Tere Mere Beech – Episode 13!

Ohkay so, this episode of Tere Mere Beech was interesting like all the previous episodes. This drama might not offer you something extremely new but the way the characters have been presented on screen, makes it an interesting watch. You get to understand what all of them are going through & what they’re feeling, also the powerful acting of all the actors force you to await the next episode every single week.

Fahad finally came clear & confessed that he wasn’t a business partner & to add more that, he didn’t even have a job as well. He said it all to Nighat’s face & she got some more screen time to cry over her daughter’s luck. Nighat thought she’d be able to fight off Fahad but Hareem told her to take a back seat because no matter what, Fahad was her husband now & she loved him unconditionally. At this point, Hareem is unable to see the bigger picture. She wants to run away from her family so much that she is not giving much thought to the fact that how difficult her life will get when she will eventually start living with Fahad as he has no job & no decent place for her to live. Hareem has this confidence that no matter what, things will be fine & everything will work in her favour, that is why she is not ready to let go of Fahad.

Fahad played his cards well. He knows it very well that he has Hareem wrapped around his finger & no matter what, she will never leave him, that is why he threw some tantrums to test how far Hareem can go for him. The first test he put her through was to get an apology from Nighat, he wanted to know how much Hareem can push her family for him & Hareem succeeded in proving her love to him, which gave Fahad a clear cut idea that his wife will do everything that he’ll ask her to do.

Finally, Fahad got to meet Qadeer & he was thoroughly impressed by the treatment he got. Fahad really thought that Qadeer was being generous & he owes something to Hareem that is why he was treating them so nicely but I am sure it won’t take him too long to realize that Hareem doesn’t own anything. It was good to see Hareem happy, even though there still isn’t any guarantee for her happiness to be long lived but still, she is finding happiness in such small moments, which makes her not pay heed to what’s ahead of her.

Fahad thought Hareem will be able to convince Qadeer to hand over her chunk of property to her & he will fulfill her demands easily but Fahad was taken aback with the way Qadeer lashed out at her. Fahad really doesn’t know anything & he is actually quite gullible to think that he will succeed in his plan because he himself hasn’t done much research & he only chose to believe the version he heard from Hareem. I am sure now when he will understand that he doesn’t have a chance at all, his behavior with Hareem will change completely & she will end up regretting marrying Fahad. For Hareem’s sake, I so hope that with her patience & support, she succeeds in changing Fahad’s attitude completely & by seeing the love Hareem has for him, Fahad decides to change himself for good too.

Overall this episode was good, the preview seemed interesting as well. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Agha Ali & Sanam Chauhdry’s acting, they both are a saving grace of this drama. Also, I do think they need to cut down on the coverage that Nadia & Nighat get & if not then add something else in their tracks because the seem like fillers now. The moment I hear Nadia speak about Hareem, I always think that why doesn’t she or her husband have anything else to talk about??? Both Ali & Nadia haven’t helped Hareem or her situation till date, so then their presence makes no sense at all & nor do they contribute much to the story too. Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Tere Mere Beech!

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