Ishq Mein Tere – Episode 06!

Surprise surprise, this drama is getting really interesting. Plus I enjoyed this episode a lot more than the previous ones may be because we’re done with the introductory phase & now the plot is on the move. Plus it is really appeasing to see that such a simple story can leave you with a good taste after the episode ends.

Of all the things, one particular detail that I love in a drama is when the misunderstandings are sorted without a further a due so for this reason it was a win win situation for me when Aiza directly asked Laiba what was bothering her & later clarified that she is being candid with Saad so that she can improvise Laiba’s feelings in front of him. I am glad that Laiba understood her ASAP because no matter what she really & actually respected Aiza a lot, so I am happy that they both got back to how they were.

Sheheryar got a bit concerned about Laiba’s continuous outbursts & for that after having a conversation with psychiatrist he understood that Laiba still misses her mother a lot. Even after Sheheryar has done everything for her definitely he falls a little short because he has a business to run too. Laiba’s Tai Ammi loves her & gives her utmost attention but still there’s an emotional void in Laiba. All the others, including the psychiatrists may think that it is because of the lack of attention & due to the absence of her mother but only Laiba herself & Aiza know that the main reason is Saad. Laiba only wants his attention & a name to their relation.

Finally, the weird Cuckoo has arrived. I loved how Laiba did not entertain her at all because she found her annoying & was getting irritated by her needless displays of perfection. It was rightly shown that a well-settled woman like her could feel insecure by a normal girl like Aiza who is the least harmful. Obviously Cuckoo has called her dibs on Sheheryar but luckily for him he is getting to spend time with Aiza, away from all the other diversions.

I think it would’ve been better if Aiza in stead of re-furnishing her house, changed the locality of her place because now she is earning well & obviously a change of place would be a better idea. Gladly, Aiza’s bhabhi has acknowledged all the efforts Aiza are putting in for the benefit of this family so luckily Aiza won’t have to worry about her personal life because that is sailing smoothly.

Finally, the scenic scenes of TURKI as Aiza’s brother said have started & to surprise myself I found the conversations of Sheheryar & Aiza really interesting. I wanted to hear more from him because all this while he was busy but this is the first time we got to know a lot more about his character & it was definitely something pleasant. At first I thought that the idea of Aiza & Sheheryar being together was a bit odd but the way they have done things, it doesn’t look unusual at all. Sheheryar thinks he has found someone who understands him a bit better but Aiza was just being herself because she is just such a positive human being that she doesn’t need to pretend or something, so just like that & just so effortlessly she makes people like her.

Next episode has a lot more drama going on so let’s see how it unfolds. Waiting eagerly for next Wednesday, bring it on please!

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