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Aangan Episode 5 Review – Amazing!

Ohkay so, just like all the previous episodes, this episode of Aangan was equally amazing. The best thing about watching Aangan is that it warms your heart & because as a viewer we have formed a connection with the characters, we understand their journey & their perspective. The way the writer has etched out all the characters & has made them realistic is amazing.

The conservation that Hajra had with Laila was so meaningful. I love the fact that Hajra is not only the eldest in age or relation, she acts like one too because she understands the family dynamics & knows everyone in & out. Even though Hajra has made a place for herself in this house, she still never takes advantage of her position & tries to keep everyone happy & on the same page as much as possible. Hajra tried to make Laila understand that deep inside everyone knew what happened with Rubina was just an accident but they just had to blame someone & that turned out to be Laila. I loved the way Hajra explained Zaitoon’s, Rubina’s & even Anila’s perspective to Laila. The fact is that just by Zahid not being there to take care of his wife, everyone was faced with this situation so Laila ended up taking the brunt of it & it was sweet that Laila not only paid heed to what Hajra said but walked an extra mile to make truce with Rubina by helping her with her kids!

The hashar ka maidan conversation at the breakfast table was again so funny. It is amusing how everyone has formed an opinion about Asim that he only does & says what Laila tells him so. Even though on his own Asim did try to make Laila understand but the way he requested his mother to go easy on his wife showed that he was trying really hard to maintain a balance between the two. I laughed a lot when Sajjad sided with Asim & Abba Jee exactly knew the reason behind this support, which was Bijli Ka Bill that Asim paid for the month. The sweetest bit about this entire family unit is that both Zaitoon & Abba Jee are well aware of their children’s nature & even though they have a lot of complains with everyone, they are incomplete without their family.

Even though Hajra has done so much & has been doing it for so long, she still knows that she can’t make decisions singlehandedly, that is why she not only had to request Zaitoon to get her the permission, she also had to scold Laila to please her mother in law. I thought may be later Hajra will approach & apologize but she was too occupied with her own thoughts because she desperately wanted Abba Jee’s permission.

So finally, Aqdas made an entry & from that very moment he couldn’t take his eyes off Zoya, which obviously marked the beginning of their love story. I am actually interested to see how will Hajra react to this since she wants Shaina to get married to Aqdas.

Overall, this episode was thoroughly enjoyable. The best thing about this drama for me is the way the characters converse with each other, you seriously feel like its your family that is having a conversation. All the actors have done a commendable job but Irsa Ghazal takes the crown, she definitely understands that she was assigned the most important character that is why she has literally owned it. Definitely looking forward to the next episode. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Aangan!

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Aangan Episode 5 Review
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