Tabeer Episode 10 Review – Depressing!

This episode of Tabeer was pretty depressing. I am not sure what the writer was trying to achieve by killing one character after another in this drama. Seeing the promo of the next episode frustrated me because I don’t really see why killing Tabeer’s son was so necessary to move things forward? Yes, when it came to Tabeer & Fawad’s spouses, it was obvious that they had to die so that the story could progress, but literally showing this now is extreme!

While watching this episode, I could see that just because Tabeer & Fawad were in a same boat, they were being able to relate to & understand each other’s perspectives, which was obviously nice for both of them & was also playing an important part in helping them both overcome their sorrow but the turn that the story is now going to take is not giving me much courage to tune to this show again!

Tabeer missed her child & she wanted to see him but the thought of leaving Fawad’s child behind stopped her. Even though she came to see her child but sadly, it was too late.

Once again, like I mentioned in the previous review, there was no need for Daadi to take Tabeer’s child with her. Also, I don’t think anyone can stay so oblivious to someone’s nature, like no one in their family especially Asma who has been married to Ajju’s brother knows what sort of a person Ajju is. To trust him with the child & not going to the doctor with him is pretty unconvincing because usually the woman who is taking care of the child makes sure to go to the doctor herself in order to find out every little detail about what’s wrong with the child & what can be done to treat him. It was totally unconvincing that both Daadi & Asma just stayed at home & gave the baby to Ajju & what happened after that is depressing!!! Anyways, please share your thoughts.

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