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Mana Ka Gharana

Mana Ka Gharana – The End!

Ohkay so, Mana Ka Gharana ended tonight & as ecstatic as I am about this drama ending way before the 20th episode mark, I am not at all happy with how the last episode was written, directed & edited. There were so many loopholes & it looks like if Jahangir & Laila hadn’t saved the day, no one from this gharana would’ve taken the necessary measures to come out of the deep pit that Shehryaar dug around them.

Ghalib got to know that Khizer was an angel in disguise but he mistook him for a devil. I am surprised that Ghalib kept on finding one lie after another that his wife blurted in front of him but he chose not to say anything to her at all? I think the most important thing, even more important than Ghalib making a cameo as a someone capable of standing was Saleha getting reprimanded for all the lies she has told & all the mess that she has created. It’s like she got a clean chit even though she didn’t deserve it because her husband was too afraid of her? I am so disappointed. Also, I really thought may be Saleha herself will realize her mistakes & apologize to everyone for what she has done but she stood their with her head held high as if she never did anything wrong!?!?!

Gul Bahar got what she deserved & very easily Maalik threw her out of his life. Gul Bahar got a reality check from Shehryaar as well that made her realize that he wasn’t even sincere to her & was only using her to attain what he wanted. Shehryaar seemed so calm & chilled about the whole situation because he knew that his mindless minion was doing everything for him. Saleha really proved that even if money can’t buy happiness, it surely can buy someone an overly possessive mother-in-law because if there was only fine quality that Saleha saw in Shehryaar, it was his wealth & only because of that, she was ready to defend him till her last breath. I found it amusing that Mana was the one who fell for Shehryaar but the one who actually fell harder for him was Saleha because she kept on making a point throughout the drama & in front of everyone that she was ready to do anything & everything for the sake of her daughter’s happiness, but the one thing she wasn’t ready to do was listening to the same daughter who wanted to share what was burdening her. Saleha’s character was so annoying & the 101 Dalmatians print didn’t help the situation either!!!

I believe that Ghalib got way more coverage than required & the writer tried to make a point that may be he was the protagonist of the drama that deserved the utmost attention in the very last episode. He got to meet Khizer & got to know that Maalik divorced Gul Bahar & that entire conversation was so unconvincing. Maalik told Saleha & Ghalib that Gul Bahar was the one who plotted against Khizer & Gul Bahar chose to believe it? It was so unlike her because whenever it came to Shehryaar & Gul Bahar, Saleha reasoned & questioned everything to overrule what she was hearing, but this time around, she believed it without even inquiring any further? It just didn’t make sense!!!

Oh well, I am so glad I was never impressed with Laila’s character & in the end she proved me right because she displayed a lot of selfishness by keeping Shehryaar’s secret from Khizer because she knew that the moment she will blurt out the truth, Mana’s family will call her engagement off & Khizer will get married to her. Also, may I ask, how did she find about Shehryaar being the one Mana was engaged to? Did she see his picture somewhere or did she come across him while wandering around in Murree??? So many loose ends that weren’t tied together properly in the very last episode. Anyways, the whole engagement scene was quite ridiculously directed too. Like if Mana hadn’t walked away, Laila would never have pulled her hand back & Jahangir uncle would never have spoken the truth about Shehryaar being the one who ruined Samra’s life!!! All this while Jahangir uncle claimed to be Ghalib’s best buddy but he chose to stay quiet whereas if he would’ve been his best friend, he would’ve made that call the first thing informing Ghalib about Shehryaar & telling him to call Mana’s wedding off.

I really thought that Khizer will be the one who will expose Shehryaar & come clean in front of everyone that he never really stole Mana’s ring. I also thought that Khizer along with Maalik will expose Shehryaar’s intentions that he was after their property but nothing of that sort happened either. Laila & Jahangir were introduced as side characters but they ended up becoming the saviors & the heroes of this drama because if it wasn’t for them, no one would’ve found out the truth as they all were way too comfortable in their lives & also were quite comfortable under the influence of Saleha who was ruining their lives without worrying about anyone at all. Finally, Zarri’s brother grew up some spine & brought his sister back to where she belonged, which was Maalik’s house, which again was like a situation that came by without any background scene. Also, what happened to Shehryaar & how they told him off was missing too. I feel the ending should’ve been entirely different where the main focus should’ve been on these things that needed to be addressed more than showing Ghalib & his glycerin-filled tears & yes, the main thing we all were waiting for was to see Saleha regretting & apologizing for how she treated Khizer & how she manipulated Zarri & Maalik’s equation but nope, she proved that once a dheet will always be a dheet!!!

Anyways, the drama is over & I am glad that it is. It started off at a good note but just because the script didn’t even have enough content to properly fill up the 17 episodes, it lost its charm & a lot of episodes started looking like fillers. I really think the directors should pay more attention to how they wrap the drama up because they literally waste 5 – 6 episodes with meaningless filler scenes & when it comes to the last episode, they make sure to show that they lost interest in the drama because of which the last episode ends up looking like an after-thought. For me, the best thing about this entire drama was Maalik & Zarri’s equation, their scenes & their characters. Both Shamil Khan & Erum Akhtar did full justice to the roles that were assigned to them & made their journey a treat to watch. The rest of the actors did a decent job too but I really think Sana Javed needs to bring a change in her overall styling, dialogue delivery & her personality, also Shehroz Sabzwari made a come back after a long time so it is disappointing to see that despite having so much of time on his hands, he didn’t put it to good use & learn some expressions & even a tad bit of acting. Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Mana Ka Gharana & the entire drama as well & also, thank you so much for keeping the discussions alive. :)

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