Ahista Ahista – Episode 01!

Writing of Aliya Bukhari, direction of Haseeb Hassan & production of Momina Duraid, Ahista Ahista was one of the most highly anticipated programs that hit our screens last night. I must say the moment you tune into this drama you see the larger than life feel of this project. The photography, the serene locations & most importantly the picturesque approach gets you going.

The very first episode was fast paced & yet detailed in terms of telling us a story about all the characters. Bee Jaan (Saba Hameed) has a son Zawaar (Adnan Siddique) who is settled in the States. Bee Jaan lives with her brother Safeer (Behroz Sabzwari), his wife Shireen (Hina Bayat) & her niece Haya (Mawra Hocane). Bee Jaan’s utmost priority is getting her son married to a typical Muslim Pakistani girl but just because Zawaar is dodging the bullet, she feels frustrated. On the other hand, Bee Jaan also is worried about the marriage of Haya because she feels liable to her late sister & now wants to see Haya settled so that she can take a sigh of relief.

Zawaar, who is living his perfect American dream, is married to a Christian girl Sofie (Sarwat Gillani). Just because Zawaar respects his mother a lot & doesn’t want to hurt her being her only son, he has pretty conveniently hid the news of his marriage from Bee Jaan because Sofie doesn’t fit the bill of a Pakistani & then a Muslim girl that Bee Jaan is in search for Zawaar. Despite the differences, Sofie has actually worked really hard & has put in a lot of effort to make her marriage work because she knows her husband is deeply connected to his roots & she finds no problem in helping him lead the life the way he wants. Sofie might be coming from a different background but she has successfully moulded herself in a way that makes Zawaar happy because for her, apart from her husband, nothing else matters anymore.

Haya on the other hand is a tomboy of the family, being the only girl she gets all the attention, not in a negative way but everyone worries about her more than she understands. She has clearly backed out of the decision of her marriage taken by Bee Jaan because she can’t see herself parting ways with her mother-like Bee Jaan as yet. She just isn’t ready & according to Zawaar, she is way too young.

Sofie has time & again spoken to Zawaar about letting Bee Jaan know of his marriage but Zawaar has been persistent & thinks that Sofie shouldn’t worry because he ain’t going anywhere. As far as he thinks, things will keep on working in their favour till everyone in his family remains oblivious to his marriage. Sofie has clearly told that she has her fears & for obvious reasons. Sofie’s nightmare comes true when Bee Jaan’s health takes a bad turn & Zawaar is asked to come to Pakistan. I think seeing Bee Jaan in such a fragile condition, he won’t be able to resist the demand & like a typical mama’s boy he’ll agree to get married to Haya.

First episode was good but let’s see if the story stays engaging enough to keep us all hooked. It’s too early to judge so I am reserving my comments here. The plus points of the drama for now are the direction, the locations, the screenplay & also the acting. I liked Sarwat Gillani especially & feel that Marwa looked like she was putting in a lot of effort while acting, her acting wasn’t coming across as natural which I hope improves in the upcoming episodes. Share your say on this.

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