Aangan Episode 6 Review – Feel Good Drama!

Ohkay so, this episode was all about how family members make each other awkward in front of new people & in different situations & since there was so much reality instilled in all the conversations, I couldn’t stop laughing the whole time. What I love about Aangan is that it is a feel good drama. Despite being based on reality, it still changes your mood in a positive way & leaves you feeling good by the end of the episode.

So, this episode was focused more on Aqdas & the two way introduction. Aqdas was getting to know Hajra’s family & the entire family was getting to know Aqdas too. The first person to leave an impression on Aqdas was Zaitoon, I am sure all the mothers who have loved a specific cutlery set could relate to the emotional scar that Zaitoon had in her heart because even after so many years, she couldn’t get over the fact that Faseeha didn’t return her cutlery properly. It was so amusing how Sajjad, Asim, Hajra & Rubina were trying their best to make Aqdas feel at home while being wary of how Zaitoon & even Abba Jee could go overboard in front of him. This entire situation was basically a reminder of how the elders in our families are unapologetically themselves, because of which they don’t really filter their thoughts while their children try the best to rationalize their words.

Aqdas was more interested in Zoya than in Shaina & what I loved was that Shaina didn’t shy away from Aqdas keeping in mind what her mother told her. I really like Shaina’s character because she is not only honest, but logical & rational too. I loved the conversation she had with Hajra where she reminded her mother about all the things she usually said about Anila’s daughters. I love the fact that Shaina is polite but reasons with her mother in a way where she forces Hajra to reflect & reconsider her thoughts too. Hajra so wanted Shaina to make a good impression on Aqdas, almost putting up an act but Shaina chose to be herself completely & I am sure she saw Aqdas as Sadaan, that is why she was so casual & comfortable in front of him!

So, Hajra & Sajjad threw a party for the entire family because of Sadaan’s graduation & no surprises there, Aalu & Anila made sure to create nominal issues & blow them out of proportion. The best comical bit in this episode was the conversation between Zahid & Rubina where she covered up & turned filmy songs into patriotic ones. Rubina’s spontaneity was superb where she immediately distracted Zahid & presented a different version of the reality in front of him. The references of 1965 War & Tan tan tana tan were epic though & I couldn’t stop laughing!

So, Anila once again found a reason to play the victim & whine in front of her parents about how unfair they were in their dealings with bahus & betis. It was good that Abba Jee finally spoke up & told her to take things easy & not always come with an intention of spoiling the atmosphere in the house. The way Zaitoon continued with her prayers was so funny because this time even Anila knew that she was doing it to avoid her, lol. Aalu on the other hand couldn’t really stop giving Sajjad some life lessons while being ignorant of the fact that his own daughter was a fan of Sadaan. To be honest, even though the writer maintained that line but it was made obvious in such a nice way how Anila’s daughters got a bit too impressed with boys in their sight. I mean we all have those girls in every single family who walk an extra mile to get noticed by guys & their parents, as their only dream is to get married & settle down.

The sweetest scene was of Asim & Laila. It is so beautifully shown how they both give undivided attention to each other, how they take a moment & do special gestures for one another to portray how much love they have in their hearts. Even though Laila & Asim don’t have children yet but they still lead a better life because they have not allowed their childlessness to ruin their happiness.

Another interesting conversation was between Aqdas & Shaina where she challenged him & tried to make him understand that he shouldn’t actually bother about what Aalu & Anila were thinking about him. Just because Aqdas is new, he was getting a bit too conscious but once he will get to know everyone & will become aware of the family dynamics, he will learn that no one takes Anila or Aalu seriously.

This episode was entertaining too. I love how so much is happening in everyone’s lives & how they all are connected in a way that they all affect each other no matter what they say or do. I am definitely looking forward to the next episode. Since Aangan happens to be the last drama that I review in a week, I am glad I get to end my week on a positive note. The girl playing the role of Shaina did an amazing job & I love how effortless she is when it comes to acting. Qavi Khan & Samina Ahmed have given a perfect face to Abba Jee & Zaitoon’s characters, watching their scenes make me smile & they have so much of warmth which is beautiful. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Aangan.

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