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Aangan Episode 25 Review – Perfectly Woven Suspense!

Oh well, Iet’s just say that I am more interested in talking about the note at which the episode ended in stead of talking about the Sadaan Afrah Nikkah. I am glad that it is done with & I also enjoyed this episode because it had quite a lot of those moments, those arguments, bickering, one-liners that made us fall in love with Aangan in the first place!

Asim convinced Sajjad but then again, Sajjad being the emotional one had to give in because he feels for his Sadaan & Shaina’s likes & dislikes differently than Hajra. Sajjad obviously knew that Hajra won’t let him go off the hook after she will find out, that is why he made a pact with Sadaan that he will protect his father when the secret will be revealed. I must say, Asim used the right word; ‘dictatorship’ when it came to describing the tactics Hajra had used for parenting. I am glad it didn’t take it quite a lot to convince Sajjad because Asim had a valid argument & Sadaan had his reasons.

I loved Allauddin’s entry at the right time, he tried really hard to get to the crux of the situation but then again, because he was being unnecessarily nice that too probably for the first time, his ego was hurt when his generosity was turned down & surprise surprise, he made sure that Anila blew things out of proportion. Zaitoon’s suggestion ke Allauddin ke liye jaloos nikalainge was epic, lol!

Well, Sadaan & Afrah got married in the presence of Sajjad. I mean his entry in such an attire went so well with his image, it told a tale of the storm he came out of in order to attend this family affair because facing Hajra, avoiding her & not spilling the beans was not an easy feat. I loved the car scene because it was obvious that it was Noor ul Hassan who was handling the camera, there were some candid moments, like there was something just so raw, so so natural about that entire scene which I loved!

Well, finally, Sadaan’s Chachi was revealed & let’s just say, massive props to both the writer & the director for making sure no one could find out who she was married to – even now. I am sure by now everyone must be guessing & coming up with their opinions but I am glad that they still kept things ambiguous & left it on us to do the guess-work – at least for another week. The way both Zahid & Asim relaxed on the sofa the moment they entered that house showed that they both frequented that place quite often. Asim & Zahid both gave her a warm smile, showing they both were very comfortable with her. The way Zahid stood next to her showed that he was pretty friendly but that woman was smiling at Asim, so my bet is that she is Asim’s wife & it seemed that Zahid was not introducing her as his wife but more as Asim’s. I don’t know but seeing the submissiveness of Asim towards Laila; not doing anything that might upset her & following her lead every single time might be a cover to never give her the impression that he was disloyal to her. But then again, if I recall everything, it also suggests that she could he Zahid’s wife as Laila’s friend said that she has seen him there. Also, Zahid used to go away for days, so may be he was nurturing this relationship in that time span. Oh well, it just goes to show that Faiza Iftikhar has weaved this scenario very carefully with a lot of caution to pull the mind-strings of the viewers. Please take a bow for a job well done. Loved every bit of it but then I hope there’s a solid justification behind this 2nd marriage that either Asim or Zahid went for. Please share your thoughts.

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Aangan Episode 25 Review
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