Marasim – Episode 10!

Once again an engaging episode of Marasim. Once again they managed to make us feel emotionally attached to all the characters. Before saying anything I feel the special mention must go to Sonia Hussain for playing her part so well in this particular episode once again. She’s a star of the show.

At least on her wedding & Zaid’s last day of his life, Nayab manages to see Zaid for the last time. She takes steps towards a new beginning while Zaid makes a journey to his resting place. It was disturbing to see Zaid’s mother shedding tears at her only son’s condition. Almas did feel remorse & regret but she sealed the deal of Nayab’s fate with the wealth of Gaitiara’s son Daood, so she had no other way to back out despite how regretful she might be. No matter how must she wanted but that won’t undo the fact that Zaid died & Nayab died within.

Momenah held her head high all this while but finally seeing someone else walk into Daood’s home & life was enough to break her down. Momenah easily blamed Daood for getting married way too quickly but it was she who broke the engagement. Even though they both were at fault to some extent yet they both were victim of the circumstances spun by their mothers, I still couldn’t help feel sorry for them both, especially Momenah. Daood certainly had issues in moving on & Momenah posed that she was happy with her fiancé, but she let go of the truth that it was just an act she was pulling all this while. Sonia Hussain nailed that scene as she was flawless, effortless & natural in portraying the real feelings of Momenah.

Daood might’ve actually accepted Nayab & might’ve even tried to start afresh but Momenah’s confession messed his head up once again. His feelings once again were clouded & as a result Nayab had to pay the price by facing the insult in just fresh hours of her married life. Gaitiara once again very easily manipulated the situation & told Nayab that Almas was aware of Daood’s state of mind & nothing was kept as a secret from them all. She didn’t for once sympathize with Nayab but instead told her to work her way into Daood’s heart saying that men are like that & they need to be worked upon. Deeba is pure evil & I can’t help feeling detest towards her. It looked like she had made Momenah the focal point of her revenge & she wanted Daood to get married so that she could see Momenah suffer, in which she eventually succeeded.

Overall it was a great episode once again. I did notice that Nayab had no Henna/Mehandi on her hands when she was dressed as a bride but in the scenes following the Baraat, she had her finger tips covered & also Daood had normal hair when he was listening to Momenah cry but in the next scene when he tells Gaitiara to ask Nayab to leave his room, he had a change of hairstyle too. Just a few bits & bobs that I couldn’t ignore but over all this drama can’t be missed. Share what you have to say.

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