Marasim – Episode 11!

Once again I enjoyed watching Marasim. This episode was based on what Nayab was going through & I think they’ve done a brilliant job in portraying her feelings. The editing seemed a little off like a lot of scenes were shot in same dresses & were put together as a continuation of another scene, but then once again in the next scene they were in the previous dresses. It kind of targeted the continuity of the scenes but never mind, it can be ignored. :)

Nayab’s nightmare has begun where she has pretty much understood that she is a nobody in this house. She was just brought into this house for the sake of filling the empty space next to Daood & to add more to her woes, her husband has made it pretty clear that she is an unwanted person in his life too.

The best scene of this episode for me was the day-dreaming moment between Nayab & Zaid. It was touchy yet beautiful. I think they kept it just as realistic that Zaid did cross Nayab’s mind & she just didn’t move on because she got swamped with fulfilling Daood’s chores. In the hard times, the only thought of Zaid was enough to bring a smile on her face but it all slipped away when the reality struck & she had to come back to her senses for what her life was now.

Daood has been juggling between the feelings of hatred & sympathy for Nayab but I am sure he’d be able to surpass it very soon because Nayab has started to do things as her MIL fancies. She may not be interested in what her duties are as Daood’s wife but for now she is making sure to not upset her MIL because she gets to spend time with Gaitiara & then Deeba.

I kind of liked the fact that even though Gaitiara was sounding stern & mean but she was persistent on bringing Daood & Nayab closer. She might sound harsh while interacting with Nayab but not even for a second she tried to brain-feed Daood against her & instead, unlike a typical MIL she was trying to rationalize Daood’s behaviour & tried to make him realize that he had certain responsibilities towards Nayab & she had some rights as his wife too & I really liked how they made it visible through her selfishness. Even though at a first thought Gaitiara might look like a typical mother-in-law but she wasn’t acting like one. All she needs is her son’s happiness & wants him to snap out of his love for Momenah.

I cringed a lot when I heard Deeba talking. I think she is better off as a silent show-piece to compliment the family picture because whenever she speaks, she makes no sense at all. All of a sudden she goes like mera bhai, mera bhai so where was her sympathy when she was hell-bent on calling off his engagement to the love of his life, that too for her own revenge? All her eye-rolling & teeth-grinding doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

Nayab has sacrificed a lot on her self-esteem & is trying hard to earn a place in everyone’s heart. Even though she may not want it but she does make an effort because she has understood that there’s no backing out now, so it’s better to do what’s expected of her & for that her character earns all the points.

I am glad Sherbano’s elder sister has some wisdom & she tackled her brilliantly. Sherbano seems fixated too & she is acting exactly like how she used to be with Gaitiara. She needs to forget & move on & most importantly, she needs to understand that her sister is now Momenah’s MIL, so her fixation to Daood & Momenah’s past relation doesn’t help much in front of her sister.

I can’t wait to see how Daood gets attached to Nayab because for now they have do some strong chemistry going on. I have never said this before but I think Ahsan Khan looked really presentable in the white jacket in this episode. I think he should go for more whites in the dramas because he certainly can pull the colour off. Sonia Hussain looked like such a doll & even Urwa Hocane looked nice & simple. Can’t wait for the next episode; share your thoughts on this, please. :)

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