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Aangan 2

Aangan Last Episode – Review!

Ohkay so, this episode marked the end of the journey called Aangan – where we laughed & cried seeing the lives of these characters because they brought real-life experiences on-screen & made it all seem so relatable.

This journey ended on a note showing that one curveball sets everything straight. It is true, may be at times you need such a big blow to get a reality check & open your eyes but while watching this episode, I was wondering why couldn’t everything get settled when Sajjad was alive, why did they have to lose him to come to their senses? Sajjad’s death touched their lives & his death served as a reminder that you leave everything behind. All that one leaves with are his deeds & where Sajjad dedicated his entire life guiding & helping his family members, his death also turned out to be an eye-opener, guiding & helping them to understand that none of all this matters; what matters the most are the relationships & peace among those as well as within yourself!

I liked how the writer used Sajjad’s death in every single conversation & showed how this drastic curveball straighten everything else. Laila realized that she mourned the loss of her perfect relationship but it was nothing in comparison to the loss that Hajra suffered. This was the very 1st fix. I so wish there was more to Laila & Asim’s track in the previous episode than this exchange of couple of dialogues in the last episode. It somehow looked rushed & this was the first time I actually felt that what if Sajjad hadn’t died, how would’ve things panned out between Laila & Asim then? Haseena also got a place in this family & in Asim’s life because Laila stopped caring about Asim like she used to, sad but true!

Even in the end, they showed that even though Laila came to terms with Asim but it was too obvious that things weren’t going to go back to how they used to be between them. There was this reservation in Laila’s attitude & body language which showed that she was now leading the life of a mother & an independent woman, in stead of being someone’s wife, with her husband being the centre of her attention.

Hajra forgave Afrah because she realized the ego that she was holding onto was doing her no good. Anila asked for forgiveness & so did Shafiq. It was good that everyone realized that everything that they were doing was just simply wrong. Zahid became responsible & started taking care of the family business along with Sadaan, which was a good & most needed change in Zahid’s life & character. I liked how the journey ended with the news of a new life budding in that home. This is how the life circles & it just doesn’t stop for or because of anyone. I loved this very simple family tradition where when a baby girl is born, they planted Mehandi plant. It was very sweet!

Sigh! I will miss Aangan & even though the journey completed with no lose ends left, I will miss the happy happening parts the most. For me that is what Aangan will be about always, with few banters, few arguments but in the end, everyone coming together as a family. The writer embedded so many messages in this drama without making it preachy & this is what worked the most for me & the comedy was an added bonus. The best bits for me would be how it was emphasized that daughters in law are not some outsiders & they are now a part of the family unit. Where they can take care of the household chores, they can also take the decisions too. With Laila getting support for her business, Hajra getting to have the final say & Rubina being looked after because of her negligent husband, the writer even though showed us an ideal situation, she did rightfully highlight how normally things should actually be once the girl gets married & becomes a part of her husband’s family. I loved how in the end, Abba Jee left it on Hajra to make the final decision, she always had this edge but now she had even bigger responsibility & was given a bigger honor as she was now filling Sajjad’s place now.

Faiza Iftikhar should take a bow for creating so many beautiful characters & giving us such a beautiful story. In this day & age, it is not easy keeping the interest of the viewers intact for the most part of the journey & she achieved it, which within itself is a success of this drama.

The director as well as all the actors should take a bow too for bringing these beautifully written characters to life & leaving no stone unturned in giving it their all. Every single character contributed in making this story complete & that’s what’s the beauty of this story is.

Qavi Khan, Samina Ahmed, Irsa Ghazal, Noor ul Hassan, Waseem Abbas Iffat Omar, Hassan Ahmed, Paras Masroor & Uzma Hassan nailed their characters & made the entire journey even more phenomenal. ZQ, Mansha Pasha & the younger lot that played the characters of Sadaan, Shaina & Aqdas were amazing too. Mariam Ansari did the best she could but may be because Afrah’s character didn’t impress me much, I was never too keen on her performance. This journey was full of ups & downs but I am glad there were more ups than there were downs. I would love tuning to Aangan & watch all the fun bits again. This drama for sure will stay with me for a long time. I had such a great time watching & then discussing it with you all. We definitely need more dramas like these. So I hope the success of Aangan motivates Faiza Iftikhar to come up with another Aangan again. I must say those responsible for the OST did an amazing job too, this turned out to be one such song that I sing to my son, haha. On that note, please share your thoughts & show your love to Team Aangan for giving us such a phenomenal, complete, amazing & successful drama!

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Zahra Mirza.

Aangan Last Episode
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