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Aabro – Episode 17!

Ohkay so, finally the tables have turned. I enjoyed watching this episode of Aabro the most because they gave us what we all were waiting for. Even though there isn’t much difference in the way Aabro & Ali’s family gets treated by Zubaida & Co. but it was refreshing to see both Ali & Aabro making through all the tough circumstances ‘together’ like a team. Even though, this was a drama that I started watching without expecting much & then it became a guilty pleasure but now it is a drama that I look forward to because it has shown us something that we hardly get to see that how a couple has stood by each other’s side through thick & thin & honestly speaking, we need more dramas like these where they show us the solutions rather than the problems.

Aabro & Ali clearly understood that nothing in their life would change & may be also because they started blaming themselves even more for what they were going through, therefore they settled for what life was offering them, but Ali & Aabro knew that the only asset they had & they will cherish for the rest of their lives was their daughter Afsheen that is why they made her a center of their attention & universe & that mind-set definitely paid off. I found it really good that even though Aabro was never keen on education, when she became a mother, she started paying heed to everything that her mother used to tell her, that is why she now understood how important it was for her to educate Afsheen & fortunately Ali agreed too.

I loved loved loved seeing the contrast between the two families where they showed that Abid’s family was well-settled, that is why his wife found a lot of other activities to spend her time & money at as she didn’t have much to worry about but just because Ali & Aabro never had enough money & time to waste on different activities, they dedicated their days & nights to the upbringing of their daughter Afsheen. Also, another thing that was good to see was a difference in Aabro’s behavior & attitude. She grew more compassionate towards her mother & she now could relate to what Sakina must’ve gone through in order to raise her & Hamid. I think they gave a positive message by showing Aabro’s transition because it wasn’t only her circumstances that changed her, but it was her own regret & her self-realization that helped her in becoming a completely different person.

So, 20 years went by & Aabro was still working as a maid in Ali’s home. Fauzia became a socialite & this time around, Zubaida was still nagging but the subject of her nagging was Fauzia’s children Ahmed & Aima. Fauzia’s transition was kind of shocking because she comes from a very simple family with her mother being a housewife too, so how did she turn herself into this outgoing person because when she was young, she never had any such interests so it kind of seemed out of the place that Fauzia, who always wanted a domestic life was now more focused on her personal life which had nothing to do with the responsibilities of her home & family? Also, Abid always guided Fauzia through, so what made him ignore everything that Fauzia was doing that drove her to such an extent where now everything else was her priority except her own family especially her kids? I found it hard to believe that Abid let it slide what Fauzia was doing all these years. Also, I must add, when Fauzia was shown in her 20’s she looked like someone in her 40’s & now when she should’ve been looking like someone in her 40’s she looked like she was still stuck in her 20’s. They should’ve aged Fauzia’s character too, yes styling & everything was definitely needed for her character but to show her frozen in time didn’t really seem realistic enough.

It was good to see some new faces in the drama too. Afsheen is an ideal daughter who knows what her parents go through in order to educate her, that is why she takes her education very seriously & not only that, she is a polar opposite of what Aabro was when she was her age. I loved seeing how well Ali & Aabro raised Afsheen where she has become an answer to all those questions people used to raise on her parents. Ahmed happens to be this typical spoiled brat who doesn’t care much about his studies but he isn’t a negative character though, he is still better than his sister but the way he acts can’t be helped because Fauzia never really said no to any of his demands that is why he is used to having things his way. However, I must add I liked the relation both Ahmed & Afsheen shared. It’s like they are cousins & that is why they are candid with each other & there is no awkwardness between them considering how Ali & Aabro were alienated from the rest of the family. Aima is another spoiled brat & she happens to be a negative character in a sense that she is quite ill-mannered & doesn’t really care about what her elders say or expect from her.

Zubaida can’t stop complaining because she is disappointed with how Fauzia has raised her children. Even though she still hasn’t acknowledged how well Aabro has raised Afsheen but deep down she can’t help comparing Ahmed & Aima to Afsheen as she really is a perfect & ideal child in every aspect. The preview of the next episode seemed interesting too & I am really glad that they have moved the story forward where the focus is now on Afsheen. However, on a side note I found it amusing that by showing Fauzia this way, they are implying that those daughters in law who get a free hand by their mothers in law become way too independent & spoiled whereas those who are scrutinized by their mothers in law every step of the way become way more grounded & decent like Aabro, haha. Overall, it was a good episode with some heart-warming scenes that Ali & Aabro’s family shared with each other. I can’t emphasize enough how happy I am to see a couple that has made it through such difficult times in their lives all by staying by each other’s side through thick & thin, otherwise what both of them went through was enough to break them, rip them apart & make them quit. Anyways, I can’t wait to see the next episode & please share your thoughts about this episode too.

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