Marasim – Episode 12!

OOOO EMMM GEEE!!! What a purrrrfeccctttttt episode it was. I actually got emotional while watching it & this is what the beauty of this drama is. I absolutely loved this episode as it was beautiful in just so many aspects. I can’t thank the team of Marasim enough for giving us such a beautiful drama.

 “Aisay kyun muskurati ho jaisay ronay ka ghumaan ho?”, Daood finally understood that he had a responsibility towards Nayab but before anything, Nayab made sure she conveyed to him what she was feeling like she hated being treated as a commodity, that she was not a lifeless soul hovering in his home. Very simply she conveyed her burden that she had feelings too & she was not ready to compensate the void Daood’s life had due to Momenah’s absence. It was interesting to see that Nayab got hold of the complexity of her situation & depended on Daood when she fell weak. Daood definitely took some time but when he understood how a wife should be treated, he made sure she felt like a princess.

I am glad they have portrayed the obvious beautifully like when a husband loves his wife & makes it obvious, the mother & the unmarried sister start feeling insecure & label the wife as tactful but they tend to ignore the fact that it depends on the man himself as to how he maintains a balance between all his relations. Daood’s reassurance to Nayab about the comfort she deserved was a lesson that so many men out there need to learn because very subtly they touched the subject about how wives are mistreated & often confused as life-long maids. Daood made sure that he clarified Nayab’s position & her authority in his life in front of everyone especially his mother so that she doesn’t feel burdened enjoying all the luxuries that she; being Daood Rafique’s wife is entitled to.

Nayab seems to have shut the doors of her heart because she still hasn’t gotten over the fact how her love was the reason for Zaid’s death & just because she feels obliged to him, she can’t seem to place someone else in her heart with the fear of wronging Zaid’s feelings but every single time she doesn’t forget to remind herself about how much of a gentleman her husband Daood is. Nayab still may be dwelled in a delusion that Daood ain’t happy with her but she definitely needs to understand that this relationship needs more expression, more words to make it stronger.

I loved how they have portrayed the pact between Daood & Nayab about being husband & wife, so that both of them don’t expect too much each other. Daood has been comfortably honest about not being able to love Nayab as he had loved Momenah with all his might but he also didn’t bother much about Nayab’s past as for him, none of it seemed to matter much.

Deeba obviously got jealous seeing how the low-life Nayab was now enjoying the bounties of life that too on account of her brother who couldn’t even stand the sight of her. Her comparison was nothing but a result of her idlness but little did she know that she may have to face the same feelings in the near future when she will eventually get married to Abdullah, who has returned for good & is actually single once again. Can’t wait to see more of this drama & I am surprised that they still have a lot of twists & turns in store for us. Share your thoughts about this episode.

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