Alif Allah Aur Insaan Episode 13 Review – A Treat To Watch!

Ohkay so, this episode of Alif Allah Aur Insaan was absolutely incredible. I just couldn’t keep track of time & enjoyed everything that was revealed today. I must say the pace of the drama is absolutely perfect, so much happens in every other episode that it shows that there’s so much left to be revealed yet which makes it even more engaging. I really hope the journey of this drama remains just as amazing as it is at the moment & they keep on giving us one strong episode after another.

I loved the conversation between Qadir & Basit. The moment Qadir started speaking to his son, it was so evident that he was skeptical & was actually scared that his worst fears might come true but the moment Basit lied to him, his heart was put to ease & all of a sudden there was a change in his voice, expressions & body language. Even though Basit didn’t speak the truth but just seeing how relieved Qadir felt made me feel good about the entire situation. I really hoped that this visit & all those reminders from Qadir would serve as an eye opener for Basit & he’d realize how wrong he was.

It does seem like Nazneen has a plan up her sleeve, like she seems so comfortable in this entire messy situation & that is because she definitely has thought things through. Even though Nazneen knows that Basit will never be able to take a stand for her especially by going against his family, it looks like she has taken care of that thing as well & for now, all she wanted was to buy some time. It was kind of suspicious how Nazneen told Basit to stay quiet & keep their relationship a secret from his family because if it would’ve been any other girl, she would’ve been excited to know that her boyfriend is finally going to make their relationship official but she didn’t want that to happen. Even though the dialogue in the preview has left me confused but going by what was shown in this episode, the way Nazneen easily surrendered made me feel that she now was taking Shahzeb as a challenge & just because her ego was hurt, she didn’t mind drifting away from Basit in pursuit of being with Shahzeb? This entire situation is kind of confusing but intriguing as well because you just can not predict what is going to happen & how the characters are going to react, which makes it even more interesting to be honest & shows the detailing that the writer has added in every other situation!

At this point I can say I have started enjoying Baba Jee’s conversations & scenes because they have been written with so much of profoundness that you actually want to listen to what he has to say. ‘Sach ka raasta asaan hota to uska ajar itna ziyada na hota’, ‘jo insaan khud ko Khuda samajhte hain wo kabhi maaf nahi karte aur jo insaan samajhte hain wo bin kahay maaf kar dete hain’, what I love the most is the fact that in almost every other episode, they try to show us the difference between Allah & Insaan, like without even making things preachy, these conversations are executed seamlessly while still holding so much of meaning & depth. Shahzeb actually felt burdened that he chose to share the truth of his past with Nazneen but then Baba Jee tried to put things into perspective.

Chaman Begum surely handled everything really really well. She knew that the chapter of Nigar Begum was closed & there was no point in mourning over what, when, why & how everything went wrong, so it was quite intelligent of her that she decided to move past that stage in order to shape things up for the future. It was interesting how Chaman Begum immediately thought that Rani could’ve been the culprit but ‘ilzaam ka badla ilzaam’ conversation forced her to stay silent. Chaman Begum knows that no matter what she’d say, things will only get out of hands & the fact that she was the one who served Nigar Begum the juice could put her in trouble, so she decided to leave Rani alone. Ustaad’s conversation with Chaman also told her that Rani was the one who could save the sinking ship therefore Chaman decided to maintain her terms with Rani.

The split second scene where Rani was playing with the fountain water showed how she was trying to feel what it was like having everything in the palm of her hands. Yes, at first when the news of Nigar’s death broke out, Rani did feel a little scared but the moment she heard that Chaman Begum spoke about keeping everything under wraps, she immediately realized that she won at this battle without even trying & that is why she all of a sudden started feeling at ease & was seen enjoying this sense of freedom that she was experiencing after a long long time.

Sadly, the dancer Shammo & even the renowned makeup artist Shammi was never good enough for Rani. I loved how they showed that Rani was once again standing at a crossroad & life was giving her two opportunities, one that she was making for herself & the other which was being presented to her. Shammi showed her the other side of the picture where he promised her family, comfort, shelter & a lot of love but Rani felt she got the chance to fulfill her dreams, so she should make the most of it. Yes, this is going to cost Rani a lot & even though for now she doesn’t realize but the time will come when she will understand that she made a huge mistake but sadly, at this moment she is so blinded by the idea of fame, success & reigning that she is not thinking about anything else. So, Rani finally got what she wanted, she finally stepped on Nigar Begum’s throne, she was finally going to rule the realm that Nigar Begum left behind, but only the time will teach her that being Nigar Begum comes with a territory.

So, looks like just when Shahzeb completely lost hope, he got the news that Nazneen herself agreed for this marriage. I am sure there’s more to it because the way Samina & Razia were concerned, I can totally see something odd happening. I am sure things are going to get more interesting henceforth!

Overall, I enjoyed this episode a lot. I must say the art direction of this drama is phenomenal, like every other scene is a visual treat & has aesthetics that you just feel teleported to another world. It is pretty evident that they didn’t only focus on the execution of the script but actually wanted to breathe life into every single situation by adding so much attention to detail & it surely has worked. Even though his scene was short, I loved Noor Ul Hassan’s performance, like he portrayed the concerns of a father to perfection. All the other actors have done a brilliant job. I loved how Shammi cried when he once again got rejected, like he wanted to hide his tears but still couldn’t contain himself, Imran Ashraf is amazing. Ushna Shah has been the star of the show right from the beginning & it is amazing that she has done justice to each & every shade of Rani’s personality, like it was amazing to see how Rani’s attitude & body language changed when she got the power & I must add, she looked absolutely gorgeous in the last scene. The preview has left me confused, not sure what future holds for Basit & I am definitely interested to see what’s going to happen. Please share your thoughts about this amazing episode of Alif Allah Aur Insaan.

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