Aahista Aahista – Episode 02!

Hmmmm, did you guys feel a thing for any of the characters? Nope, me neither. Apart from the crisp quality, vibrant colours & the artistic camerawork, this play hasn’t offered anything as yet. I am still waiting to be wowed but not sure if it’s going to happen in the near future or so.

I don’t know why but I felt all the characters except Bee Jaan’s seemed too forced to be true. As much as Hina Bayat looks timelessly beautiful, I feel her character of Shireen is like one of those relative aunties who we all dread interacting with. Her concern (read fixation) with Zawaar was kind of unusual. Bee Jaan being his bio-mom was laid-back & relaxed when it came to Zawaar but Shireen Apa’s unnecessary brow furrowing was uncalled for. It was like she got the most awaited opportunity of bashing Zawaar left right & centre, so she was making the most of it. I kind of lol’ed when Shireen Apa held Zawaar irresponsible. I am sure his sense of responsibility could be measured by the number of bank drafts he must be sending from USA. I found the character of Bee Jaan a lot better. It’s like Saba Hameed has been able to convey the feelings of a mother who is worried about her only son & has high hopes of him, perfectly.

I want to congratulate all the viewers because we have another weak man, who has made it to our screen successfully. I feel Zawaar is a depiction of those weak mama’s boys who just can’t take a stand for the choices they make. I mean it took him only a single flight back-home & a couple of tears from his mother to forget he has someone waiting for him & that someone is no one else but his lawfully wedded wife. I think people like Zawaar should never really go for love marriages because it takes a spine to stand by the side of your love. Very easily he submitted to Bee Jaan’s wish of getting married to a girl half his age & I really couldn’t feel a thing for him even after seeing him frown.

Does anyone get the nature of Haya’s character so far!?!?! All I know about her is that she shrugs her shoulders, cries as if she’s neighing & yes when she is in a happy mood, she plays games with the kids of her mohalla. Her scene in this episode once again began with her whinny face & it was enough to put me off. I actually hope that before the drama-makers start showing the emotions that the characters are going through, they should actually take some time out & establish the characters & their natures so that we can understand what they might do if they face a certain situation. Just so, I feel this drama started just like that; where we only can understand the characters based on the dialogues they deliver & there’s nothing more to it, no depth, no insight whatsoever.

Yes, I did feel that Sarwat Gillani has conveyed her feelings beautifully. She was frustrated, she was agitated, she was helpless & all she could do was scream at her husband who was too busy washing his hands to chuck on some mehandi on his hair & hands for his new marital adventure. I didn’t understand why Zawaar told Sofie to be a bit more understanding. It’s like he knew she was his wife & she wasn’t going anywhere so he could take her for granted. Zawaar’s demand of her being considerate was wrong because he is the one who has gotten married to her without even thinking for a second about his mother, so how can he expect his wife to feel for Bee Jaan? Zawaar’s outburst on Sofie for being too inconsiderate was wrong. If there was one person he should’ve been angry at, it was he, himself. He should’ve been disappointed at himself for not being a man enough to protect his love, his wife in front of his just fine & healthy mother & also for being a devious son.

It was just an ohkay episode & going by the conversation all the viewers had in the last review, I couldn’t help noticing the sagging eye bags of Adnan Siddique which actually told me the tale of his age. I feel someone’s in a dire need of either a botox or a filler. I must say whoever is responsible for Mawra’s styling has done a petty job. Those leggings & short shirts do not do justice to her physique & she looked like the famous Olive (Popeye The Sailor Man’s Girlfriend). Her styling might change in the next episode & looking at the preview I think she does look amazing. Share what you felt about tonight’s episode.

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