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Aangan Episode 28 Review – Heart-breaking!

Ohkay so, I loved this episode of Aangan & what I loved the most about it was the way everyone’s reaction was covered. Yes, it was a serious episode but that was given, considering the storm that the family endured lately & now when everything mellowed down, everyone was trying to gather their thoughts.

I loved the way this episode began, with Laila on everyone’s mind because they all knew what Asim meant to her. They have themselves seen the perfect relationship that Asim & Laila shared, with Asim being the center of universe for Laila so for something like that to happen to such a couple shook everyone to no end. Rubina thought of all the things that Laila said to her, Zaitoon also thought that despite their childlessness she never advocated the idea of Asim’s 2nd marriage. The things Hajra said about Laila in the past showed that Laila & Asim’s relationship could turn anyone green with envy because they were just so happy, so in love with each other.

Asim struggled too but I didn’t feel a thing for him. I liked how in this scenario, everyone without saying a word was on Laila’s side as they knew that she didn’t deserve this. Asim went to Haseena & I wish that all the things she said about Laila were based on her personal experience & interaction with Laila. I would like to believe that Asim has not said anything to Haseena about Laila or her temperament because that would be wrong on so many levels. I think it was Haseena’s own assumptions because Asim doesn’t look like someone who will speak against his wife? But well he also didn’t look like someone who’d get married behind his wife’s back so don’t really know what to expect from him anymore.

Allauddin & Anila on their own are funny & their dialogues provide that comic relief but Anila just crossed the line with Afrah I feel. I loved that both Shaina & in the end Abba Jee intervened to put an end to Afrah’s misery. She was now a part of the family & there was no doubt about that. Sadaan took that decision under a lot of pressure so now everyone had to respect that. Anila got to know that she shouldn’t have any say in this matter because Afrah was not related to her at all. I loved everything that Abba Jee said, everyone knows how Anila is but it was a high time for it to be conveyed to her.

As much as I have blamed Zahid for being stern with Rubina & as much as I have wished that he changed, Rubina’s attitude was a little disappointing because in stead of being a little thankful that it wasn’t Zahid who got married, she was still angry at him. I feel for Zahid a lot, he doesn’t have much respect in anyone’s eyes plus he is always misunderstood because the truth that he speaks doesn’t sit well with most of the family members & that gives them a chance to judge him because that’s their way of overlooking what he says but I wish after this, Rubina had at least treated him a little better. I find him very innocent!

This episode was very interesting, even though things have become so grim but I still feel connected to the characters because we enjoyed their good times so naturally we feel sad seeing their bad times too. I felt for Laila so much, the way she isolated herself & didn’t utter a word. Asim you better be ready, I wish Laila gives him a piece of her mind but I also know that because she loves him so much, she will eventually forgive him & accept his marriage to Haseena. Iffat Omar did exceptionally well in this episode. Waseem Abbas is such a treat to watch as Aalu. Please share your thoughts.

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