Aasmanon Pay Likha Episode 15 – Revelations from the past!

The show has now taken quite a big turn and we saw some shocking developments and revelations in this episode. It is now clear to all of us why Dudi always compares Aaliyan with his mother because he has inherited all her traits. The kind-heartness and the willingness to help people are the traits he had adopted from his mother’s side (Sultan does not have an ounce of humanity anyways). She was so kind to Qudsiya when she came for to apply for the job and quickly appointed her when she realized that she needs the job badly. Now a new chapter has opened for Qudsiya and we well get to see her working for Shamsa. Both are actually related to each other through Aaliyan, but it is so ironic that they would not get to know about their relation anytime soon.

We know now that history is repeating itself. Previously it was Shamsa in place of Qudsiya and Rana in place of Natasha. Sultan had chosen Rana over Shamsa and left her, he had even lied to Aaliyan about her mother running away with someone else. This is the reason why Aaliyan gets so upset at the mention of his mother. Sultan had clearly refused to let Shamsa meet Aaliyan even when she begged him to let her, now what I want to see is whether Qudsiya will be the link to their reunion!

Aaliyan has been trying desperately to move on and look forward to his life with Natasha, but Qudsiya is still stuck somewhere at the back of his mind. He showed how possessive he was about her when she informed him about the offers she had been getting lately because of her temporary marital status. Another revelation for all of us in this episode was that Qudsiya is clearly in love with Aaliyan, and she herself is in denial. She would have not been so upset with her mother for going to Aaliyan’s and fighting for her rights if she was not in love with Aaliyan. She wants Aaliyan to recognize her as his wife otherwise she would not go back at any cost, but even she knows this would not happen. Aaliyan has decided to marry Natasha and whether he will really marry her or not is a twist that we all are waiting for!

Dudi was able to guess correctly about Qudsiya falling in love with Aaliyan which is the main reason why she does not want him to give her a divorce, but what surprised me the most was Aaliyan’s assumption that Qudsiya wanted to remain married to him for his name. That was a low blow! He should have at least recognized by now that Qudsiya is no gold digger. Her mother did not want Qudsiya’s marriage to end because of her own twisted views of what would happen later on. Qudsiya was right in being upset with her, she cares too much about what people will say when she should care about how Qudsiya will live in that big house which has no place for her.

A bit more was shown of Emad Irfani’s character in this episode. I was still, however, unable to understand his relationship with Shamsa. Hopefully in the coming episodes, their relation would be described more clearly. I was looking forward to Emad Irfani’s entry but I was a bit disappointed by his robotic dialogue delivery. And here we used to criticize Sheheryar for his weak dialogue delivery! Well, Sheheryar is way better than Emad in terms of dialogue delivery. It will now be interesting to see the track between Qudsiya and Shahnawaz now!

It will be interesting to see what happens in tonight’s episode. Will Natasha marry Aaliyan or will she leave him when she gets to know that he had not divorced Qudsiya yet? Tune in to tonight’s episode to find out!

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Mariam Shafiq


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