast her kids come and meet her.. But kids refused….. I felt pity for her that how she ended her blissful married life for someone who though married her… Kept his ways of flirting.. And when she showed her displeasure he said u knew me how i like it so u have no reason to be upset

  • Whatever happens, there should be punishment for mehvish and her boyfriend.
    It should be a lesson for all evil and golddiggers!

    • I have yet to see a negative comment about Mateen Sahib who confessed to betraying his wife. We need to get rid of this double standard.

  • Danish might die and leave his fortune to his kid and kid’s biological mother Mehwish. He’s selfless so it can be expected!

  • Whatever will be ending but I am sure Mewish and Danish will remarry. This is my assumption, but instinct says some dramatic ending rather both remarry

  • danish will marry with hania and mehwish go to mental asylum,this will be the end of the drama and everyone gets a lesson.

    • Mehwish left Danish and her son and betray Danish too. In fact, she deserves to go mental asylum because of her bad deed.

  • This drama is hard to digest.we are all getting interested to watch it… But how much painful to break and patch up again. Those who are separated. Know better. Mistakes happened by everyone. Even sins accoured. It’s Common everything everywhere. Ending should be like a moral lesson. So People think many times before doing any kind of sin.

  • I believe that it’s about time we realize that every one is looking for some happiness and satisfaction in life. Mehwish is shown some one who is not only beautiful but has great style. I feel so in order to fulfill our desires, women should be self sufficient and professional. This way they are not prying for rich men or cheat. Ending should not be harsh towards any one.

  • Roomi loves her mother and has emotions for his mother and was taking to his father about mehwish if he would call her whether would he forgive him or not. On the other hand he likes Teacher Hania to be with his father. Now it is not fair to show a halala in the drma so it is obvious that Hania and Danish should tied together leaving Mehwish as Roomi is more intelligent than his age and can understand the situation.

  • It will be very interesting to see Danish marrying Hania. The drama should convey the message that one should not cheat the partner.

  • I think Mehvish will marry Monty to remarry Danish again but he will refuse to give her a divorce then she will kill him(as they talked about the murder) and will end up in jail

  • stop spread misinformation . Mehwish does not need to do nikah with another man because Danish divorced her once. Halala is only needed for triple divorce cases

  • So sad this will end soon, I can feel the void already. I think danish will forgive Mehwish and allow her to stay in the house for roomi’s sake but he will marry hania and she will see them together just like danish had to endure Mehwish and shehwar. That will be Mehwish’s sazaa. It works for all. Man forgives wife for adulterous affair, he respects her as a mother and he carries on with his own life too. Mehwish will yearn and realise she could have had all this if she was patient.

  • It seems like they will kill off mehwish which is just lazy storytelling. Most people live with the consequences of their bad decisions, mistakes and Gunahs. Why should mehwish be any different? She chose money over love and a good writer would have shown her to have all the wealth in the world but be miserable and regretful. I know the masses loved seeing her and Shahwar become poor and Danish become super rich which is neither realistic nor a good life lesson. In fact for a country where so many people are below the poverty line, it would be good to know that wealth is not everything. Love is more important. Most people in real life learn that the hard way.

    • In the MPTH teaser 6, they show that Mehwish and Danish will meet and looks like that’s the last episode so I don’t think she will die. It’s possible that Rumi or Danish dies.

  • Why can’t there be a natural endings.
    Danish and Hania getting together, having a happy family life with kids and Rumi. Mehwish still working and travelling on public transport for rest of her life or re marries to someone older and useless person who beats her up. Have few kids and lives miserable life( life imprisonment ). Shehwar spends his life in prison or on the streets as a bagger.

  • We are just waiting to see Danish marrying Hania, thay both are happily married. This is the best ending of this drama.

  • Naaaah….
    Mehwish will die. The girl poisoned her water and she cries while mehwish drinks it. Also she tells mehwish that he will come for sure after reading and drinking the water, (mehwish anyways tried taking her life earlier) this means once mehwish dies danish will come for sure. Her life is anyway miserable and no one can see her suffering.

  • Today was the last episode of this drama. I was so bored to see it and was so disappointed. What a boring and nonsense ending. I wasted my time on watching this boring drama ending. I had more expectations for the last episode as it was my fav. drama.

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