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Aangan Episode 31 Review – Super!

Ohkay so, this episode showed how everyone was trying to cope up with everything that has happened over the past few days, their reactions & conversations were elaborated a bit more but the focal points remained the same; Asim & Sadaan’s marriage!

Well, I’ll be honest, I am getting ticked off with Hajra’s attitude. It was quite shocking to hear her putting herself at the same pedestal as Laila. She is forgetting that Sadaan begged her for months & she didn’t budge & what happened with Laila was something no one in this family could relate to because their husbands didn’t cheat on them or betray their trust like that, so Hajra at that moment seemed quite shallow to be comparing the two situations to justify her wrong childish behavior. Laila’s expression said it all but she knows that there’s no other option than to just ignore all such statements because they will be slurred every now & then!

Afrah is trying hard to not upset Hajra but at this moment it looks like she is banging her head against a wall. At least it is good to know that Afrah has Abba Jee’s support!

Well, Zoya has left quite an impression on everyone in the family. No one could relate to this version of Zoya because the drastic change left everyone wondering what went wrong with her after her marriage. Well, one thing’s for sure, Aqdas is so not going to turn into Allauddin part 2 because he tried to reason with Zoya & tried to make her realize that everyone had a right to make their decisions. I am not sure what has gone into Zoya’s head? She was always just a part of the family & never the one who had influenced people’s decisions, so why does she think that now after she has gone out of the house, she will be treated as a royalty where people will be wary of her & consider her likes & dislikes before making any decision? Everything that Zoya said to Aqdas went to show that even though on the surface Zoya has everything working for her, like getting married to a decent guy coming from a very good family background, but within her heart & mind she has harboured so many complexes & even if people don’t mean it, she assumes that she is being taunted for everything. Zoya has spent quite a lot of time in her parents house after Anila’s marriage so she has seen how everyone used to dread her visits, so it is sad that Zoya is not even considering it & is just making it all about herself. I really wish to see Aqdas snapping Zoya out of her complexes & turning her negative perspective into a positive one.

Asim tried to convey his messages to Laila but Laila is not ready to give him a chance because for now, Laila is just done with him & is picking up the pieces to move on. Laila for now is learning how to be self-sufficient, even though she was but now she is trying not to rely on Asim emotionally as well as financially. I loved how Zaitoon tried to make Laila feel better but then Rubina & Zaitoon also spoke about how they should just let Laila be because that way she will learn how to deal with her pain.

Asim is not at a happy place, obviously did he actually expect that the news of his 2nd marriage will be welcomed whole-heartedly? It was obvious that he was getting irritated because of Haseena but he is just putting up with her. Asim himself is in the dark because he hasn’t gotten a chance to speak to Laila, to tell her how he feels & to listen to how she feels too, till that happens I am sure he will just be distressed, well I’ll say it serves him right. Haseena on the other hand also looks like a victim because now she has to deal with Asim’s mood swings but then, she also knew that it wasn’t going to be a smooth sail. Even though Haseena hasn’t gotten any place in Asim’s family yet but she still seems a bit at peace with the fact that now their marriage is not a secret, that is why she even demanded Asim to come & take her to the doctor. Haseena’s definitely not the culprit here.

Oh well, I laughed when two victims of attention deprivation had a conversation; Shafiq & Anila, lol. Anila obviously is trying to trap Shafiq so that he gets Waleed married to one of his daughters but I have a feeling he will be interested in Shaina. Let’s see!

Loved every bit of this episode too. I must say in one of the scenes Iffat Omar wasn’t wearing heavy kajal & she looked really fresh & young, loved that natural makeup look on her. Zahid is nowhere to be seen, I really wish to see his contribution too in the future episodes. I can’t believe we’re through 31 episodes & we still aren’t bored of this drama. Team Aangan should take a bow *thumbs up*. Please share your thoughts!

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Aangan Episode 31
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