Aahista Aahista – Episode 03!

Hmmmmmmmm! Did they finally manage to make you guys feel a thing or two for the characters? Nope, it didn’t happen for me this time either. It was a pretty slow episode with some repetitive conversations & nothing much really happened in this one. I hope it doesn’t turn into a yawn-provoker too early.

Zawaar finally got married to Haya & once again he rubbed Bee Jaan & his superficial love for her on Haya’s face too. I think he shouldn’t expect his ladies to take care of his mother on his behalf because he himself has failed miserably in keeping up with her expectations. It seems pretty convenient that he can keep on reminding others about his poor mother but when it comes to him, he doesn’t really bother much. He’s one lucky bloke because now he’s got Haya to take care of his mother & Sofie to take care of him, luck’s working wonders for him already.

Who actually Shireen & Safeer are to Bee Jaan & her family? If Safeer was Bee Jaan’s brother, Zawaar would’ve called him Safeer Mamu or if Shireen was Bee Jaan’s sister, she would’ve been referred to as Shireen Khala but still they are addressed as Safeer Bhai & Shireen Apa, so not really sure how, the lady who is so keen about this family’s happiness is related to them? At first I thought they were living in the same house but all of a sudden it was shown as if Safeer & Shireen have a place of their own where they invited the newlyweds & Bee Jaan for Zawaar’s farewell dinner?

I don’t know why but I feel all those emotions that they tried to show actually never really made an impact whatsoever. Zawaar’s excitement of returning, Haya’s despair of separating with her trophy husband & especially Sofie’s incessant confessions of her mills & boon inspired love for Zawaar, it all actually lacked finesse. I do feel it was pretty obvious that Sarwat Gillani had a hard time delivering those typical dialogues that were lifted from Khawateen Digest. All those mohabbat k dam bharna, lambay bhayanak khuwaab se be-daar hona, saans ka atakna, neend ke na anay se tarap jana…wo bhi kiss ke liye: Zawaar ke liye? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!

I think the hype is definitely or in fact has definitely subsided because apart from the scenic views & locations of USA, the story has nothing to offer. While looking at Haya making tea for Zawaar & tending to his headache, I felt she could’ve gotten someone else, someone so better but just because our Zawaar happens to have a chicken’s spine; he ended up spoiling her life. She definitely deserved someone better but sadly, it wasn’t meant to be.

A pretty average episode with some unrealistic reactions. Share what you felt about this episode & how much did they disappoint you?

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