Alif Allah Aur Insaan Episode 02 Review – Absolutely Gripping!

Ohkay so, what a gripping episode of Alif Allah Aur Insaan, that I thoroughly enjoyed watching. What I am enjoying the most about this drama at the moment is that it has so many stories & so many characters, that the moment a scenario changes, it immediately shifts the focus onto completely different situation, which once again grabs your attention. However, I feel, at the moment only the situations are unfolding & apart from a few characters, we haven’t really gotten much insight into the rest of the characters, which I hope will change & we will get to know all the characters in great detail. The writing & the direction is spot on & I am definitely looking forward to what the rest of the story is about.

I love Raani’s character, like I remember saying that before but I will say that again, I love her character & I enjoy watching her on-screen. The credit definitely goes to Ushna Shah for giving Raani’s character such a perfect treatment that she has become a treat to watch. I love the fact that where Raani is quite mature for her age, she still has this naivety about her, which makes her character very balanced & admirable for some reason. Considering the situation that she has faced all her life & the sort of experiences she has had because of the nature of her work, she still doesn’t have much exposure to know what happens in the world which is beyond her comprehension.

I loved the scene where Shammo came to bid his final good bye to Raani, like it was so sweet & heart-warming & can I just say how innocent that flying kiss of farewell was. Shammo really thinks highly of Raani & he has a high regard of her because of which, he actually took her advice to heart. Shammo was obviously having issues with the life that he was leading but Raani’s advice gave him the courage to step out of his comfort zone because it was Raani who told him to have some faith in himself that he can do anything that he wants & his life wasn’t only designed for singing & dancing. I know in real life, we may not see or feel for people like Shammo but I am sure, the portrayal in Alif Allah Aur Insaan especially through the character of Shammo will help us in changing our perspective & way we look at them, because this drama is surely going to highlight everything that they go through, be it harassment or violence. I like the fact that the writer had this unconventional approach where she brought a character like Shammo to life who despite not having much exposure still has the idea of self-respect & dignity in him, where he believes he can earn a decent living for himself, which is something so refreshing & new. I would love to see the transition & the transformation the character of Shammo will go through & I must say, the way Imran Ashraf has portrayed this character with so much of honesty & truthfulness, it warms my heart & I am looking forward to Shammo’s journey the most.

So, Shahzeb’s mother approached Malik Hashmat to ask for Nazneen’s proposal. I wish they had given us a little more insight into Shahzeb’s character because so far, all I know about him is that he comes from an affluent background & has fallen in love with Nazneen, but when it comes to his personality or his nature, I have no idea about him. So, Nazneen being Nazneen, didn’t really bother much about Shahzeb & his mother as she was more interested in going out with her friends. What I liked about the entire scenario was the way Nazneen shared her concerns with her father, like if you see Malik Hashmat, you’ll get an idea that despite being a loving father, he wouldn’t give much freedom to his daughters to voice their opinions, but it came as a pleasant surprise that Nazneen not only disapproved of Shahzeb in front of her father, but clearly said that she didn’t want to get married at the moment. It was good seeing Malik Hashmat being such an accommodating & easy going father, considering the social setup & environment he hails from. Well, yes, what also came as a surprise to me was how despite knowing about his daughter’s disapproval, he went ahead & fixed her marriage with Shahzeb, like even though Malik Hashmat did give Nazneen enough edge to be frank with him, in the end he made a point that he is going to be the one who will make the final decision.

So, the character that got introduced was of Nigar Begum (Sana Fakhar), a courtesan who is madly in love with Shahzeb. I am interested to know how & when Shahzeb & Nigar came across each other for her to fall so much in love with him to such an extent where she prays to see him, to be with him & has a man tailing him. The description that the flower vendor gave to Raani about Nigar was quite interesting & just when I was hoping that Raani doesn’t pay heed to everything that she has heard, I was proven wrong because it was all that Raani could think of as for her, the idea of a woman walking on money was something so alien & fascinating at the same time. Well, I don’t really blame Raani, like she spends hours asking people for money & she has never raised Rs. 500, that is why she wanted to know more about Nigar Begum who according to her makes money easily. I must say I love the fact that Raani’s character has so many shades, like she is mature for her age yet she is naive but she still has so much of confidence in herself, where she can look in the mirror, apply some kajal & praise herself for her beauty. All this makes her character so interesting & unique.

Just when I thought that we will get to see Shammo being subjected to harrassment & his journey won’t have an easy kick-start, I was pleasantly surprised that Shammo met two decent men who treated him as human being & showed some faith in him. The fact that Shammo accepted the tip only because he was told that it was an advance payment for his work goes to show that he has left everything behind & he seriously wants to make money based on his hard-work.

Overall, this episode was quite interesting & I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. I must say, even though I don’t agree with the concept of Dargah, they perfectly used it to add mystical touch to the entire aspect of love. Sana Fakhar has surely played the character of a courtesan with a lot of grace & elegance, like not even for a second she crossed the line or looked OTT. Sana Fakhar has given Nigar Begum’s character a lot of charm & personality, so well done Sana! Imran Ashraf made me feel Shammo’s pain, which goes to show how much emotionally invested he himself was in this character, which again is his success as an actor. Now coming to the star of the episode & for me that was hands down Ushna Shah, like Raani is messy & unattractive but she still has so much of sass & innocence that she actually made me fall in love with her character, lol. I am loving this drama at the moment & I can’t wait to see more. The direction of this drama has been top-notch & I love the locations. I love the poetry too that they have used in the background to describe the theme of this story & also the concept of love. Hope we’ll get an insight into the rest of the characters too, especially Shahzeb’s. Thoroughly impressed with the theme & the characters of the drama. Please share your thoughts about this beautiful episode of Alif Allah Aur Insaan.

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