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Aangan Episode 19 Review – Entertaining!

Ohkay so, this was yet another enjoyable episode of Aangan. I loved how they got over with the wedding & then started focusing on all the customs & norms that are taken care of once the wedding function takes place!

Naashta was the prime focus of this episode & rightfully so because this is one such aspect which is quite emphasized upon at larki wala’s house. I loved how Hajra woke up early & started preparing for the stuff that she had to take to Zoya’s place while also making sure that everyone at home also gets fed the breakfast.

Wedding happened smoothly but again Allauddin jumped in & made sure he won the argument when it came to deciding Zoya’s haq meher. I am sure he didn’t do it for Zoya sake but only to show his position in this family but it was nice to see Faseeha agreeing to his demand without saying anything, it showed that Aqdas’s family was wholeheartedly & respectfully welcoming Zoya in their family. Faseeha’s in laws continued to be unreasonable & they didn’t even mind the fact that Zoya was a newly wedded bride who came to Aqdas’s house for the first time. Zoya was right, since she is used to this chaos, she felt at home & it was sweet how she even admitted it so honestly in front of Aqdas.

Well, it seems Zahid & Asim are cooking something but I am sure once the secret will be revealed, it won’t be too shocking, but I am interested to know what they are upto, any guesses guys? Because honestly, I am blank & can’t really wrap my head around what they both must be taking care of.

Laila & Zaitoon’s conversation about Bilqees Kainchi was quite funny. Laila actually wanted to know more about her equation with Abba Jee & it was so sweet how Zaitoon honestly shared every little detail with Laila.

So it seems that Hajra wants Sadaan to get married to Aqdas’s sister. Hajra really is not budging when it comes to accepting Sadaan’s choice. Not sure what Sadaan will have to do in order to convince his mother.

Anila & Allu’s conversation about Naashta was quite funny. Even after so many years, it is amazing how Allauddin remembers every little detail of his wedding & especially all that stuff which he can use to remind Anila of how her family members fell short of their responsibility. I must say I love Hajra for her honesty & bluntness, even though she absorbs so much but when she has to give it back, she just goes for it. Anila spoke so highly of how she is better than so many ‘nands’ out there but Hajra didn’t let her have any misapprehensions & immediately reminded her of how lucky Anila was for having a ‘bhabhi’ like her. Spot on!

I enjoyed this episode & I liked how things were all over the place, it was a perfect depiction of how everyone unwinds after a family wedding is over. Please share your thoughts.

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Aangan Episode 19 Review
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