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Ali Zafar Condemns Murder Of 9 Year Old Beaten To Death By A Cleric

Another sad day in the Republic as the nation feels relieved to see Zainab’s culprit being finally arrested it mourns another fallen son today.

Today the nation mourns the death of nine years old Muhammad Hussain who was beaten to death by his teacher. According to reports, Hussain, was unwilling to study which infuriated the madrasa teacher who would then beat him with sticks.

Addressing the issue, singer Ali Zafar took to Twitter to share his two cents on the subject.

He further tweeted how these religious preachers are using the wrong path from what the religion actually allows.

Addressing the agenda Ali Zafar further quote tweeted CM Shehbaz Sharif’s Reforms tweet and said,

While the teacher has been arrested, the parents have refused to file against him saying that they forgive him. A video was also released on Twitter wherein the teacher confessed to beating Hussain.

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