Aangan Episode 14 Review – Wedding Preps!

Ohkay so, this episode revolved around Zoya’s wedding preps & everyone’s role in it. Where some of the family members were overjoyed & taking care of their responsibilities wholeheartedly, others were feeling the pressures & the burdens of arranging the wedding & in the middle of this, everything that happens in a regular household was portrayed beautifully!

Ladies of the house were not only happily taking part in the wedding preps, they were concerned about their dresses as well. It was so good to see Laila coming to the forefront & doing everything enthusiastically because this is what her interests are & this is also what she excels in. Hajra was relaxed as she knew that she could depend on Laila for a lot of things because she was not only up to date but well aware of how things should be done!

Gents of the family were obviously concerened & taking care of the finances. While Asim seemed calm & collected & offered his support as much as he could, Sajjad was panicking because he knew how many expenses were there to be taken care of. It was so heart breaking seeing Abba Jee’s morale down after speaking to Shafiq but the way he presented a different version in front of his other sons went to show that no matter what happens, his love for Shafiq overshadowed his disappointment in him & he just didn’t want to malign his brothers’ heart against him. After Asim spoke to Shafiq, he not only found out the reason why Abba Jee was feeling down but even he couldn’t help feeling disappointed at Shafiq’s display of selfishness. Sajjad who obviously feels a little too burdened voiced his thoughts & broke down. It was sad that just because a single family member chose not to do anything, it made such a huge impact because they all depended on him. Asim knew that he had to keep Abba Jee in the dark by not informing him that he spoke to Shafiq, it was like both Asim & Sajjad gave up & realized that they will have to do everything by themselves.

Out of everyone in the family, it was only Rubina who was finding it hard to take part in the wedding preps or even feeling excited about it. It was not because she wasn’t happy it was because she was feeling ashamed & guilty that her husband wasn’t doing what he was supposed to do. Zahid obviously found out that Zoya went for shopping with Aqdas & hell broke loose. Yes, Zahid did have a right to voice his concerns but he should have put forth his opinion in a decent manner because this way, he failed to make an impact because everyone saw his concerns unnecessary. The scene between Abba Jee & Zahid was quite emotional, obviously Abba Jee couldn’t really bring himself to punish Zahid for what he did & on top of that, he ended up getting to know what was in Zahid’s heart.

It is sad that despite knowing what everyone expects from him, Zahid overlooks all of that & continues with what he deems right. In stead of helping his family by sharing their burdens, he wanted them all to follow his orders & sadly, things don’t work that way. Yes, to some extent, considering the sort of mindset & perspective he has, he was right in feeling disappointed seeing Zoya with Aqdas, but he should’ve remembered that the religion also doesn’t allow him to insult anyone, let alone the one’s who are going to become a part of his family soon.

I loved watching all the little details like Hajra telling Zaitoon to seek permission from Abba Jee, Zaitoon depending on Hajra to go to Anila’s & taking care of her tantrums. All the discussions between the ladies about the dresses, Shaina asking for money from Sajjad for her clothes too & then the discussion about picking the most pocket friendly wedding invitation card. It was so nice how all these little details & discussions related to them were blended in the episode because it then seamlessly covered both big & small issues & aspects that one is faced with while arranging a family wedding.

Overall, I really enjoyed watching this episode & it seemed like a treat watching Aangan with a gap of 4 days because the timings have changed, however, I will say that this drama is a prime time material & deserves that time slot. I am actually disappointed to see the channel pushing it to a 9PM slot that too on the weekdays, whereas Aangan was a perfect weekend material which was meant to be enjoyed by the whole family together. Sad that it got such a treatment. Anyways, loved everyone’s participation in Zoya’s wedding, definitely looking forward to what more hurdles Anila & Aalu will bring with them. I must say, Masroor Paras & Qavi Khan portrayed the emotions of Zahid & Abba Jee to perfection in this episode especially. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Aangan!

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