Aik Pal_ Episode 2

I thoroughly enjoyed the university scenes in today’s episode. Bareera and Omair’s first interaction was fun to watch . I have seen such conversations before and Arij’s makeup and dressing were OTT in that scene but it still captured my interest. Omair is completely rude and farigh, yet girls swoon over him and he satisfies his ego by treating them like scum. Danish Taimoor has nailed his character and him and Arij Fatima look amazing together.


Musaf and Omair’s scenes were nicely executed. They looked unrealistic though. It’s unlikely for all the university students to unite against one guy just because he has a beard. Musaf has come across as a nice person who minds his own business. He walks away everytime Omair and company mistreats him but I would really like it when he finally speaks up for himself.

Noor Fatima’s cousins (Ali Safina) is the stereotype we see often. I honestly don’t want to see him anymore and let’s hope that Noor Fatima goes to the university in the nest episode so we are spared of her annoying cousin. Ali Safina is performing well though.


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