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Aangan Episode 12 Review – A Meaningful Drama!

Ohkay so, it was yet another interesting episode of Aangan. The pace is great & since the writer has so much to tell & convey, you really never get bored because so much is happening for everyone to relate to. I enjoy watching Aangan, definitely for direction, acting, characters & situations but also for the fact that you can’t really keep track of time while watching its episodes. It sure is a treat to watch with everyone excelling in their respective jobs!

The highlight of this episode was Hajra & all that she said & did. Firstly, she steered Zaitoon clear of the misunderstanding that she had about Hajra’s pregnancy. Though that conversation was amusing but the best thing for me was that the moment Hajra found out that both Abba Jee & Zaitoon had no idea about what Hajra & Sajjad were expecting, Hajra hurried in informing Sajjad about it so that he stops feeling bitter about his parent’s ignorance which actually was their oblivion!

I loved the conversation Hajra had with Faseeha. She not only tried to tell Faseeha her perspective but also told her to stop judging Zoya because for her both Shaina & Zoya were the same. Hajra very well knows what her position is in the house & what everyone expects from her. It is like Hajra has tuned herself to fix things for everyone without them even knowing because she sees it as her responsibility. Even though Aqdas told his mother that he won’t be getting married to Zoya, he still didn’t hold back in letting her know that her reasons for refusal were unconvincing!

I found Laila’s offer to gift Zoya her jewellery really sweet. Even though she felt a little sad when she heard Rubina’s plans of saving her jewellery for her kids, she immediately snapped out of it & told Zaitoon what she had on her mind, which was beautiful.

Oh well, Zahid is giving Laila a hard time. Obviously, since Zahid is so used to making excuses for not working, he is nitpicking & magnifying every little detail to earn himself a termination letter but Laila is still putting up with him. At least Rubina is the voice of reason in their family unit & she once again reminded him of his responisibility which he had towards Zoya, since now her wedding was in talks.

Aqdas’s proposal not only made Zoya happy but his guidance & support also served as a boost of confidence, because of which she decided to publish her stories using her own name. It showed that Zoya actually wanted someone to put faith in her & just a few conversations here & there with Aqdas did it for her. Zoya could obviously feel the change in Aqdas’s tone but Shaina told her that everything was going to be alright. No matter what the circumstances are, Zoya & Shaina’s discussions about everything are a treat to watch. Finally Faseeha gave up & agreed for Aqdas’s marriage with Zoya. It was sweet that she accepted the fact that Zoya made her son happy & she decided to curb her dislikes.

Another highlight of this episode was a small but meaningful conversation between Hajra & Sajjad about Laila & Asim, where Hajra told Sajjad to ask whether Asim has had his tests done or not. I am sure this aspect was deliberately but rightfully added by the writer because this thing is prevalant in our society where everyone blames a woman for the delay in having a baby but everyone gives a clean chit to the man. It sure was a nice addition to the set of messages this drama imparts!

Well, the preview of the next episode suggested that hardships are far from being over for both Aqdas & Zoya. I really can’t wait to see that loud & vibrant wedding which we are shown in the OST. Sadaan & Afrah’s scenes & conversations are a bit too repetitive. Even though they get a very limited screen time but since Afrah’s proposals is all that they talk about, it makes their scenes unnecessary. Irsa Ghazal is the star of this show & it is commendable that she has given such a perfect treatment to Hajra’s character, not sure if anyone else could’ve done a job so well. I love Iffat Omar’s acting too & Uzma Hassan is doing a wonderful job as well. I really enjoyed watching this episode & can’t wait to see more. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Aangan.

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Aangan Episode 12 Review

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