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Ohkay so, finally Aap Ke Liye ended last night & I think it was good that they gave everything a proper closure but again, I feel where the last episode should have given Washma & Shaheer’s relationship some coverage, the entire screen space was taken up by Nishat, which was so unfair, because that lady has literally taken up the entire drama, so at least, they should have left her out in the last episode at least because people didn’t sign up to see ‘her’ journey.

So, Nishat realized that everything slipped away from her hands because her husband left her & even her brother confessed that he knew every single thing that she was upto. Shaheer said all he had in his heart to Nishat because he had to come clean in front of Waheed. Nishat did realize that she hurt Shaheer a great deal but even then she couldn’t stop planning & manipulating Shaheer into saying stuff about Washma in front of Waheed that wasn’t true.

So, finally, Shaheer got to say everything to Nishat on her face as he was eager to tell her that he wasn’t oblivious of what she & her husband did all this while, but one thing that seemed odd was that Shaheer said he knew it right from the beginning, so why didn’t he try to amend the situation with Abeera before meeting Washma, since he knew that Abeera wasn’t at fault? Also, another thing that I found a little off-putting was that if Nishat hadn’t told Shaheer to go to Washma, he wouldn’t have done that? Yes, I do realize that for Shaheer, Nishat was everything but to see him staying silent at her wrongdoings doesn’t put him in a good light too. Anyways, Areesha got some screen time too & it was good to see her tackling the entire situation with a lot of maturity, where she not only went to Washma to plead Shaheer’s case, but also consoled Nishat knowing that she has hit a rock bottom!

Waheed was proud of what he heard from Shaheer about Washma & that’s when he knew that things will be alright. Shaheer finally gave everything a closure, apologized to Abeera & went to Washma to tell her how much he loves her, which was sweet. I so wish they had given us some more moments of Washma & Shaheer in the last episode & also in the overall episodes, because their couple was the best thing about this drama & now when I look back, I feel I didn’t get enough of them!

Overall, this drama was strictly alright, it could’ve been way better if the director or the editors had omitted out the coverage that was being given to Nishat & Imdad because with an influx of negative characters on our screen in the last few years, we already knew what they were going to offer, so there was most certainly NO need for them to be getting so much of screen-time because their characters were one-dimensional & nothing new! I would surely have put this drama on a recommendation list but I won’t, because I will then suggest everyone to forward 80% of the drama as it was filled with Nishat & Imdad & they are not fun to watch, so the viewers won’t have anything left to watch either! The writer commendably wrote such nice characters like Waheed, Maryam, Washma & Shaheer but sadly, this drama seemed more about Nishat, than about Washma which was unfair. When the stories are simple & one-dimensional, it depends solely on the director as to how he executes them to make them memorable but it seems that the director was a fan of Waseem Abbas & Samina Peerzada that he made them the focal point of the drama while completely forgetting about the ‘good things’ that the story had to offer!

There were a few good things that this drama offered which deserve a mention too. First & foremost, the character of Washma, it was good to see such a young girl being so confident about herself that she took everyone’s life by storm. Washma entered the marriage with Shaheer for the sake of adventure but it was her love for him that pushed her to such a limit where she challenged the system that was prevailing in her husband’s personal & professional life. Washma surely made this drama worthwhile. It was also good to see Shaheer transitioning from a very rigid person to someone who learned to go with the flow because Washma introduced him to a new perspective of how one can life their lives. It was equally appeasing to see such a strong & positive bond between a Nand & Bhabhi, because it is a rarity in our dramas. Yes, Washma & Maryam both had a fair share of cat fights with each other but it was also a reflection of how much they loved each other. Maryam empowered Washma every step of the way. Maryam challenged Washma & pushed her to the limit & it was actually because of Maryam that Washma got the courage to face the obstacles. It was equally amazing to see Waheed supporting his sister through thick & thin because he had his blind trust in his sister which was also refreshing to see. Waheed was an unconventional sort of a brother who didn’t deal with his sister by keeping his ego intact, he trusted her, he knew his sister won’t do anything wrong that is why he took matters in his hands as he knew that for the most part of it, his sister wouldn’t be wrong. Then comes the relationship of Washma & Shaheer, which was so unique, created at a spur of a moment but changed their lives & would last forever because they both began to love each other & accepted each other with all their faults & shortcomings. I so wish, I so so so wish we had gotten some more insight into their relationship because now when the drama has ended, it just doesn’t seem enough. I tuned to the last episode of this drama all excited thinking Washma & Shaheer will have some beautiful moments to share, only to find out that they were spotted together in the last minute of the entire 40 minute episode!?!?!?! Anyways!

The director surely needs someone to teach him how to keep a steady hand while directing a drama, as the way the camera moved actually made it quite tiresome to watch Aap Ke Liye. The entire bokeh effect that the director added as a wow-factor was an epic fail too, because most of the times I felt like touching the TV & removing that white cast off my screen manually to get some clear visibility of the frame as it was so very annoying. Faysal Qureshi & Arif Fatima’s acting was brilliant, so was Saife Hassan’s & Salma’s. Samina Peerzada ruined this drama for me & traumatized me for a long long time because it was hard to keep up with her expressions as most of the times I ended up having a headache. Waseem Abbas needs to get rid of that wig & that ugly beige silky night suit ASAP. It was no fun to watch such experienced actors overacting so much as if they had a point to prove that they know how to act, like we have been watching you guys since childhood so we know you guys can act, so there most certainly was no need to overdo anything!!!

I thank all the readers who watched & experienced this drama with me, thank you guys for making it possible to sit through this drama. Please share your thoughts about the entire journey of Aap Ke Liye!

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