Aab-e-Hayat: Episode 11

Let me put it this way, my faith in Aab-e-Hayat has been restored now.  This episode not only had far more to offer than the previous one but also answered some of the questions that I raised previously.



Petris Ibaka is approached by a senior journalist Anderson Cooper who had been following the Congo issue lately. In their secret meeting, (which was also recorded), Ibaka openly talks about the corruption associated with that project and excessively mentions Salar’s name as an honest and helping officer. CIA gets apprehensive about this meeting and plans to execute Ibaka after obtaining his research documents. Ibaka is cornered in Brooklyn, New York, gets shot while defending himself, gets caught and taken to a New York hospital. After an initial surgery he is transferred via helicopter to Washnigton in order to lure Salar out of his hotel room. News channels were ordered to show Ibaka as a victim of car accident with full bio and passport size pictures repeatedly so that Salar sees it and gets out of his hotel room. When Salar goes to see Ibaka dying, his passport, laptop and other stuff are stolen.  Problem arises when a video appears on Youtube, captured by a schoolboy showing the full recording of Ibaka being attacked in New York and taken by two white guys. The video (as per social media trends) goes viral and the CIA are now stuck because they showed Ibaka having an accident in Washington afterwards. Cooper and his team also make the recording of the meeting with Ibaka public along with the false text message from Ibaka that he would not be available to meet them. These messages were sent to Cooper and other journalist after the video was recorded by the child. On top of it all, Ibaka’s girlfriend discloses his will that if he dies in an ‘unnatural way’ people of Congo should rise up against the oppression. The people of Congo do rise up against oppression and mass riots break out.

Earlier, before Salar reaches USA, Imama is called by her gynaecologist for an early check-up. She is unknowingly given injections to cause labour pain and is convinced by her doctor for a pre-mature delivery. She gives birth to a boy Muhammad Hameen Sikandar while Jibreel (her oldest son) takes extra-ordinarily cautious responsibility of his younger sister. Imama after hearing about the whole scenario anxiously call Salar (whose phone connections are restored just in time) to ask about his well-being. When the call is connected, they both cry and Salar offers a sajdah for his gratitude towards Allah that his family is safe. Due to all the uprising of people of Congo and media hype, Salar Sikandar’s status has been restored by the World Bank (only to deal with him later).

Hashim Mubeen comes to Sikandar Usman’s house and asks him to give him Imama’s contact number because he needs to return something of Imama’s. He is living in an old home and most important of all, has converted to Islam.
In continuation with the bar scene, Salar (World Bank Vice President now) completes his sentence that he believes in a one night stand but only with the Hoors. Jacky (who is a set-up by CIA as expected) is further humiliated when Salar leaves her with writing one sentence in Arabic on his visiting card:

أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم

Goodbye Ibaka and Welcome Hameen!

One genius went, another arrived. Let’s have a moment of silence for Petris Ibaka who died a hero… and two moments of joy for our little jinn (as described by the writer). We had all been thinking that the boy mentioned in Spelling Bee contest scene as being Jibreel. But Jibreel is now introduced to be a genious, responisible and introvert kind of boy. Now we know that that boy must be Hameen. I am super-excited to have more of this kid that would be a challenge for Imama and Salar. Remember Sikandar Usman’s wish: ‘Main dua karta hun tumhari aulad tumhein waise hi khwaar karay jaisay tum mujhe kartey ho?’ This boy is the answer to his grandpa’s wish.

Return of Chunni

Alright it is not a return but just a mention of her. For those of us that were of the opinion that Chunni is not Imama (including me) high five!! Chunni/ Kaneez is mentioned as being raised as the fourth child of Imama and Salar. For now, I have faith that Salar would adopt Chunni as he must be the school owner mentioned in her story.

Also, if Hameen is the kid in Spelling Bee contest then Chunni must be his younger sister mentioned in that scene. Because Hameen is said to be 9 years old at that time and his sister is seven, while Inaya is older than him.

New York/ Washington Confusion Resolved

In my last review I wondered why NY was mentioned earlier in the episode while later all was set in Washington. As I have complete faith in Umera Ahmed’s capabilities, it could not have been a mistake. This confusion was resolved in this episode as Ibaka was initially attacked in NY but then was deliberately taken to Washington.

Oh Ye Noble Salar Sikandar!

We, the fans, were quite in pain when Salar apparently accepted Jacky’s advances. He restored his stature as he virtually slapped her offer in her face. I actually laughed out loud when I read what Salar wrote for Jacky :-D One thing is certain though, that the CIA would go to any length to lure him into a trap.

The Operation Scene Again!

Who is that neuro surgeon? Who in the world is the patient? And who for crying out loud is witnessing that surgery? I have a feeling that the surgeon must be Hameen. But if the patient is Salar (which I doubt) then he would not have been doing the surgery. Or is he so confident that he would take the risk? Please share your own theories.

Quality Rating

The episode was medium paced. Umera Ahmed can develop characters with her eyes closed. Things went from worse to perfect so smoothly that you felt like flowing with them. The overall quality of the episode was worth 4 out of 5 in my opinion.

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