Alif Allah Aur Insaan Episode 11 – Perfection Personified!

Ohkay so, I must say right from the beginning till the end, this episode kept my eyes glued to the screen because it was so good. I will commend the director here especially for making this drama, especially this episode a visual treat & by giving every single scenario & situation a perfect mood because all these details add more charm to the drama-watching experience & made this episode even more special. There were so many little things that kept on adding more beauty to this episode & I thoroughly enjoyed watching it, I think after a good few weeks, this was one such episode that I not only found convincing but perfect in every respect.

For a change, it was good to see that someone else came to meet Baba Jee. I do understand Zaitoon’s love for her son Shahzeb & just because she is a mother & can not see her son suffering, she decided to put her heart to ease by finding answers to the questions that were bothering her. I absolutely loved each & every single word that Baba Jee said about Allah, I think after a very long time I got to hear such words which do justice to the concept & idea of Allah that we all Believers have, because usually in dramas, we have always seen how writers tweak with very simple & basic concepts to fit the theme of their drama. I will personally thank Qaisara Hayat for penning these dialogues & this entire conversation to perfection. Yes, Zaitoon got carried away & thought she could question Allah, something that everyone does when they find themselves at the dead end of something, but the beauty with which Baba Jee told her that everything is Allah’s plan was commendable. Baba Jee tried to make Zaitoon understand that if she thinks Shahzeb is suffering, she shouldn’t really bother because Allah must be testing Shahzeb. I liked how immediately Zaitoon realized her mistake that she was in no position to question Allah, I will say this has to be my favorite conversation out of all the episodes of Alif Allah Aur Insaan that I have watched till date.

The love that a mother has for her child was once again highlighted by showing Rani’s mother, who decided to contact Shammi to find out about Rani. I find it heartwarming how Rani’s mother is always thinking about her & is now even walking an extra mile to find a way to her daughter. I wish Shammi had received that phonecall because the disappointment on Rani’s mother’s face was heart-wrenching. Even though Zaitoon being a mother wants to make her son happy, I so wish in stead of trying to put a lid on the real problem, she had decided to face it & had given her son the courage to face it too. I found Zaitoon’s approach a bit irrational where she thought only to make Shahzeb happy, she should get on with the wedding preparations, while completely ignoring the voice in her head which wwas telling her that something was definitely not right. Like I have said this previously, I think Zaitoon should allow Shahzeb to see the reality in stead of putting a filter on it because that way, she will be able to save her son from a bigger heart break.

Even though throughout this drama, I was mindful of the curses that Shammo & Nigaar directed towards Nazneen & Shahzeb, this episode served as a bigger reminder of those curses because I could see Nazneen & Shahzeb taking steps towards their undoing. Finally, Nazneen convinced Basit & he gave in, but is it really going to be a smooth sail? Nazneen really is immature to foresee the consequences that is why right now she is just living in the bubble that now that she has finally won Basit over, she has achieved everything & Basit is actually lucky that she loves him? Even though Basit resisted but he had to surrender because all this while even he was struggling to keep his feelings for Nazneen at bay. I can already see that this commitment is only going to bring unhappiness & misfortune to both Nazneen & Basit but does Basit really deserve it? Yes, I know for Nazneen, it will be the curse that will harm her but does Basit have to suffer too? Even though I would hate to see him suffer but I guess yes, he will face the brunt as well because he consciously fell in her love with Nazneen while still being aware of every single obstacle that stands in their way. For Shahzeb, his heartbreak is just around the corner because now that Nazneen in her own little bubble is officially committed to Basit, she will ditch Shahzeb & then we will see Nigar’s curse coming into the picture as well!

So, Rani defeated Nigar in a race that she never was a part of. It is amusing how Nigar ended up losing everything only because of her own behavior but since she is so engulfed in the self-pity & self-victimization, she failed to see that everything that she was facing was not because of anyone else but because of her own-self only. Chaman Begum was right, she warned Nigar & told her to not get emotionally invested in Nawazish Ali too much but Nigar thought he was not only promising her his film, but his lifelong commitment too. Yes, it is understandable that since Nigar is tired of carrying this fake facade of contentment, anytime someone treats her with affection & respect, she assumes that he is her Mr. Right, but to actually hold someone else responsible for her own failure shows that she is someone who doesn’t want to face the reality & realize that she could be at fault too. I guess getting rid of Fizza Bai didn’t satisfy her cravings enough that Nigar actually had to resort to violence against Rani to make herself feel better & superior, that too when Nawazish clearly told her that it was because of her own display of selfishness & undue superiority that he didn’t want to be associated with her.

Overall, this episode was perfection overload. There were so many frames that gave this episode a little extra something, like the one in the woods where Nazneen confesses her feelings to Basit to add that touch of romance, then the daunting green lighting in the scene were Rani gets beaten highlighting the ugliness of the situation & then also the shot where Rani’s mother walks between those huts giving an idea of her new surroundings & poverty – I feel the director really took an extra step in making every situation not only complete but visually realistic & convincing too & for these little details, an observer like me enjoyed this episode the most. The acting of all the actors was top-notch but Ushna Shah once again took it to another level, Rani’s screams telling a tale of the physical & emotional pain that she was going through were daunting. The way Rani called out her father for help was so painful. I feel all the actors also took care of their overall get ups because they all seem to be living these characters which again makes everything quite convincing. I am definitely looking forward to the next episode, especially Shahzeb & Nazneen’s meeting because looks like Basit’s acceptance of her feelings has given her this new confidence with which she will make it clear to Shahzeb that she is not interested in him, also looks like Shammi will be making a way for Rani as well, I can’t wait. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Alif Allah Aur Insaan.

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