Aap Ke Liye Episode 21 22 Review – Finally Something to Talk About!

Ohkay so, these last two episodes of App Ke Liye were interesting because the story shifted the focus on Shaheer, who was pretty much in the background the whole time. I think it’s about time that this drama should be wrapped up, may be in next 2 – 3 episodes because the drama-makers have compelled the viewers to invest a lot of time in it already. Also, I am not sure why but looks like App Ke Liye will again be airing once a week, which means we’re stuck with it for a lot of weeks once again!

Washma finally got a chance to expose Imdaad Hussain in front of Shaheer & she made possible with Asad’s help. I think Washma overestimated the strength of her relationship with Shaheer & she also overestimated the trust Shaheer had in her because of which she assumed that everything that she will say will be accepted by her husband without any resistance but little did she know that Shaheer was still weak when it came to the matters concerning Nishat.

I thought that Shaheer’s meeting with Abeera will help him in putting things into perspective but he chose to ignore everything that she said & assumed that Abeera herself was jealous of the fact that Shaheer was happy with his 2nd wife. I think Abeera wasted an opportunity & in stead of stalling, she should have just clearly told Shaheer that it is Nishat who can’t see him happy with anyone. Shaheer is quite a simple minded person that is why he trusts everyone easily, so I don’t really understand when it comes to Washma, why Shaheer has issues in trusting her? Why does he always put her & her word after everybody else’s? Also, not sure why Shaheer also grew a little uncomfortable with the fact that Washma hired Asad to work in their firm? I think more than Shaheer, Washma has put her heart & soul into this relationship, so at least she is entitled to this much of trust from her husband but anyways.

Nishat & Imdad planned to drift Washma & Shaheer apart & for the time being they succeeded but they both didn’t have an idea that Areesha learned the truth about what Nishat was planning to do. Fortunately, Areesha chose to listen to Omar & she also paid heed to the fact that Washma was always supportive of Omar, even more than Nishat ever was, that is why after getting to know about Omar’s opinion on everything, Areesha did some digging & found out about each & every single lie that Nishat had told to her & how she was making a fool out of Areesha. It was good that Areesha chose not to stay quiet & without informing anyone, she spoke to Shaheer. The timing was definitely better because that’s when Washma also told Shaheer about everything that Imdaad was doing & handed over the evidence too that she had gathered but Shaheer chose to stay quiet & sent Washma away.

It was pretty obvious that Shaheer learnt the truth about Nishat & he didn’t want her to hurt Washma more, that is why he chose to maintain a distance for the time being. I think it was also because Shaheer himself was in denial & he was emotionally shattered & broken to learn the truth about his elder sister, who he trusted more than anything & anyone in his life, so even he was struggling to deal with it & just because he knew that he won’t be able to bluntly tell Nishat off, he chose to do what she wanted in order to tell her that her opinion still mattered to him & he still respected her. Also, Shaheer knew that Washma won’t be able to understand but he wanted her gone so that he could figure things out on his own, in her absence & just when he will make things right, he will bring her back. I think everything that Shaheer did was because of Areesha’s confession & not because of Washma because till date, it has been made clear that he doesn’t trust Washma blindly in comparison to his sisters, but it still makes things better that now Nishat’s days in Shaheer’s home are numbered!

I really hope they wrap things up quickly because a lot of episodes have been dedicated to quite a simple story already. Please share your thoughts about these two episodes of Aap Ke Liye.

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