Aahista Aahista – Episode 10!

Oh God! Trust me it’s a task to review this play which practically has nothing to offer apart from some whitered & sleep deprived faces.

Finally Bumble Bee has arrived to USA & she has started sniffing some cold war between Beta Bee & Bahu Bee. I thought she was there to visit her kids but seems like she went to USA to take beauty sleeps because all I saw her doing in this episode was sleeping & roaming around in her night gowns but then that’s justified, considering the load-shedding that happens in a city like Karachi, she mustn’t be getting proper sleeps, so she must’ve thought ‘abb sab neendain Amreeka ja ke hi puri karoongi’.

Awazar once again threatened Haya to pose all calm & happy in front of his Bumble Bee. I mean give me a break, if he is so fixated to his mother & is really worried about her happiness, why doesn’t he just chuck her in his lap & baby sit her all along? Why does he depend on others to tend to his responsibility; i-e his mother, which actually is becoming more like a liability on others? Does he really think that Haya can manage to smile & look happy & fresh given the ordeal he has put her up with? That’s a shame.

I managed to pick up another line from the OST which was like ‘Kareeb Reh Ke Bhi Duur Hai Wo, Ye Duuri Mera Kaleja Cheeray’. Haye Haye! Yes! These are the actual lines from the OST. ENOUGH SAID.

It seemed that our business tycoon Awazaar borrowed a sleeping suit of his younger brother who happens to be a size smaller to him because he looked like a stuffed pillow in that white shirt & checkered pj, or else he might be busy making money to buy two mansions that’s why he forgot to fetch a right size for himself, hence the stuffed pillow look, but I am glad he went for it because it gave me a good laugh. I mean seriously? Adnan Siddique needs a break because he seems to be making some really bad choices.

Finally now when Bari Biwi’s gone, Awazar got some guts to concentrate more on his Baby Biwi & that included lending her a jacket, giving her a panadol, making a breakfast for her, ignoring Sofia’s calls & also passing those tired sleepy smiles to Haya (euuu). What a spineless chicken Awazar is I must say. Now that he knows Sofia ain’t there to distract him, he feels Haya is his wife & that’s a reality. He seemed like those chummy uncles any young girl would run away from but sadly Haya jumped into this deep pit all by herself with her eyes wide open, so she has to put up with the chumminess. What’s funny is that to add more to the chumminess, she found a chummy-chap; Mustafa who was practically shopping with a children’s cart in a shopping mall.

Seems like Awazar will become a gugu in the next episode & throw some tantrum like ‘jaow mai tum shay baat ni kalta, mai katti hoon’ because he just started slipping in love with Haya but he now saw a competition in young & vibrant Mustafa. Even though Mustafa’s Pakistani Bwoy-ness is acceptable, what I really don’t get is that how can he fall for such a girl who practically is capable of pulling only 1 expression on her face? I guess to find that out, we’ll have to follow the rest of the drama. :/ Share your thoughts on this masterpiece, please!

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