Aahista Aahista – Episode 11!

I am sorry but this drama has taken the most ridiculous turn ever. Seems like the writer was really bored so she barfed this story all over the pages, without any insight & without any know-how of penning down a proper story with some real & honest characters.

Just because Haya shooed Awazar away in the first scene when he threw a tantrum at her for speaking to Mustafa, Awazar has had a quick realization that just because some girl told him off & hurt his peanut ego, he now can’t live without her & wants to get her just because for a moment she didn’t nappify him. I wish Sofia had done the same thing so that Awazaar would’ve stayed in his limits. Just because she literally spoon fed him all along these years while she was married to him, he is now taking her for granted.

Awazar has fallen so much in love with Haya that he feels Sofia is nothing but just a ‘ghalti’ between them? Why is it that the victim Sofia has all of a sudden become a villain Sofia? I heard Awazar saying ‘Allah ne mujhe ijazat di hai dusri shadi ki’, which made me think that Awazaar appko Allah ne justice karne k liye bhi kaha hai dono biwiyon k saath! All of a sudden Awazar now wants Sofia to just vanish from his life so he can enjoy his life with a Pakistani wife in Pakistan with his Pakistani mother in his Pakistani home eating Pakistani pakwaan, wearing Pakistani shalwar kameez & Pakistani chappal. So, my point is, when he was SO Pakistani, why did he get married to an Indian in the first place? Just so easily he thinks he can throw Sofia out like a Tea-Bee, so what gave him a right to destroy 4 years of her life?

Maham of Shukk as Ruby of Slowly Slowly, hmmmm, déjà vu anyone? Why’s it that this lady always acts like an agony aunt who is reminding every single girl about how her husband’s falling short of his responsibilities & is taking his wife for granted? I think she really needs to do better. All this while, Sofia came across as a wife who was so over-protective of her husband & to be honest, before his 2nd marriage Awazar never gave her a reason to doubt or question him, so when did Sofia feel a need to share her marital imperfections with her friend, who is now rubbing it all over her face?

Looks like every single character in this drama is either rubbing themselves on others or is living in a fool’s paradise. Awazar hated the idea of pretentious breakfast to make Bee Jaan happy when he was angry at Sofia for speaking to Mustafa, so didn’t he forget that he himself is making Haya pretend to be all happy & carefree in front of his Bumble Bee all this while? Bumble bee hated seeing Sofia buzzing around her Beta Bee, so why wasn’t she worried when he came to USA & didn’t even bother visiting her for 4 good years? I mean this thing is beyond my understanding that Bumble Bee hated seeing a colleague getting candid with Awazar, why didn’t she question him before about who he was working with & who he was friends with? Don’t tell me that Bumble bee thought her Beta Bee had no linkups with any girls in Amreeka?

Nothing in this drama is making sense. Haya; who in the first 5 seconds of the episode came across as someone who knew how to stand up for herself later became someone who was ready to lead a life on someone else’s tukray? She is now waiting for an approval of Sofia so that she can continue living in a zinc-clad jannat of hers with her thakkela Awazar? I mean PHULEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ!

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Zahra Mirza

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