Aasmanon Pay Likha Episode 16 – Review

I know most of us were thinking or to be more precise ‘wishing’ that Aaliyan would not marry Natasha. But well, he did and I was pretty disappointed (I am sure I am not the only one). Qudsiya was a bit upset after reading the news in the magazine, but I am really glad that she is trying to get over Aaliyan and moving on in her life. I know most of us want Aaliyan and Qudsiya together, but Aaliyan just does not deserve someone like Qudsiya. I am glad that Natasha is giving her a hard time; at least he will come to his senses and realize Qudsiya’s importance.

Qudsiya’s chachi is the most intolerable and annoying character in the show, but for the first time, she did something good. Aaliyan and Chachi’s airport encounter was hilarious! The ‘khushkharbri’ and ‘chand sa beta’ dialogues cracked me up big time. She did it purposely in front of Natasha to teach Aaliyan a lesson for leaving Qudsiya. I guess most people hated this scene, but I was really happy.

Natasha created the biggest fuss over the ‘chand sa beta’ and well, she just makes me laugh now. Usually I just mute her scenes (her screeching can make anyone deaf), but this time I loved the fact that she was making Aaliyan’s life miserable. I loved his clueless expressions when he said ‘kis ka beta kaha ka beta’.

On one hand, Natasha cannot bear to see Aaliyan’s face and on the other hand, she just does not want to let go of him. She really needs to decide already! Aaliyan is slowly realizing what a huge mistake he made by marrying her. Aaliyan was expecting a Qudsiya in the form of Natasha; an obedient, loving and caring wife who waits up for him at dinner! Sorry to disappoint you Aaliyan, but that is not going to happen EVER! The next big bomb Natasha threw on Aaliyan was her decision to do modelling without his consent. Aaliyan should have been prepared for this, he knows Natasha from such a long time!

Emad Irfani’s acting improved somewhat in this episode. I loved the scene where Aaliyan and Shahnawaz met and they sort of bonded. I am still really confused about Shahnawaz and Shamsa’s relationship though. As far as I know Shamsa seems like his elder sister which makes him Aaliyan’s maamu. Correct me if I am wrong!

A little more was revealed about Shahnawaz’s past, he had loved his wife Sara who died at childbirth. A sad story indeed! I have this feeling that Qudsiya and Shahnawaz will become good friends (or maybe he will fall for her); he had already revealed how caring he is in this episode. He knew just by looking at Qudsiya that something was wrong with her.

Shamsa wants desperately to meet Aaliyan, but I do not understand one thing, why now? After so many years, she realized that her life is incomplete without her son. She should have taken a step a long time back. Aaliyan is under the perception that his mother left him for some other man, and he simply hates her. Dudi knows the truth, and she tried her best to convince Sultan to let Shamsa meet Aaliyan, but to no avail. Now the question is, will she help Shamsa and tell Aaliyan about her? Or will Aaliyan meet her through Qudsiya?

Natasha’s doubts on Aaliyan will keep on getting stronger and she will make Aaliyan’s life even more miserable in the upcoming episodes. Aaliyan will try to reach Qudsiya to help her and her family, and unfortunately Natasha will get to know about this. Then of course, we will once again see a huge scene created by her and not to forget her screeching voice!

I just hope the story moves forward already, and we get to see less of Natasha and more of Aaliyan and Qudsiya!

A sincere apology to all readers, I have been inactive for the past few weeks which explain my late reviews, but from this week onwards I will post the reviews earlier!

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