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Aab-e-Hayat: Episodes 14-18

Phew!!!! just completed the episodes of Aab-e-Hayat so far, and I need a pat on my back for this. Hehe!!

Coming back to the novel, the novel has changed a lot I exactly know what I felt about it in the initial episodes and I had to be reminded by this shair “Paiwasta reh shajar se umeed bahar rkh’’ to remain hopeful and believe in the writer. So, the time came were I can conclude that a lot is happening but still it was hard to focus on SIF development and the six members who belonged to different countries, the main point was they were all very influential and capable investors and the best in their respective fields.

Congratulations Salar Is Alive:

Congrats to all the fans Salar is alive Yippie!!!! The operation was successful and all type of negative guesses lost their validity although the readers were forced to doubt his survival by another twist and that was the story of Erik and we will be having detailed analysis of it but he survived.

Tash Kay Pattay and Chapters:

The story was presented in the form of cards and Aab-e-Hayat had 6 chapters all giving deep meanings to the initials of the word Aab-e-Hayat.

The story has reached to the part of Abadan Abadan and after that we would be left with Tabarak Allazi.

So far, almost many cards have revealed and the ones left are:

K– The shooter scene.

J– Mazi ka Mazi. (This card will be soon revealed and I think it is about chunni and she would find out about her past)

10– In this card a picture of an Alzheimer patient was painted and he was being fed by someone and this is definitely Salar and Sikander Usman as he is diagnosed with Alzheimer.

9– C.I.A investigating and discovering about the past of a family and they found something fishy about that birthdate and time of a girl. (Salar is definitely being traced and his SIF will become a great threat for World Bank and for all other banks who certainly don’t support the idea of an Islamic bank and Chunni will be that girl….just a guess)

Q– Imama on a boat. (If I didn’t miss anything than this is yet to happen)

A-A girl is shown erasing her Ninth chapter and printing the other chapters of her life. (She might be Chunni or maybe Imama …just a guess)

2-Salaar Imama romance (This is still not explained …right?)

Entry of New Characters and Their Connection with The Kids:

With the passage of time as the kids are growing we are introduced by new characters and they in one way or other are going to play influential roles in Imama and Salar’s kids life.


Erik is the new character who is a neighbor of Salar’s family and after the trauma of his father’s death he is emotionally dependent on them and does weird activities to grab their attention. He loved them but the main concern is his love for Inaya and this secret is disclosed to Imama. Imama ignored it as American grownups living a liberal life, in their childhood do such childish and stupid acts but the way he has started learning Quran and converted his name is alarming. He is going to have negative impact on their life.


Yes, Ayesha and Jibreel, the reason why I connected them together was their medical studies and the background of Ayesha as she is religious and is pursuing this career just for her mother. Although Jibreel will join his university classes in America and Ayesha will continue in Pakistan and an anguish and shocking turn is just waiting for her still their life will merge at some point.

Ayesha’s character seems to be pretty much like Imama but Imama herself had the dream of pursuing medical studies and this is not the case with Ayesha.

Saad and His Life:

Ahsan Saad the elder son of Saad is similar to his father and the one thing apart from many others he has in common with his father is definitely Hypocrisy!!!!

With disappointment and equally expected feeling Ahsan Saad is a loser and he belongs to the same mentality as his parents do.They believe in forcefully thoping their religious fatwas to everyone. They belong to group of rigid mentality that when questioned with logic, evidence and specific background about Islamic teachings would frustrate and start giving fatwas. I am glad Umerah Ahmed spotted this thing and explained it beautifully.

Functional and Dysfunctional Family:

A functional family is the one in which the members have great concern, true love and sincere advices for each other and that is indeed Salar’s family be it Jibreel who is very responsible and takes care of his younger siblings or Inaya who is equally responsible. These kids have a balanced life they are successfully managing to incorporate the Islamic values to their life, working for both worlds and it is a great message.

A dysfunctional family is none other than Saad’s family. He successfully reformed the mentality of his wife and has now affected his son. Such a showoff and the horrible thing is he himself is not aware of this disease. May Allah Save us from this disease.

Cutest Parts:

I had to mention this, Humain is a cutie pie and the conversation of being cool was hilarious and Jibreel turning red (blushing and anger mixed) …Haha was super cute.

Jibreel’s meaningful speech to Erik changed his heart and that was awesome. Jibreel is very impressive and the way he takes care of his parents was so beautiful.

These two parts were very touchy and fun to read, the upcoming episodes are surely going to be more about Raeesa’s character development and Jibreel’s university life obviously we want Humain in every episode he is such a Shararti Bucha that amazes us every time he is mentioned, and now he decided to become a businessman like his Papa.

This is all for now, hopefully I didn’t miss anything important. Share your views regarding this episode and feel free to share your own guesses.

Asma Jamali

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