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Aangan Episode 30 Review – Emotional & Beautiful!

I never ever ever thought that the drama that makes me laugh so hard will eventually make me cry too. I am sure everyone knows which scene in particular I’m talking about but will discuss it later. I must say, Faiza Iftikhar should take a bow, we need more dramas like these where the writers in such a non-preachy manner force the masses to re-think & re-evaluate how they treat their daughters in law. I am sure after watching Aangan, a lot of people must’ve been reflecting upon how they treat their family members. I love how Faiza Iftikhar has emphasized on the importance of daughters in law & has also shown us such parents in law who know how to most importantly respect them.

Laila made up her mind to leave because the thought of being in Asim’s home & facing him was overwhelming for her. Even though Abba Jee told her not to but she decided the otherwise. I must say I am totally with Laila on this, I was with her when she decided to leave & I’m still with her now that she has chosen to stay. Even though Laila hasn’t given birth to a baby but taking care of Abdullah & nourishing him has given birth to her motherly instincts & feelings. When Laila returned & was unpacking her bags, all I could see in her was a mother who was ready to face anything & everything but couldn’t even think of ruining her child’s life for her personal reasons. Laila decided to put Abdullah before her & isn’t it what mothers do? They always always put their children before them & face everything that comes their way, similarly, Laila decided to put up with what life threw at her but she didn’t want to part Abdullah with the only family that he’d ever know.

The highlight of this episode for me was the conversation between Laila, Zaitoon & Abba Jee. The way they assured her that this home belonged to her, the way they let her know that she was important, that she was their daughter & not daughter in law, the way they cried with her because they could feel her pain was absolutely beautiful & that scene left me teary eyed too. Such a strong & beautiful message that has been conveyed. I love Abba Jee & Zaitoon’s characters that even though they do have their fair share of differences with their daughters in law but when the time comes, they are the first one to support them & stand by them. They have such a big heart when it comes to Laila, Hajra & Rubina because they are aware of their sons’ shortcomings too – beautiful. Well, Asim landed in a guest room & I can’t wait for a confrontation between Laila & Asim but I hope they don’t give it a comic touch because it will be a defining & very important moment which needs to be conveyed a certain way!

Haseena was also finding it hard to cope up with whatever her husband was going through. She was feeling bad for Asim & as much as she wanted to help, she knew there was nothing that she could do & Asim had to deal with everything singlehandedly. If we keep her relationship with Asim aside, her colorful personality is interesting & I find her amusing. She is nice & for that reason I don’t know why I have a feeling that she might leave Asim & walk away? Let’s see.

Well well well Zoya came back or let’s say Anila’s younger version made an appearance. Even though it was funny but I would have liked if Zoya had remained the same or had even changed for the better, at least different to Anila because wo 1 hi kafi hai. Hajra was still not ready to forgive Afrah but I liked how Zaitoon & Abba Jee kept on reminding her time & again that she should accept this marriage & give Afrah some break!

Overall, a very beautiful episode with a very strong & beautiful message. Qavi Khan, Samina Ahmed & Iffat Omar stole the show. Haye, I so wish Rubina stops torturing Zahid but I guess their love-hate well mostly hate-hate relationship is going to stay the same & we won’t see any changes. Love it so far. Please share your thoughts.

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Aangan Episode 30
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