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Aangan Episode 29 Review – The Explanation!

Ohkay so, this episode revealed the big secret; the actual explanation & Asim’s reasoning behind this decision.

This episode well & truly highlighted the importance of elders of the family & what they do if they are just, fair & rational. I love Abba Jee & Zaitoon Bano, the way the decided to do right by Laila made me respect them even more. The highlight of this episode for me was Zaitoon & Laila’s conversation. It was so beautiful that Zaitoon decided to put all her differences with Laila aside that she always had as her mother-in-law & for once decided to just be her mother, give her the shoulder to cry on & be all ears to everything that she had to say. It just warmed my heart when Zaitoon started speaking to Laila about the absence of her mother. Zaitoon felt guilty too because it was her son Asim who did this to Laila & that is why she was doing everything in her power to compensate a little & mend Laila’s broken heart. I love love love the way both Abba Jee & Zaitoon have taken matters in their hand & are trying their best to do what is right & what needs to be done. Abba Jee gave Afrah the comfort & confidence to feel like a part of the family & Zaitoon was doing the same with Laila, sharing her sorrows & wiping her tears. Who would’ve thought that the same Zaitoon who always had an issue with Laila’s attitude & temperament will console her like a mother? Love the message this drama is giving to all the parents in law. Love it!

After Zaitoon & Abba Jee, I love Shaina too, all the things she said to Laila were just so beautiful. It also emphasizes the fact that how girls who come from big families are mentally mature than their age because they firsthand experience all these things & learn lifelong lessons. Shaina is so young but because Laila has always been such a good role model, has always been like a friend, Shaina decided to say everything that she has felt for Laila to make her feel better. Laila was trying to pick up the pieces but she didn’t know where to start from but she decided to bounce back & start from her son because he is her happy place.

Haseena left quite an impression on Sajjad but Asim once again decided to take a stand for her. Even though Asim was doing justice but it was heart breaking to see him doing all those things for Hassena now that he used to do for Laila, like supporting & defending her in front of his family. Finally, it was revealed that because Haseena was very majboor & besahara, Asim decided to give her a social security but I am not too happy with that explanation. Yes, I am glad that the writer kept it simple & to an extent typical but then again, no explanation was ever going to be good enough to make this decision of Asim acceptable or less bitter. I am sure not many viewers are going to be happy with this explanation & the fact that Asim doesn’t feel wrong or at fault makes things complicated too. It’s a done deal that Laila will have to compromise & accept because that’s what Abba Jee said in the end.

Afrah came out of her shell & decided to stop acting like she was guilty of doing something wrong. She left quite an impression on Hajra. I got tired of hearing Hajra again though. I loved the way Abba Jee tried to put things into perspective & how Zaitoon also reminded her that she had a daughter too so she should actually think before being unjust to Afrah because of her hatred for her.

Zahid, what have you done? Of all the people in your circle, why did you have to tag Asim along? Just when I was feeling bad for Zahid because of the way Rubina treated him, I was happy that he again got a little beating but I must say I love his enthusiasm & the way he is always so happily advocating his stand in front of everyone, lol he is funny & very innocent!

Loved loved loved this episode but yes, I am not too happy with Asim’s explanation. I feel for Laila so much. Loving everyone’s acting especially Paras Masroor’s. Please share your thoughts.

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Zahra Mirza

Aangan Episode 29

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