Alif Allah Aur Insaan Episode 10 Review – Intense & Phenomenal Performances!

Ohkay so, this was a special episode of Alif Allah Aur Insaan because it aired for more than the usual time & brought a lot of developments with it, which I thoroughly enjoyed watching. Even though the pace of the drama does seem a little slow but the new developments compensate for it big time & justify the mood of the story.

I think it is because of Baba Jee that Shahzeb has started becoming a little less obsessed with Nazneen. It definitely is because of Baba Jee’s constant reminders that Shahzeb has now understood that he really shouldn’t be too involved in the idea of loving someone or something to such an extent that it only causes pain. Nazneen’s attitude lately has also forced Shahzeb to think that she might not be the sort of a person who would appreciate so much of emotional investment from his side, that is why as the time is passing by, he has eased out a little bit, in fact so much so that even her bizarre attitude & indifference doesn’t bother him whereas I remember it clearly the first time Nazneen snubbed him & cut his phone call short, Shahzeb was quite upset but not anymore, this might be because of Baba Jee’s preaching or may be because he has gotten used to her attitude.

So, Nazneen chose to do what she promised Basit, which was wearing the suit that he brought for her for Eid. At first even Basit’s sister found it odd that she chose to wear a similar dress but then she later found out the actual reason when she saw Nazneen speaking to Basit so casually & explaining why she wore that dress. I liked Basit’s sister in this episode, just like her brother, she is also someone who reasons well & is totally rational in her approach. I liked how Basit’s sister could not only see the trouble that her brother will get involved in, but also chose to remind him of the difficulties that he will face along with the differences between him & Nazneen.

I really felt bad when everyone in Nazneen’s family started commenting on her dress, that too in front of Basit, because even though he has done nothing wrong, he is feeling this mental pressure & is experiencing this inferiority complex only because Nazneen is being stubborn & is putting him in an awkward position. Even though Basit is not guilty & he is not at fault but only because of Nazneen’s one-sided sudden-formed love, he is being reminded time & again of all the differences that are between him & Nazneen. I think before anyone else & for the sake of her love for Basit, Nazneen should at least once think about his perspective, should reflect on his point of view because her friends might have told her that she could eradicate the differences between Basit & her when it comes to love, but the reality is completely different & in reality, things actually are far more complicated than she thinks they are!

Once again, Nazneen chose to show Shahzeb that she was not interested in him or anything related to their commitment. The fact that she chose to wear the dress gifted by him was only because she was spending Eid at her home with her parents & it was her mother who told her that she has to wear those gifts, otherwise Nazneen wouldn’t have bothered. Yes, I did like her honesty when she clearly told Basit that she can’t be a ‘munafiq’ (hypocrite) for loving someone & then getting married to someone else, but then again, apart from that, everything else that she is doing is wrong because she is creating troubles for Basit that too when he hasn’t promised her anything.

So, Fizza Bai’s chapter came to an end. I really thought that Rani dodged the bullet but then Nigar was too sharp to know that the one who wasn’t present in the dinning hall at that moment was Rani, so she must’ve been the one who saw Nazeer & Chaman Begum committing such a heinous crime. It is amusing that Nigar says she can not tolerate disobedience, it’s like she has this garnered this sense of control, so much so that she doesn’t see anyone else as a human being & thinks everyone around is a robot or has to turn into a robot for her to stay in-control of her emotions. I must say, even though that character is meant to be that way, but I just can not stand Chaman Begum, especially because of the way she brings out the worst in Nigar Begum, like she herself heard that Rani was only telling Shammi what she dreamt of, not like she actually came with an intention of causing any harm to Nigar or her position in the brothel, but she chose to twist the reality & presented a twisted version in front of Nigar to rile her up further!

I must say my favorite bits of this episode were all related to Shammi, it was beautiful how he chose to visit Nargis & her friend on Eid. I loved the fact that Shammi didn’t want to earn all that money for himself, because the way he came back & offered financial support to his people went to show that all this while he had this sense of responsibility & wanted to return only after achieving his goal where he could promise some financial support to Nargis on a regular basis. It was heartwarming to see this refined version of Shammi who has not only empowered himself but due to his consistent hard work has enabled himself to empower others too, be it Rani, Nargis or even Rani’s sister Guddi. That entire scene was heart-touching & absolutely beautiful. Shammi also met Guddi & found out everything that he & even Rani wanted to know. I felt bad for Rani because she finally got to know that there’s no turning back & she’d have to rely on Shammi if she wants freedom from this cage that she is currently locked in. Rani finally got a clear cut answer that the shelter that she had, the place that she had in her parent’s home is no more & she has lost the right to be with her family due to her silly mistake & one bad decision. I hope she doesn’t give up & continues to share her worries with Shammi because he will definitely help her. Rani however is still underestimating Nigar because even though Nigar is looking calm & collected from the outside, she is fuming from the inside as she has now learnt about Rani’s intentions that she had when she first came to her brothel.

Overall, this episode was quite interesting & I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. Not even a single scene seemed out of the place & everything was unfolded in a perfect manner. This episode definitely kept my interest alive in the show right from the beginning till the end & the credit obviously goes to the writer, the director & last but not the least, the actors for making it so so so interesting. Imran Ashraf was the star of this episode, like there were very minute expressions & gestures that showed that he was in his element & he owned Shammi’s character. Ushna Shah has obviously given a 100% which shows & she really has proved herself as an actor by performing Rani’s character to perfection. I am actually looking forward to the next episode, looks like despite not wanting to Rani will defeat Nigar, that too in such a race which Nigar wouldn’t have imagined & won’t be expecting. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Alif Allah Aur Insaan.

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