Aabro – Episode 10!

Ohkay so, this episode of Aabro was just like the other episodes, it was strictly ohkay. I don’t know why, even though the team has done a good job at conveying the story but the story itself is so so typical & all the situations are so familiar that I don’t think I am watching anything new in Aabro. It is all about a suffering of a girl who didn’t think things through which reminds me time & again that all our dramas are filled with stories & characters like these, so what’s new here? I really think HUM TV needs to step up their game & come up with different & fresh ideas.

Anyways, this episode was all about Aabro’s ordeals & the attitude her in-laws had towards her. Even though Aabro is getting what she deserves, I also think Ali’s mother is as unreasonable as both Ali & Aabro. She blows things out of proportion because she hates Aabro, that is why anything that Aabro says or does is held against her. The things both Shahida & Zubaida discussed were wrong too. I for once don’t understand what does Shahida think or herself & her daughter Fauzia? Just because she is marrying Fauzia off to Abid, does Shahida really think that she is going to run how things work in Zubaida’s home? When the thought of Fauzia living under the same roof with Ali & Aabro is so dreadful & awful to her, then why didn’t she think of it before choosing Ali’s brother Abid as her son-in-law? I find both these ladies totally unreasonable & irrational. They are so typical that it isn’t even funny!!!

Ali is so over Aabro now that even Aabro has understood that things aren’t the same anymore. Ali gets to meet his mother the moment he enters his home & he then makes it his room where Aabro is waiting for him, but in those few minutes, Zubaida fills him up with so much hatred & fabricated version of her self-pity stories that he turns against Aabro & acts like a typical mama’s boy who has no sense of reasonability & balance. This entire episode pretty much revolved around the same scenario where Ali was hating Aabro more & more because he chose to believe what his mother said & didn’t give a chance to Aabro to explain herself.

The only good thing that happened in this episode was the practical advice Aabro’s mother Sakina gave to her daughter. Sakina knows that Aabro doesn’t have a chance to come back because of Hamid, that is why she chose to make her understand that now she has to make things work no matter how tough it gets for her. Sakina’s advice came as a breath of fresh air where she told her daughter to do what she is supposed to, by changing herself & by changing her situation so that her in laws give her the respect & her husband gives her the love she married him for. This was the only aspect of this entire episode that I liked where Aabro started thinking that she has to change herself not for anyone else, but to make things right for herself.

I really don’t understand Zubaida’s attitude towards Aabro. Yes, she hates her but how can she devoid her of the basic necessity like food & not only that, accuse her of stealing something from the kitchen, which by the way only had a sookhi roti & nothing else to offer. I also found it shocking that Zubaida chose to lie to Ali that Aabro demanded a chunk of their property, that too in front of Zafar, who himself heard what Aabro said, but he didn’t mind correcting his wife that she was telling a lie. Fauzia hasn’t gotten married yet & she hasn’t arrived in Abid’s home but she is already carrying this never-ending pain on her face which is making it hard for me to tolerate her for a split second even. I just can’t stand characters like Fauzia who are a liability on other’s shoulders & nothing else.

Anyways, the preview of the next episode didn’t seem enticing too but I have to admit, I am tired of seeing the writer holding Aabro responsible for everything while easily babysitting Ali, whereas he has committed the same mistake as Aabro. Shahida was heard saying that she couldn’t see her daughter Fauzia sharing the same roof with a ‘bhaagi hui larki’ like Aabro, which made me cringe & think of the double standards Shahida has because if Aabro eloped from her house then Ali did the same thing too, so why didn’t she consider this fact as well that her potential son-in-law Abid happens to be a brother of Ali who left his house & resorted to a court marriage as well? Why is it that only Aabro is held responsible whereas the similar thing that Ali did is being brushed under a carpet? Also, in the preview of the next episode, Zubaida is seen comparing Abid & Ali’s luck because of their life partners. Abid gets a job in MNC whereas Ali gets appointed as a peon & Zubaida blames it on Aabro too but why didn’t she for a second blame her son that he might not be capable enough to bag a good job?

I must say I am thoroughly disappointed that Umera Ahmed chose to associate herself with a project like this where the writer is turning the girl into a villain & the guy into a victim, that too for the thing they both are equally responsible for & not only that, we’re being forced to feel for him because he is torn between his unreasonable mother & immature wife. I totally agree that Aabro is wrong & everything that she is facing now is a result of what she did but Ali is not a saint too & he is looking like a loser too because he is being unable to maintain a balance between his mother & his wife. In this day & age where in our society a girl is put through so many pressures & she is held accountable for each & everything that a guy goes through, dramas like Aabro are the last thing we want to see on our screens. I really thought they’ll show us a balanced approach but nope, looks like I expected the right thing from wrong people!!! Please share your thoughts about this episode of Aabro.

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