‘Actor In Law’ Producer Booing Ahad’s LSA Win Infuriates Fans

When the Lux Style Awards were aired on 22nd April this year while there were many who enjoyed the star studded show others were taken aback by Actor In Law’s producer Fizza Ali Meerza’s booing at Ahad Raza’s LSA win for Best Actor.

Meerza, who has hits such as Na Maloom Afraad and Actor in Law under her belly, was spotted booing Ahad Raza Mir as he went on stage to receive an award. Ahad was dubbed the Best TV Actor – a category that even Na Maloom Afraad’s Mohsin Abbas Haider was nominated for.


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Fiza Ali Meerza was caught on tv booing to Ahad because he won Best TV actor! She is a known producer of films like Na Maloom Afrad 1/2 and Actor in Law. She has given this industry some good productions. HOWEVER, can she clarify why she was seen discouraging a young, sensational actor for winning an award? Yeah he may not be the one you wanted to win, but can you clarify why you did this publicly to show as if you are ashamed of his win. Mohsin who was nominated, actually had a bigger heart and smiled and clapped all the way through. I am utterly disappointed and angry at this show of utter childish and idiotic action by a woman who should be encouraging actors rather than discouraging them! What’sthe arrogance for? If our producers and reputable producers show these idiocies in live shows, then I don’t know who the young generations of artists are to look up to! Also, Lux should have cut this part because it was clearly an act of disrespect! And because you have a very well-respected and reputable role of a producer and because you did this live, I and many others expect a formal apology because producers should encourage NOT discourage and disrespect! @fizza_999 #fizaalimeerza @etribune @tribunelifestyle @therealshowsha @the.orange.wall @parhlo.official @mangobaaz @somethinghauteofficial

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Obviously she wanted Haider to take the trophy home, given the two have worked together on various occasions and hence share a friendly bond. However, fans deemed this as immature and disrespectful on her part.

People have requested both Meerza and LSAs team to offer a public apology.



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